Gojek Clone – One App For All Your Business Needs

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Gojek Clone KingX 2022 App is Stacked with all the Prerequisite Post-Pandemic Features that are in Direct Compliance with the World Health Organization’ Covid-19 Safety Guidelines! This Super App is Selling like Hot-Cakes because it helps Smart Entrepreneurs like you Make Easy and Quick Money.  MONEY-MAKING BUSINESS MODELS OF GOJEK LIKE APP COMMISSION PER ORDER/SERVICE … Read more

Tips On How To Select On Demand App Development Company In 2022

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Gojek Clone KingX 2022 App is the World’s First Ever Post-Pandemic Super App that Single-Handedly offers 70+ Life-Enriching Services to its Users! Yes, I’m talking about the World’s Biggest App here! Smart Entrepreneurs like you are Going Gaga over this App because it Helps them Make Easy and Quick Money! Do you believe that this … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About The Gojek Clone

About The Gojek Clone

The Gojek Clone app has proven to be one of the most successful and profitable business solutions in recent times. With over 70 different types of services being catered to within a single app. It has become clear that most people are trying to find a unique app based solution that allows them to make … Read more

Major Life-Enriching Services Provided By Gojek Clone App

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Gojek Clone App you have the Cutting-Edge that lets you Establish a Monopoly in the Online Multi-Services Business. Successful Entrepreneurs like You launch this Super App to provide the App Users with 70+ Life Enhancing Services. Innovative Application merely doesn’t offer the Services, but also a Stack of Advanced Features. To Enhance and Add Value … Read more

Gojek Clone Highly Customizable and 100% Money Making App

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Gojek Clone’ Top-Most Ability to Make Money and its Ease of Customization has made it one of the Supreme Apps in the entire Marketplace! Let’s take a look at them One-By-One. The App is Highly-Customizable  This App offers 70+ On-Demand Services on One Single Platform. Apart from the Services, the App also has an array … Read more

Super App like Gojek Puts Out Professional Business Operations Building You A Wider Customer Base

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Developing an app like Gojek is no easy task. Setting up an On-Demand Multiservices Business with a wide range of 70+ services that users can access at any time and from any location necessitates a significant deal of knowledge and experience. To achieve this level of professionalism, you’ll need to hire a Gojek Clone App … Read more

How GoJek Gains More Market After the Exit of Uber?

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You may be aware of recent market’s ups and downs in Southeast Asia. After getting so many criticisms and loss, Uber took a clean exit from the market of Southeast Asia. Actually, the exit was not like packing up things and gone. Uber didn’t grab their backpacks, sold their logistic projects of Southeast Asia to … Read more

What’s New in GoJek? New Services & Strategies

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Well, Gojek is actually a technology start-up that is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. On Demand Service in Gojek mainly comprises of ride-hailing and logistics. It is also known to be the first Unicorn Company in Indonesia. The term Unicorn refers to those start-up companies that value over $1 billion. Gojek is known to be one … Read more

What Makes the Gojek Clone App most favorable for Multi Service Business Owners?

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If you are reading this blog, chances are that you have done your research regarding what the Gojek app is all about? how it has so much market potential? However, one thing that most entrepreneurs are worried about is what makes the Gojek Clone App the most favorable for multi service business owners. But before … Read more