Making your Own Thumbtack Clone Business

We live in a state of affairs where there are elevated opportunities. These cater to the needs and the wants of each one of us. It happens in a chiefly timely and a high quality way possible. This has motivated a distinct transformation in how every business out there works. This holds especially true in the service sector. Uber for Tradespeople have migrated to the online platform to be able to provide enhanced service to the consumers in the fastest turnaround time.

A peer-to-peer online service marketplace is absolutely necessary to augment the consumer-supplier association and to carry them as close as possible.

Thumbtack Clone

This has successfully taken away many roadblocks and helped the customers to reach their preferred service providers straight away and reduced the distance between them. Thumbtack and TaskRabbit are two of the most well known leaders in the “uber for Tradespeople” kind of format. Their business model has proven to be extremely successful over time.

Thumbtack Application

Thumbtack is one of those start ups that broke new ground when it came to creating an outstanding service marketplace platform that facilitates people to hire local professionals in a much more organized way. It was a pretty gigantic leap in the advancement of service business that was restricted to:

  • bulletin boards,
  • phone books,
  • online directories.

When the professionals purchase their credits, Thumbtack makes money. Thumbtack has named this system the “pay-per-quote” system. These credits differ from one professional to another and also differ from one task to another. They come in different package deals.


Taskrabbit is one more winning marketplace that puts customers who are able to subcontract small jobs and errands in touch with a network of pre-approved, vetted and accomplished individuals who can finish the listed job in an allotted time frame. TaskRabbit’s main income generation comes from taking a commission of every deal happening through the app for the jobs undertaken. They call it the service fee.

Why is such an online market place easy to use and work?

  • It facilitates reaching out to the unexploited market space and helping new customers
  • Makes it considerably easy and well-organized for patrons who were using a much more difficult process
  • It offers a straightforward and trouble-free procedure for suppliers to sign-up with the marketplace
  • Aids in creating more value that is appreciably superior than the existing market set up
  • It offers utmost consumption of new technologies to create flawless efficiencies
  • Gives you the capacity to completely consolidate a disjointed market
  • Offers the ability to hand out a much bigger market and to full fill recurrent needs time after time
  • It enables you to have total control over an assortment of transactions taking place

How to build your own uber for tradespeople business with the Thumbtack Clone?

After researching in a few words concerning the two dissimilar yet triumphant service marketplace models, the features that resolve the accomplishment, the one major question that remains is what it takes to replicate their success? Before you step forth into a business venture such as theirs, you will definitely want to know what you can do to ensure that you too can have a profitable venture.

uber for tradespeople

The best way to do that is to buy a thumbtack clone. There are quite a few different companies out there that are building the thumbtack clone. Uber for Tradespeople is a great new way for you to ensure that you can succeed quickly and effectively.

Note that here you are buying an app clone which is already created. So, you can launch your app within just a few days. This means that within just 3 to 4 days, you can go live with the app and start earning money instantly.

Can You Make Money With Thumbtack Clone App

Entering the world of business is a pretty daunting thing to do. You might have too many ideas that you want to explore, but before you delve into anything specific. It is worth your while to explore the commercial viability of each idea and how bunching them together would work out. The business of on-demand service apps is booming today. Using an app like the thumbtack clone can be a great opportunity for you.

Thumbtack Clone

Understanding Multi-services Application – Thumbtack Clone

Before you take the decision of starting an app and running a business which offers multiple service on demand apps. It is of critical significance that you understand what the app can do and how it works. This app is essentially a platform where service providers can register themselves and their services for people to search for.

For example, if there is a plumber who offers expert plumbing services in Los Angeles, he can register himself on the app with details about his skills, experience, and pricing. When someone is looking for a plumber in the area, he or she can check the app and get a list of all the plumbers serving in Los Angeles and pick one based on their experience, rates, and other details.

How does the App Owner Make Money?

The principle behind the working of this app is pretty simple. Users look for service providers based on their experience and pricing. The users can see the price BEFORE they actually make the booking for the job. Once the job is booked and the task is undertaken, the pre-decided price is automatically debited from the selected source (cash/ credit card/ debit card/ in-app wallet) by the client.

Now every time this app is used in the context of booking a service, the app owner gets a commission from the value charged to the client. So, say, our plumber from Los Angeles charges $10 per hour for a full bathroom installation and he works for say, 3 hours which earns him $30 for the whole task, the app will automatically spill this $30 by a predefined commission % and put the designated value in the accounts of the app owner and the service provider. The rates mentioned in the quote at the beginning (based on which the user chooses a particular service provider) will include the commission value so that the user doesn’t have to pay anything extra.

Should you Start this Business and How?

If you have really made up your mind to it and are willing to work just a little to earn a truckload of money, then this business is perfect for you. You can buy a thumbtack clone also known as the Uber for all services app and launch your own multi-services business anywhere in the world. Although these cloned apps are fully functional and require no technical involvement from you, it is very important that you market your app well so that more and more people opt for it.

You will also have to keep a tab on whether or not there are any competitors in the market offering similar services and if yes, then what kind of strategies are they employing. On the whole, this can be a very viable commercial option for anyone who wishes to get their business up and running with very little groundwork.