Top 5 On Demand Delivery Services Application

delivery on demand app

Businesses have started to realize that an app is a necessity and no one can opt to have or not if they want to survive in the fierce competition that they are facing day in day out. Smartphones together with apps have created a platform that increases sales and meets customer demands. The number of … Read more

A new cab system will help drivers compete with Uber in Mexico

taxi booking app like uber

Uber was a breath of fresh air for the Mexican taxi industry when it was first launched, not only for the passengers but also for the drivers. It offered drivers a guaranteed income without any shortfalls in ride payments, driving jobs wherever they wanted within the country and hours that suited them. What more could … Read more

Ride-hailing platform – End to end solution for taxi booking software

taxi app like uber

In the era of intense pollution and increased congestion on our roads, ride sharing has become a favourite alternative for desperate commuters. The one who do not want the stress of driving on the busy roads. Or for those who do not want the inconvenience caused by public transport. Ride-sharing not only provides a convenient … Read more