Taxi apps are a waste of money!

Or are they? Well, I’ve read the entire back story of how Uber was born out of some sort of frustration for not being able to find a yellow cab in San Francisco. And sitting halfway across the globe even I can totally empathize. The concept of being able to hail a cab with the click of a button has practically revolutionized the service industry and I find today that it’s not just limited to hiring cabs anymore. Today, it’s possible for people to get everything from food to marijuana delivered through such apps.

Taxi App

And yet, I have come across a few skeptics who are continuously raising questions about whether investing in anything at all is a good decision or not. I mean really, if you want to make money, you have to invest in some form of a business structure.

What are businesses born of?

In most cases, a new business is born out of a deep set passion towards a particular objective which manifests itself in some form of research and development and finally into a venture. However, not always are all ideas successful. Sometimes, even though something looks very promising it ends up falling short. The business idea is fine but the competition kills you. Sometimes, it reaches fruition and becomes a big name like UBER.

But there is another way in which a successful business can be sought out and started in just a matter of days. The youth today is focus on being successful. They might not be passionate towards a single idea, but they are definitely passionate about being on top of their game. The newer approach for the thinking businessman today is to buy a cloned website of an already successful business platform thereby skipping the entire rigmarole of going through research and development, product development and so on and so forth.

Running a business with Uber Clone

In the recent few years, the Uber Clones have picked up a lot of pace as more and more companies have set out to sell licensed taxi app scripts. The beauty of such apps is that it does not necessarily need to be used for taxi service only. There are many newer businesses that can be erected on the basic bones of a taxi app.

business with uber clone

This includes any kind of service that requires movement from one place to another by either the customer or service provider. For instance, you can have an on-demand beautician dropped right to your doorstep using such kind of an app. And this is just one such idea in a plethora of different kinds of businesses.

Who’s investing in taxi app?

Many young investors with big dreams and a clear idea of what they want in the near future have decidedly invested in the taxi app clone and made a lot of earnings out of it. In my personal experience of entrepreneurial studies, I have experienced such a steep rise in taxi app services that I might just plan a sweet little investment of my own!

On a serious note, this might just be the right time to put in some moola in the app industry. Because of the digital wave that has gripped the world so tightly. Everyone is dependent for something or the other on apps over their smartphones.

investing in taxi app

Building a business through an app clone is the easiest thing to do right now. Because a onetime investment leads to continuous and generous earnings. With so many companies building their own cloned app sites. It has become evident that they are competing to offer better services at very minimal costs. Don’t you just love it when that happens?


So, I’ve been debating this question from the beginning and here’s what I think:

  1. You must ensure that you spend money only after careful consideration. Keep away from quick money schemes that don’t describe HOW you make money.
  2. The rising competition in the market gives you plenty of opportunities to understand and evaluate the best options for yourself.
  3. Just because it’s a cloned site, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be original. If you want your business to thrive and be successful. You must ensure that you are thinking outside the box. The structure of the app can be a clone, but your business can’t if you really care about your investment.

Taxi Booking App – Features of Front & Business Panels

Uber-like taxi app plays an important role in the way we travel today. These apps have made our lives easier and have provided a convenience that was not possible a few years ago. These apps work such that with just by a few taps on the app you get the most amazing taxi experience.

taxi app

They have become popular across the globe because they are:

  • Facilitate cashless payments
  • Are easy and convenient to use
  • Enable real-time tracking of your taxi
  • Have a facility to view and review drivers
  • Provide a direct line of communication between the driver and the passenger
  • Have a provision to compare prices and choose the best budget-friendly ride

Here we look at two of the most important panels of the taxi booking app, namely the front end panel and the admin panel.

The front end panel is classified into three major components, namely the admin panel, the driver app and passenger app.

Let’s delve into each one in detail.

The highly advanced features of the admin panel

Uber Clone Admin Panel

The admin panel is mainly for the owner of the taxi business. If you are the owner, this is where you will be able to keep track of all your drivers, passengers and the areas where everything is hot and happening so that you send more drivers to cater to such areas.

Features of the admin panel include:

  1. Payment invoicing system, either weekly, monthly or both
  2. Management of new and existing passengers and drivers
  3. Live dashboard which will help you manage your business, especially by showing you heat areas so that reach to those clients quickly
  4. Real-time tracking for drivers enabling to keep tabs on all your drivers at all times, so that you can send drivers in areas where their services are required the most, thereby improving the quality of your business.
  5. Surge pricing – Allows you to increase the fares when there is a maximum demand for your services.
  6. Management of drivers – This facility allows you to add, delete, block, unblock and update your drivers.
  7. Management of Offers, coupons and promotion codes – Introduce lucrative offers to retain your current clientele and invite new ones
  8. Live feed or local events
  9. Report and analytics

Driver app and its features

Uber Clone Driver App



This app is the driver’s bible. It enables drivers to check out the specific locations of their clients along with details of their preferences.

Features of the driver taxi app

  1. In app chat facility – Drivers can chat along with other drivers and see where they are located using the Google Maps feature
  2. Interaction with passengers – AS soon as the driver receives a ride request, he will be able to see the passenger details like their ratings, and pick up and drop off location, and decide whether they want to accept or reject the ride.
  3. Inbuilt navigation system – A robust built-in navigation system is essential for safe and easy navigating. This is where Google Maps come into play.
  4. Availability button – Drivers have the option to avail themselves whenever they wish to. This button is used to indicate whether they are online or offline at any given time.
  5. Real-time notification system – Drivers can receipt in-app messages and alerts whenever there is a new booking request. This facility also ensures that they receive any important update notifications and emails.
  6. Review and rating system which allows them to rate and review their passenger and riding experience

Passenger app and its features

Uber Clone Rider App


his is the front end app for all taxi passengers who require the services of a taxi. It is said to be the passenger’s virtual friend, giving the passenger the best driver and vehicle for their ride.

Features of the passenger app

  1. A unique sign up a facility that allows users to sign up either by creating a new account or through social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Google etc
  2. Pick up location whereby users can point to their correct location. These can be done through Google Maps or from the frequent location list that will automatically be stored on the app
  3. Choose the drop off location either from the frequent location drop off points or from Google Maps
  4. In-app chatting and messaging system – This enables the passenger to chat and message the driver.

Want to start a smart taxi business?

From the list of various features listed above, it is obvious that the process of building a taxi app is not only time consuming but difficult as well. It is therefore recommended that you seek the services of a taxi app developer who has the experience and the know-how on how to go about it. It is better to check them out before signing on the dotted line.

If you are looking to go ahead-into applying your taxi business then pick up the phone and call the developer today. Get the best man to do the job for you so that your sales increase in no time!

Develop your own taxi driver app for your business with the Uber clone source code

Mobile apps have literally given us the world in our palms. Whatever your requirement, be it booking a taxi, ordering a pizza, booking hotel rooms or flights, or even a babysitter, all this can be done very conveniently simply by tapping on your mobile app. In fact, one can safely say that there is a mobile application for every service imaginable. Moreover, every new mobile application launched is a smarter and modern copy of the previous one as users request more and more features for their purposes.

uber clone source code

The many advantages of a taxi app

A taxi mobile application is basically a user-friendly interface that connects riders to drivers. This app is compatible with both: the two popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS, therefore having a maximum reach to all smart phone users.

Famous taxi-booking applications like Uber and Ola provide a faultless user experience to all those who use it, whether it is the riders, the drivers or even the app owner. They give a diversity of options to the users to ensure a simpler and speedier booking experience. They are available on all smart platforms to include Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows etc. Once the rider has registered on the app with their personal details, they can search for and book a taxi using Google Maps.

The popularity of taxi apps

Taxi booking apps are being launched everywhere. There are different types of taxi apps being developed based on the needs of the owner and/or entrepreneur. However, taxi application development is a complex process with many advanced features that will enhance the running of any taxi business.

People like the idea of getting a cab on demand whereby they do not have to do anything, including making a payment because that too, is automatically done.

Rider app features

Uber Clone Rider App

  • Map
  • Driver contact
  • Cancel ride
  • Sign up and login facility
  • Method of Payment
  • Profile management
  • Pickup location and destination
  • Ratings and reviews of driver
  • View ride history

Driver app features

Uber Clone Driver App

  • Navigation to the drop off point
  • Sign up and login facility
  • Trip status i.e. canceled, completed etc
  • Profile of driver
  • Ride acceptance
  • Fare calculation and payment status

Working off a taxi app in just a few easy steps:

  • Login to the app
  • Tap on your pick up location
  • Enter the address of your drop off location
  • Driver accepts ride
  • Once a ride is accepted, the driver can be tracked at all times until he completes the journey
  • Journey complete and payment completed
  • Rate and review of experience


  • Easy to use
  • A cashless system
  • Easy on the wallet
  • Offer ease and convenience
  • Available in every city and country in the world

taxi app


Smart technology, advanced features and money on the go are all the reasons why you need to invest in this app for your business. For every ride booked through your app, you get to make a hefty commission.

At the rate by which these apps are becoming so popular, it is only a matter of time that your business becomes a force to be reckoned with.

By introducing unique features and services, your app will surely shine in the taxi world. Get your app customized to give the best service in the industry and you will never have to look back.

Start a cab booking app with an iPhone source and Android source code

With the increase in population, it clearly follows that there is an increase in the number of vehicles too. This, in turn, leads to road congestion and increasing frustration amongst drivers who need to get to their destination quickly.

However, with the increased awareness of global warming and carbon footprints, people have realized that it is better to book ride than to drive. This means that fewer people are now investing in personal cars but are looking for environmentally friendly and cost-effective commuting options like ridesharing and public transport.

taxi booking app

Public transport may be cheap but not necessarily fast. That is why commuters prefer to use on-demand taxis because they are not only cost-effective but also faster and you can get one whenever you need one, without the hassles of signal failures and other problems that are usually associated with metros and other means of public transport.

The popularity of on demand taxis has risen since the advent of Uber and other similar on demand taxi booking app which make it possible for commuters to request a taxi within seconds. Taxi booking apps used in the hundreds every day all over the world with millions using this form of transport for commuting.

Taxi apps have become popular because they are a facility that they have in their hands, thanks to smart technology and mobile phones. These apps have made it possible for ordinary people to travel in luxury style in luxury cars, should they so wish.

This demand has created a hunger in entrepreneurs to invest in such apps and start their own taxi business. Let us look at why these apps are popular investment material.

Advantages of on demand taxi booking app

  1. App users can see the cab location on the map. Once they have booked it, they can track it too.
  2. Users do not have to continuously check if their ride request has been confirmed or not. The app automatically notifies the user that their cab request has been confirmed with an estimated time of arrival too.
  3. The taxi tracking service enables the user to track the drivers. It makes their way to the pickup point as well as when they travel to the drop off point.
  4. Once the taxi booking confirmed the riders can chat with the driver
  5. The GPS location helps users to pinpoint their pick up location on the map, rather than typing the address down.
  6. Once the trip is complete, the full details of the trip, including the fare will display on the app screen.
  7. For payment convenience, users can pay by cash, e-wallets and payment cards.

If you are looking to develop your own taxi app for iPhone and Android, you need to ensure that you have the following features on your app.

In app payment facility

The whole payment process is done automatically without any money actually changing hands. Once the trip is over, the payment will automatically be deduct from the rider’s account. Thus, leaving no room for bargaining on both ends.

on demand taxi booking app

Geo-Based location facility

The app builds in such a way that it can recognize the exact location of the rider and the driver on the map so that a ride can book easily.

Live Tracking

Once the rider has registered on the app, he can request and get the nearest available driver. Nearby drivers will receive the request which they can choose to accept and then take the rider to their destination.

Driver and Rider co-ordination

Both Android and iOS users have the facility to track the driver, chat and make in-app calls if required.

Drivers, in turn, can accept or reject rides, send text messages, chats and make in-app calls too.

What comprises of an ideal taxi booking app

  1. Ability to look for and find a taxi
  2. Ability to find licensed drivers and their cabs
  3. Single clock taxi request
  4. Email notifications
  5. Driver ratings and feedback facility
  6. Facility for cashless payments

Developers who are in the business of designing these apps are highly skill and know their trade to the core. It is therefore imperative that you know what you want from your app and gets the best taxi booking app developed for your business.