How Difficult It is to run a business like GoJek?


Many entrepreneurs focus on one single business and then fails. However, on the same path, many entrepreneurs startup with multi-service based business and even gets successful like GoJek. Well, people who are not aware of GoJek, it is one of the market giant in Southeast Asia that was founded in 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The … Read more

On Demand Mobile Applications for Parents Seeking for Childcare

On demand babysitter app

We can order food online, can book a table to dine at any restaurant or hotel, can even get our medicines delivered at home just through a mobile app. So why can’t a babysitter? Well, it is a problem of parents from years that they are not able to find babysitters to look after their … Read more

Advice for Food Delivery Drivers

Food delivery app

The food delivery market has become one of the busiest businesses of all times. With more and more people looking forward to becoming entrepreneurs in their own right, having a food delivery application like the Just Eat clone script. These days it’s not really difficult to find a decent restaurant app development company. A simple search … Read more

Top Marijuana Producing Countries on this Planet

Marijuana Producing Countries

All around the world, there are 135 countries that are producing marijuana. According to the studies, almost every adult of these 135 countries was smoking marijuana in 2015. Which means 5% of the world’s population was stoning away happily. According to the numbers, the World Drug Report has mentioned those top cannabis producing countries at … Read more