Build a Unique Ride Experience for the Disabled with Uber for Handicap

taxi app for handicap

A very old quote goes ‘You may be disabled by body but your mind is strong’. So true this saying is indeed. If your mind is strong you cannot really claim to be disabled. Thus, they deserve to be treated as normal human beings. How you may wonder? Why not try making rides accessible to … Read more

Assuring a Revenue-Bearing Car Wash Business with Spiffy Clone

car washing app

Until a time one could not have thought car wash apps could exist. But with technology and technological innovations the services became digitized. Customers today simply need to enter the app and provides their location details. On performing this step car owners get connected to car washers nearby.  How Car Wash App is Assistive to … Read more

Remember these Tips While Choosing On-Demand Service Provider App

On-Demand Service Provider App

The busy lifestyle of people today makes it necessary that one gets access to quick and efficient services. This is exactly where a mobile app steps into the picture more clearly speaking, an on-demand service provider app. Importance of On-Demand Service Provider App With the presence of the on-demand service provider app, customers can get … Read more

Be the Sole Owner of Your Successful On-Demand Service App with Gojek Clone Source Code

Gojek clone

Charles Darwin in his famous novel, On the Origin of Species remarked, ‘It is but the survival of the fittest..’, and this is especially true in this extremely competitive business world.  Today where every major service is innovating itself like Gojek clone script, it but becomes natural that you go the extra mile in building … Read more

100 Percent Safe Ride Share for Kids Always with HopSkipDrive App Clone

HopSkipDrive app clone

The ride-share industry everyday witnesses a transformation in the way it delivers it ride-sharing and ride-hailing services. This goes into making it a very promising industry for entrepreneurs all over the world. According to Statista, current revenue of rideshare market is 49,598 million dollars and expected to grow at CAGR  of 11%. This would lead … Read more