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Uber for Handicap – Unique Ride Experience for Disabled

A very old quote goes ‘You may be disabled by body but your mind is strong’. So true this saying is indeed. If your mind is strong you cannot really claim to be disabled. Thus, they deserve to be treated as normal human beings. How you may wonder? Why not try making rides accessible to them with proper amenities. This will go on to empower them to a great level and build a good name for your taxi business. 

WHO in its recent report stated close to fifteen percent of the world’s population lives with some or the other disability. In its report it also claimed out of the fifteen percent close to two to four percent face one or the other problems while functioning. 

This in turn suggests, with solutions like rides for the disabled or Uber for Handicap those facing disabilities will get rides with proper medical facilities and equipments.

This will aid in supporting them in travelling from one place to another with considerable ease.

Here are some key advantages of this solution.

Overall Helpful and Useful Nature of Uber for Handicap 

  • Empowers the disabled with a ride that has all the basic necessities. This is to support them in travelling with overall convenience as well as comfort
  • Helps the industry build a good name for itself. This is through making services available to those facing difficulty moving from one place to another
  • Makes ride-sharing and ride-hailing a cakewalk for the disabled. This is by basically making the solution overall an easy to use and operate solution on a whole. Also, by making it easy and smooth for the rider to book a ride.

Through these advantages, it becomes clear thus with a taxi booking app such as the Uber for Handicap your taxi industry will build a good name for itself and help you bring in more customers and enormous profits for you. 

However, it is important you include some important features in your solution. So that the disabled can take advantage of rides through your solution in an efficient as well as smooth manner. 

Integral Must-Haves in Uber for Handicap to Provide Smooth Ride Services to Disabled

  1. Manage trip parameter to support those having disability to book a ride through just one tap. All they need to do is provide their pickup and drop location. 
  2. Voice command to help those with a disability book a ride simply through their voice 
  3. Real-time tracking in order to assist the rider know the whereabouts of their driver and ride respectively
  4. Saved destination to  make it convenient for the rider to book a ride without having to enter the full details 

So include these qualities while building your own Uber for Handicap. This will ensure you make the disabled feel empowered. Also, you will be successfully attracting customers towards your taxi services and bringing more profits in the long run and building a good name for yourself in the taxi industry on a whole altogether which shall favour you to a great level.

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