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Why send notifications in the Gojek Clone App?

When you think of the Gojek app clone, you automatically start picturing a biker with a green jacket and a green helmet. Such is the powerful impact that this brand has been able to make in such a short duration. If you are an entrepreneur just as strong headed and with a clear vision, this could be your application too.

But while the entire world is focusing on why you should have your own app like Gojek and this the place that you should buy it from, here’s a little information on one of the most important yet belittled feature of the app: Notifications.

gojek clone

So, what exactly is a push notification?

A push notification is essentially a knock on your digital presence’s door. It’s a message that pops up on a mobile device without any action from your end. It functions as an excellent tool for the app itself to reinforce its existence in the user’s device.

AI is taking big leaps in every direction. The push notification hasn’t so far gone as it could give you customized push notifications just when you needed it, but it does a great job of subtly reminding the user of the app that there’s an app in your device that is waiting to offer service to you if you need it. Just in case.

Wouldn’t it be absolutely crazy cool if you were discussing with your friend about taking a cab home and you get a pop up on your phone telling you that there was a 10% discount on the next ride you book if you book within the next 5 minutes! Some people would call that scary because that would mean technology is way too aware! But yes, coming back to the point, sometimes, getting that pop up notification helps in increasing sales by letting the users know that they have something that you might want.

How this feature work in an app like Gojek?

Gojek is a mammoth of an application. It has so many different services being offered under its umbrella that these little push notifications can be used in a million different ways. Each service can have its own set of information being doled out to the users.

These notifications have to be used in the wisest of ways to ensure that you can capitalize it in the best way. See, if it’s your app, you totally want to be sure that your customers get attracted to whatever information you are giving out to them and use your app so you make money. These notifications are an excellent marketing tool if you are creative enough.

Almost all apps have these features which bombard the users with unnecessary information like news, updates and offers that the user did not ask for in the first place. But if you know what your users like and what is the right time to shoot them, these notifications can really come in handy tosoar up business with your Gojek app clone.

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