London’s Transportation Services Based On Apps

taxi services in London

London is one of the major cities of England as well as the capital of England. Basically, London is known for many things, its history, its royal culture, cleanliness, education and much more. But, there is one thing more of which London is quite popular for i.e., their traffic rules and regulations. The roads of … Read more

Apps Beyond GoJek For Motorcycle Ride Services

bike service providing apps

Before GoJek became the multi-service providing app, it was known with the name OJek. OJek refers to bike taxi conveyance which was very popular in Indonesia. It is still popular but with another name i.e., GoJek. GoJek is one of the best startup company that is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. All the other market giants … Read more

What are the New Features to Acknowledge in Uber Clone App?

The taxi industry has become one of the biggest business industries all around the world. After Uber, many other taxi booking platforms came in the market and now some of them are just incredible. Taxi brands like Lyft, Careem, Grab and many more have just completely taken over the complete taxi market. For riders also, … Read more