How does towing near you function?

With the growing demand for smart phone apps for just about any requirements, it is no surprise that there are many towing apps for iPhone and Android that have emerged lately. Having said that, one has to understand that the better the chances of a business being successful is completely dependent on how soon you enter such a market and how well you execute the idea of the application. This is why it is of critical significance that you spend some time in trying to understand how towing near you functions.

uber for tow trucks

Components of the towing app

Registration (one-time/optional)

Customer registers on the app through email, phone number or any social media addresses like Facebook, Twitter, etc.

Service selection

There is a list of services that are available through the app. The customer will be able to make a selection of the service they need from the app for example, towing, dead battery replacement, tire repair, accidental help, etc.

Share location

The app should allow the customer to share the location where their vehicle broke down.

Details of the Vehicles

Customer will be able to share his vehicle information including:

  • make
  • model
  • registration number

The user needs to fill this information just once. The app remembers the details for all future requirements.

The three faces of any Towing Apps near you

There are three primary participants in a Towing app for iPhone and Android. They are:

The User: This is the party that requires the service and help.

The Tow truck driver– This is the party that offers assistance.

The business Owner or the Application owner– This is the party who essentially owns the business.

Since there are three faces to such a system, the app has to be absolutely seamless when it works. This is why it is important that you check the app well before you make a final purchase. You should try to make sure that whoever you are purchasing the app from gives you a free demo to try out before you end up buying it.

Things to check in the Demo

Now, you got the demo, so you download the app but you don’t know what to check, right? Here are the things that you should pay attention to while checking a demo for the Towing application.

Download the Tow driver’s app

This part of the app will allow you to see the screens that the towing driver will see. You can check how he can go online and start offering his services, what are the documents that are needed by him to register with the app and other such important details.

Download the User’s App

This part of the towing apps will allow you to check how the User can request for roadside assistance instantly. It will enable them to check what all information is needed for signing up in the app and how easy (or difficult) is getting instant assistance.

towing apps

Get access to the admin Panel

This is the one thing that you will have to pay maximum attention to. As an app owner you will have access to this panel. This is where you will be able to manage and monitor everything that goes on through the app. you will have to check what are all the fields that are visible in the admin panel, does it have the option of allowing you to import the reports in a format that you would like?

Also remember to get a general feel of it. Sometimes, instincts are more important than anything else. This is why it is important to check how the holistic look and feel of the roadside assistance app is. On the whole, no business is too difficult to sustain if you have the right kind of preparation for it. Just make sure that you don’t hesitate in taking your time and then finally taking an informed decision.

Top Car Wash On Demand Apps that have taken the Market by a Storm

On demand businesses are the most interesting concept of the recent times. Here is a list of the top car wash on demand app that have created a huge buzz in the market.

Car Wash On Demand App

List of the Top Car Wash On Demand App


This start up has a revenue generation of $700,000 and boasts 1000 bookings over its platform. Washos is a new app and a path breaker in itself. This app based startup has started in Los Angeles and is one of the most trusted apps in the area. Users can book an on-demand car cleaning service and expediently pay through a secure online channel. It then sends car wash professionals to your location within 90 minutes of making the request. The beauty of the app is that it allows its users to make a booking up to 30 days in advance. This startup was founded by Bertrand Patriarca, Francois Pradel, and Kevin Guexz.


Spiffy is almost certainly one of the most well-liked startups with a charge to alter the car wash industry thanks to its ground-breaking ideas. Established in 2014, Spiffy is a car cleaning and washing startup that enables users to schedule, rate and pay for a wash from end to end with its mobile app as well as on its website. Owing to its Spiffy Green System which is a modus operandi planned to be environmentally safe and friendly, the startup manages to have nil water run-offs and up to 100% water recycling ability. With a collective funding of over 11 million USD, it is absolutely sure that Spiffy is set to develop and expand to a global level.


Wype is a car cleaning service based in Los Angeles. This is why many startups are jumping onto the trend and haven’t been left behind. It uses cutting-edge expertise to enhance the experience of the customer, making certain that it stays waste-free. It uses a waterless car to break down to remove dirt, creating a lubricated barrier that makes it effortless to wipe down a car spotless. They have a mobile car wash app which users can log in from in order to schedule car wash sessions as well.


Dinowash prides itself on understanding the exact requirement of the clients. This app based startup is located in Toronto. It facilitates people in booking car wash sessions from the comfort of their homes. Allegedly, this industry was founded in the year 2015 with a collective seed capital of over two hundred thousand US dollars and is now valued at $1,000,000.

The On Demand Car wash industry

Everyone who owns a car needs to get their car washed at some point in time. This is a recurring activity. One doesnt wash cars once in a year. People need a good car wash almost every week. So, starting off in an industry such as this promises continuous and holistic business guarantee.

Mobile Car Wash App

In order to start your own app based on demand car wash business, you too can buy a readymade application and make sure that you can start earning from your business instantly. If you are seriously keen on buying an app, you can just make a simple search on the internet. You will find a list of companies that are making this app.

You can go through the demo apps made by each of these companies. This will help you to compare the prices of what you have and what you might get in return. Make sure you check for all the hidden prices and the add-ons that you might need. Only rely on a company that has been in the business for a fairly decent amount of time.

Once you have made your decision, go ahead and make it big in your business!

The Best Massage to get at Home

Some people just love giving massages. It is almost therapeutic for them. As relaxing as receiving a massage is, a good masseur will find giving a massage equally relaxing. But does everyone know how best to give a professional massage? Or do people have a vague idea about it and just start rolling the dice on actual people?

professional massage

Well, let’s now try to understand the best way of giving professional quality massage at home.

Have all the materials

It’s not just your hands, you know. There are lots of paraphernalia that are involved in making a massage experience truly unique and relaxing. If you want to give it the professional feel, you most invest in the right inventory. Get yourself a massage table, some soft covers, some replaceable sheets, bath mats, bath towels, necessary oils, rounded stones, scented candles, massage rollers etc. Most of the time people don’t want to indulge in the holistic experience which is why even if they know the technique they fail to give the recipient a truly scintillating and relaxing experience.

Set the mood

What people don’t realize is that massage is a very intimate and soothing activity. In order to achieve the best results, one has to make sure that they can produce a mood that is in sync with what you are trying to achieve. The best way to do this is to put on some spa music and light some scented candles. Make sure that the scent isn’t too overpowering or the music too loud. It is just to ensure that you get a holistic experience and not to bombard your senses. Avoid talking during the massage and let the receiver explore the feelings arising in his or her own body.

Get Fancy

Use bath salts and essential oils. Pull out the stones and heat them up so that you can give them a real therapeutic experience. You don’t want people just think of you as an ordinary rub a dub dub kind of a guy. To ensure that you can be as fancy as it gets. You can also create homemade bath salts and massage scrubs for that unique and exclusive experience. Ensure that your receivers know that your products are handcrafted and curated specially to suit their bodies.

Get an app

massage on demand app

If you begin to look at your massage services in a professional capacity, then you can easily make a lot of money by it. All you need to do it get an application for the same. On Demand Massage apps have become the go to solution for anyone who is looking for quick easy and safe massages at affordable prices. This can be a great platform for you to start offering your services professionally and making a lot of money on it.

Get a little training

There are many inexpensive certificate courses that offer training to give different kinds of massages. A certification goes a long way in giving you credibility for being a professional massage therapist. Massage directly deals with the human body. This means that you don’t want to do anything that could damage or hurt anyone. This is why it is best to invest in some training and then seeking this as a profession to make money.

How to get an On Demand Massage application?

The best way to search for a reliable On Demand Massage Application is to search online. A regular search will show you a list of all the companies offering an Uber for professional Massage kind of an app. You will have to compare and contrast all these apps to ensure that you get the best features at the best possible rates.

Essential Professional massage features that you must look for include:


internal chat

  • Internal Text Chat between the Masseur and the massage Receiver
  • Geo location on the app
  • Easy payment options via Cash, Card or Payment Wallets
  • Local Language and Currency integration

Remember to try your application in the real world before you purchase the app. Only go for options that you can take a live demo of. That way you can be absolutely certain about what you are paying for.

How to Make Your Own Food Delivery Service App

The food delivery business has been around since the time the prepared food was offered in a commercial way. If someone could prepare it, someone could deliver it. Convenience is the main thing for people today. If they need something, they are willing to pay extra also, just for the convenience. From phone call orders, things have moved on to app-based orders. Today is the day and age of millennials. Today’s people are moving their penchant from conventional dine out to mobile on demand food delivery service app like- McDonald and Pizza Hut. The extensive assortments of restaurants, unlimited gastronomy and the option to pay with a swipe on your mobile apps have just made it extremely easy for the Customer today.

food delivery service app

The digital platform has changed in a huge way in the recent past. Things that used to be in a particular order have now changed in a completely different way. Mobile applications are the latest addition to the horizon of food delivery. This means that online food ordering doesn’t require anyone to pick up the phone and make a call and wait for someone to respond on the other end.

On demand delivery apps like Postmates and UberEats have by now started the wave of expediency driven deliveries through apps. This makes it extremely convenient for the people to ascertain that their delivery is going to reach them on time and they can track it. The previous model of food delivery left a black hole in the minds of the users so as to where exactly the driver was. Sometimes, drivers would just lie and delay the order. The food would reach you absolutely cold. With these apps, you can ensure that you can track them continuously. Checking their real position on the map.

How does the Food Delivery Model work?

There are two different ways in which the Food Delivery model can work and operate.

The Aggregator Model

This is essentially the most basic food delivery system. This company is essentially a third party. So, a customer places an order and the restaurant prepares the order. The third party gives them access. They give them a platform to access the restaurant, see the menu, place an order and then track its delivery. In this system, this third party is a mere facilitator. It is not responsible for getting the deliveries done. The restaurant itself manages that.

Platform plus logistic

This model takes sit a step further. So, not only will a third party be able to give the restaurants a platform to make their menus available along with other important features such as reviews and ratings, they will also ensure that they can make the deliveries happen.

This means that the people who will now be making the deliveries will not be restaurant employees but people who are employed by the third party. So, after the order is placed and the food is prepared, this third party will collect it and drop it at the desired address.

food delivery on demand

Making a profitable food delivery service app

If you want to start your own food delivery service app such as SWIGGY or UBEREATS, then it is of utmost importance that you first decide what kind of a model you want to choose for your business. There are quite a few companies that develop apps and can help you with that. However, when you make the decision of buying the app, you will have to also do a fair bit of research.

The best thing to do is find out which is your personal favorite food delivery app. once you know that study each and every feature of it one by one and independently. The app is a holistic thing. It has to serve the User, the service provider and end up making money for you as well. So, ensure that the following things are in order:

GPS navigation and Tracking:

uber for food delivery

This feature will allow the users to track where their order has reached and the driver to track where their pick up and drop location is.

Rating and Review Option:

This feature will help the Users to rate and review the restaurants on the app so that others can see the rating and make informed choices about their orders.

Promo and Rewards: your app should definitely have the avenue of enabling restaurants to offer rewards through promo codes.

On the whole, make sure that the app helps your customers to get the food that they want when they want it. Also, ascertain that it is the right one for the area that you want to launch it in. If you do everything right, there is no way you will not be successful.

Buying an Uber Clone App for Taxi Business

The digital trend has more or less encompassed every segment of the society today. No matter what kind of need you have there is an app for it. But the larger question is does having an app help? Since this is a very specific article, let’s only focus on talking about the taxi business. The question then is: does it help to have an app for your existing taxi business? It definitely does help to a certain extent, but is it worth the money that you spend on it? Understanding investments is a big part of how one can actually make the most of an uber clone app but since it is a pretty vast topic, let’s break it down in multiple pieces and look at them independently.

Uber Clone

The Reason to have an Uber Clone App

First and foremost, we have to understand whether or not we need a taxi app. Mobiles are no longer a luxury. They have become a necessity. It is much easier for a person to connect over mobiles and ensure that they can address queries easily. But we have advanced a step forward. Now, you aren’t limited to just calling. There is a bunch of other things that you can do with the help of your smartphones.

With the advent of apps, the concept of “on demand” has caught on. Basically, what this means is that whenever there is a requirement, the app will assist you in solving it instantly. Instantly being the operative word. So, one can say that Uber pretty much disrupted the norm of regular cab hailing and proposed something that no one had thought was possible and did it on a huge scale.

Take an example

Circling back to apps for taxi applications, a lot of people wonder, that since Uber is already there, why would we any other app succeed? It is a big brand, people trust it and it’s so convenient. The reason why other taxi companies need a taxi app is to cater to their existing user base and to ensure that they can continue to grow seamlessly.

For example, if there is a taxi company with a fleet of say, 100 cars. It already has a user base (otherwise, why does it have 100 cars anyway) and it is obviously trying to provide the best service to this pool to attract new users and to stay afloat in the business. So, earlier people would cal to make taxi bookings. Now, calling can be tedious. First of all, you need the infrastructure to manage these calls and personnel to answer them. Then, sometimes if there is a lot of demand, you will miss out on calls because the phone was busy or the call was in waiting. Essentially, you aren’t living up to your potential even though you have invested in making the initial set up.

Make yourself available

This is where a mobile application serves best. There is no problem with phones being busy or calls dropping. People can simply make a booking without having to verbally explain what they want on the phone. They enter their pick up location, their drop location, and bam! The taxi is booked.

Now imagine, you take to make your 100 cars available like that for the people whenever they want it! In spite of the fact that there is Uber, you still have a user base that wants to access your services. Maybe you are a local company they trust or maybe because you can offer the required density of cars in a particular area. But with the application, you will be able to provide all your customers.

Evolution of Taxi apps

In the past few years, the perception of web-based taxi booking app has introduced a change in the transportation market. One of the chief reasons for the accomplishment of the taxi booking app in the marketplace is the capability to offer an immaculate taxi booking service. The emergence of taxi apps helped in foretelling the user demand and offered the service accordingly.

Because Uber came out to be such a success, more and more apps that provide similar facilities started emerging. Certain apps have done very well by being able to tap into the local potential and demand; however, some of them haven’t been able to do so well at all.

What are the Features that Make an App Exceptional?

The make or break point of any application is the features that it offers. If people find using one app better than using another, they will naturally go for that. Unlike any other kind of application or a service, when, making apps, you have to be mindful that these apps aren’t only focused on assisting the customers. These apps have to be equally usable or efficient for the drivers. If your drivers don’t like the app they will not be able to use it. In order to ensure you are heading in the right direction, it is imperative that you keep the following in mind.

  • Market Research
  • Predefined Goals
  • Understanding the Nature of the demand
  • Using the latest technology
  • Strong coalition Policy For Drivers
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies
  • Right movement of direction and Market Selection
  • Supplementary Benefits For Drivers and Customers
  • Proper Business and Revenue Generation Model

Is it value for money when it comes to using an app for your taxi business?

There are two primary ways in which you can turn your business digital with the help of an app.

1.      Developing an app from scratch

Ideally, when you want to start your own business on the basis of an application, you must build your own app from scratch. You have to hire a team of developers and then build the whole thing right from the start. This takes a lot of money and of course, a lot of time. Developing an app like Uber will take a team of at least 10 developers working for about 2 years. It also takes around millions of dollars to build a platform that can successfully run an app of that scale.

2.      Buying an Uber clone application

Since Uber has already gone through the drill of making this app a success, it has already undertaken the entire process of research and development and then finally come up with this superior mobile app. many companies have now put in their time and money in order to ensure that it can handle the load of the application. When you choose to buy a clone, you essentially get an app that is an exact replica of the Uber application. So, basically, you don’t have to spend any money on the whole Research and Development process.

This not only makes it very easy for you because you don’t have to involve yourself in the process of hiring developers, but it gives you your business platform ready on a platter. Since the app is already built, the only thing remaining to be done on it is to white label it with your brand name and logo and then launches it under your hood.

How long does it Take to Launch your own Uber Clone App?

Now, once you have the said application, you have to launch it on the app stores. The Google Play store and iTunes store will help you to allow your users and your drivers to download and use the app. But in order to launch these apps, you will have to get the app white labeled as per your requirements. Then, you have to approve the final designs and get all the necessary customization done to order. Once that is done, your app can go live. Since the app is already developed by the team of the company, can go live and start running your application within 3 to 4 working days.

Will it be Successful?

There are too many factors involved. There are so many things that you have to take care of when it comes to ensuring that your app is successful or not. But one thing that people often neglect is the training aspect for it. One has to understand that the Rider app will be very intuitive and easy to manage.

taxi booking app

Also, only the riders that are comfortable with using mobiles and smartphones will use the uber clone app in the first place. However, the drivers aren’t necessarily going to be comfortable with it. You will have to train the drivers thoroughly to ensure that they can handle it, accept rides, reject rides, make the necessary entries and so on and so forth.

The taxi business is a lucrative one. This service is a continuous need. Having the right Uber clone will help you in a big way to support your business and take it in the right direction. Make sure that you purchase the app from the right source and that has all the necessary features that will be responsible for your success. Take the demo of the app, find out if you get the Uber clone script along with it and only when you are fully satisfied should you spend your money in it.

Nationwide ban on Uber Helps Local Taxi Apps

You know how they say, there’s a silver lining to every dark cloud? Well, Uber exit in Germany proved to be just that. The Uber application has been ruling the on-demand taxi sector for quite some time. People all over the world have been dependent on it for their taxi based requirements. However, the ship hasn’t been sailing very smoothly over the last few years. One country after another has forced Uber to leave it for various reasons.

uber exit

Why was Uber exit or banned in Germany?

Rules of running a taxi service differ from one country to another. In the US car sharing and car pooling is a very easy and seamless concept. But in Germany, when you decide to carpool, you actually enter into a verbal agreement with others in the car. Essentially, you are entering into a contract for a common objective in a specific manner.

It’s called the “SHARING ECONOMY” module. The sharing economy model of business doesn’t work really well in many European countries such as Germany. The main thing is that there is no one that can be held liable in case there is an accident.

Such models are an excuse for lifelong fights over who is going to bear the cost of insurance, who is responsible for the accident, who is going to ensure that in case something happens they will provide assistance?

How does it help other apps?

The fact that people will continue to need taxis whether there is Uber exit or not, is undeniable. This means that the disappearance of Uber from the German set up will only make it more and more vacant I term of taxi services.

When people all over the country can use a single mobile app to get a taxi of their choice, they get used to it. Now, if you take that away from them, there is an automatic requirement for the same. This means a market just opened up.

There are local taxi players in the market who haven’t yet been able to tap the potential of the market and offer their services to everyone. However, now that Uber exit, the market is ripe for the taking.

How does one get into the On Demand Taxi Space?

The word “On Demand” literally means that when someone has a need, it is addressed immediately. So, when someone wants to call a cab, they can do it immediately with the help of an application in their smartphones.

If you want to get into this kind of a business, the first and foremost thing is that you will require 2 mobile apps. Now, most people think it is just one app, but unfortunately, there’s more to running a business than simply owning an app. There are basically two parts to running an on-demand taxi app

Uber Clone Driver App


  • The Driver side of the Application

This is basically the local taxi app that is used by the Driver to accept rides, to monitor his reports, to see how much he or she could earn etc.

Uber Clone Rider App

  • The Rider side of the application

This is the side we most commonly see. It is the side that helps riders make a taxi booking. So they can input their pickup and Drop location on the app and get a ride they were looking for.

But this is not all

These are the two work components of running this app based taxi business. There admin part of it is handled through a separate admin panel. This is essential for the application owner. So, as the owner of a fleet of cars, you buy this business set up. Your drivers have an app which will allow them to accept ride requests and so on and so forth and your riders will have a section that will allow your customers to accept rides. But how do you monitor what’s going on in the application? How do you know which driver took how many rides and how many rides were undertaken on a particular day?

In order to do this, you will need an admin panel which will allow you to monitor and assess whatever needs to be done or whatever is happening. This admin panel will also enable you to view how much income this business is generating for you. It will show you the commission you are getting per trip and how much you will be able to make in the form of projections.

Uber Clone Admin Panel

Apart from this, you will also require a website to establish the web presence of your company. The website can be of different kinds. It can be something that is normal and static, or it can be something that allows people to book rides without the application as well.

Different types of Snow Shoveling equipment

If you live in an area that experiences snowfall, living without a snow plow is practically impossible. Snow is a major problem in transportation. This is why one must know what are the different kinds of snow removing equipment available in the market and which one can be used for which purpose. Although there are many popular apps like the Uber for snow shoveling available in the market today, if you are planning to do it yourself, then you must know the differences.

snow shoveling

Shovels and Scrapers

Shovels are probably the oldest method of removing snow. They are simple, easy to manage and don’t require any complicated skill to operate. Shovels that have large inbuilt scoops make it very effortless to clear out elongated sections quickly. Regardless of whether you need to get to the lawn from the driveway or whether you just need to make it outside of your front door, these babies can help you out. If the government does regular plowing of the area or salting the roads, a shovel is enough to help you.

Snow Plows

When you need to work on large spaces, snow plows are the best instruments to help you. A snow plow is like an accessory that can be attached to your truck. It has a blade that is meant to clear up the path so that it is walkable or drivable. They work best on:

  • flat areas,
  • roads,
  • parking lots
  • Fields with a ground that’s strong enough to support a truck’s weight.

Snow plows work really fast as opposed to shovels. Their powerful design and comparatively fewer moving parts make them very dependable. An additional purchase that one might have to undertake along with the snow plow is a hitch which is required to connect it to the truck. Since they are externally attached, you can store them away for the rest of the year and use it only when there’s snowfall. Snow Plows are pretty expensive, so considering them for personal use might not be too useful.

Snow Blowers

This is equipment commonly used as a snow removal option. Snow blowers work pretty much like a vacuum cleaner. They pick up the snow from under the machine and toss it out of the way. It is quite spectacular but we won’t suggest them for use over the rugged or uneven terrain. They look, act and work like lawn mowers, except are much larger. They are ideal for usage in smoother terrains or on sidewalks.

Salt Spreaders

Salt Spreaders are a very effective solution for removing snow. Since it works by spreading salts or other chemical agents into the ground to melt away the snow, it requires very little labor. It is lightweight and very easy to work with. Also, another interesting thing is that it doesn’t require any external power to operate. It doesn’t have a motor nor is it electrically powered, so anyone can use it without having to look for any power source. With no motor, it doesn’t even require any repair work, thereby making it cheap and easy.

The salt spreader is also the weapon of choice because the chemical agents prevent water from freezing. So, once the spreading has been done, you can rest assured that the snow won’t get collected really fast. Your paths will stay nice and clean for a long time.

There is just one big disadvantage to it and that it that salt might cause premature rusting in metals. So if you park your car where you have salted, then it will damage the body. There are some other options available in the market to prevent this. You can look for non-oxidation causing chemicals rather than the salts.

snow removal app

Uber for Snow Shoveling

Snow shoveling can be a back-breaking chore. If you really don’t want to take on the additional troubles, just go for an app like Uber for snow shoveling and call in the professionals. They will come armed with all the equipment and handle all your snow worries for you. To use this app, simply register and log in to it and then use it to hire snow plowing professionals who can come to your doorstep to deliver their services.

Do We Really Need Apps Like Glovo?

We just love it when someone does things for us. Looking at programs like Downton Abbey just breaks your heart because you wish you could just sit in your living room and people would just bring in everything you need. Milk got over? Someone can be your Errand Boy and go get a bottle of milk for you. Left your mobile charger at your friend’s place, have someone bring it to you.

Well, this is perhaps no longer a Utopian ideology anymore. Now we have the wonderful luxury of mobile applications. Mobile apps have literally changed the face of everything that we do today. We don’t have to rely on any person to help us out with anything. So long as you have a smartphone, you will manage just fine.

on demand delivery app

The Glovo Clone

The Glovo Clone is another step in revolutionizing the service industry. The original app claims that it has made a digital butler. This app essentially allows you to have someone pick up stuff and deliver it for you anywhere. You can think of it as a delivery app even. This means that if any kind of an item needs to be moved from one place to another, you can do it with the help of this delivery app clone.

How does such an app work?

Any sender, who wishes to either send an item or get an item to himself or herself can now make a booking on the app and mention the point of pick up and the point of delivery. The app sends out, a request to all the available delivery personnel in and around the area of pick up. Whoever accepts said request gets the job. Now, the delivery driver or the on demand parcel delivery clone professional will now reach the point of pickup and collect the item. Then the User of the app can track the movement of the package until it is delivered to the destination.

The beauty of such an on demand delivery application is that it doesn’t restrict the users to send or receive parcels of only one dimension. This means that regardless of whether it is a carton of milk or a file that you forgot at the office, an envelope or even some food that you ordered from your favorite food truck, this app will allow you to get it picked up and delivered.

Does the App owner make money too?

Of course! Why would anyone spend anything on something that doesn’t earn them a buck! Even nonprofit organizations need to rope in the money to sustain operations. The Glovo clone app works as a platform that allows Users to get their stuff moved from one place to another and independent individuals who are interested in making money offer their services as delivery drivers.

A person with a bicycle, scooter, Bike, Car or even a truck can register on the application and offer their services. The User can choose the type of vehicle best suited for their requirements. Each vehicle type will have a different price attached to it. The User can compare and choose.

Every time the parcel sender uses the application to make a booking for the delivery of any item, the application owner gets a percentage commission of the amount charged. Think of it as a service charge for giving these two parties a platform of interaction. Like, for example, a girl and a boy meet up at a coffee shop. They order a coffee and talk to each other. The app owner is the coffee shop which allows the girl and the boy to meet and discuss.

glovo clone

Why buy a Glovo clone and not make a new app?

Apps make the world a much simpler place to live in. But they aren’t, in any measure, a simple thing to make. Creating an application takes years of research and development. There are billions of dollars spent in researching what the app can do and what it cannot. Finally, after a couple of years have been spent and a couple of billion dollars the toil pays off and an app is born.

Well, if you have that kind of money and time, by all means, create your own app. but if you don’t, then it might be a wise thing to simply buy a ready to launch Glovo clone. Remember to take a demo of such an app before you actually end up spending on it.

Packing Tips Every Wanderlust Should Know Before Calling The!

“I love packing”, said no one ever! No matter how much we love to travel and see the world, one thing that we almost invariably hate to do is packing. It’s confusing, tedious and no matter how many times you do it, you will never get it right.

Not anymore. This is a perfect list of best tips that will help you fly around the world, for business or for pleasure (we hope it’s the latter), with no packing worries at all! Here’s a list of all packing essentials:

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  • Your bag: Make sure that the size of your bag is appropriate. Some people like to stuff everything up in a small bag even if its zipper is about to burst open and spill all its contents from the belly of the bag. The other extreme is to carry bulky bags just to make sure everything has enough space inside. Don’t do that. Be careful about the size and life will automatically become a lot easier.
  • Shower caps: Remember those clear plastic cheap shower caps you get at the hotels or at a community swimming pool? Don’t waste them. Use them to keep your shoes in them so that you don’t end up spoiling the rest of the items in your bags.
  • Newspaper: The most undervalued packing item is a newspaper. They can serve as packaging material, blotting paper, tablecloth, fly swatter et al. Keeping a few sheets rolled up in the corner of your bag will always come in handy.
  • Ziploc Pouches: Zippies are the best invention of mankind when it comes to packing. These little bad boys keep the insides in and the outsides out.
  • Drawer Liners: It is of utmost importance that your bag is smelling good all the time. When you come back from your trip and you have all the dirty linen stuffed into this place, it might stink. So, the best way to go about it is to use some scented drawer liners. The bag will always smell fresh so you can pack again for the next trip.

Now to the task at hand

Let’s now get down to the tips on how you can efficiently and economically pack your bags.

We love lists

The first thing to do is list down your itinerary. Plan what kind of clothing you will require on which day. Now make an exhaustive list of all the clothes you think that will be absolutely requisite. Bunch and cube these clothes on a day wise fashion. Keep the one that you will wear on the first day on top and the rest below it in consecutive order. This will make your travel a breeze.

Make a bunch

Keep things that are frequently used together, together. The best way to do it is to use cling film while packing. So, if you want to keep a certain makeup item with some clothes, then bundle the whole set together and cling film it up.

Tickets, please

Important items such as your tickets, a little cash, identity card, Visa (for overseas travel) should be in a fanny pack, or collectively put in one place. Invest in a good passport purse that has these sections predefined. Also, remember not to keep all your I cards and cash in one place. Divide it in 2 to 3 places so that in case you lose one, you still have the others.

Be different

It’s the worst thing when you are waiting at the luggage carousel for your little red bag and you see ten different little red bags coming your way and ten different people rushing to claim them. Then there’s the confusion about whose bag is this and whose that is. To avoid this unsightly confusion (lest it’s with the world’s most gorgeous girl) you should ensure that your luggage bag is visually different from everyone else.

Uber for Airport Rides

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Once you have done all of this, it is now finally time to call your airport taxi. Use one of those fancy airport taxi apps better known as Uber for airport rides and be on your way to another escapade. Enjoy your travel and rest assured that you’ve packed everything well.

Why should you definitely drink alcohol?

For years and years, we’ve heard that drinking is injurious to health. Well, so is having too much sugar or salt, or bread, or rice or just about anything in this world. Moderation is key to a happy and healthy life. It would be so much better if everyone stopped villainizing alcohol and started understanding all the benefits that it has to offer to the human body. There’s a reason why it’s been around for so long and not perished.

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Before we get into the health aspect of it, let us find out how was alcohol born? Who made it for the first time? When was it first created and how? Alcohol wasn’t invented. IT was discovered by the Neolithic man around 10,000 B.C (just like the movie). Archaeological evidence suggests that people during that time had discovered the joy of having a drink or two of fermented fruits which gave them a certain degree of intoxication.

Evidence also suggests that sometime around 7,000 B.C China worked out a way to ferment honey with rice and fruit. Rice has still stuck with us. People still make wonderful fermented drinks out of grains such as rice, barley, wheat etc.

Now, let’s get onto the advantages of alcohol:

Increase your Libido

Alcohol is an excellent way to lower your inhibitions. It helps in breaking mental barriers. Contrary to popular belief a few glasses of booze on a regular basis helps in rectifying erectile dysfunction. People feel more at ease with their sexuality when they are drunk. They learn to let loose and be open to having fun.

Keep away from a common cold

Alcohol is a very hot substance. It accelerates blood flow which increases body heat. Small doses of alcohol will definitely make your body resistant to cold. You can build a gradual immunity towards the common cold by consuming eight to fourteen glasses of wine per week. It can lead to as much as 60% percent reduction in the perchance of developing a common cold.

Reduce the chance of getting gallstones

Consuming small amounts of alcohol regularly can reduce gall stones to a large extent. Just ensure that you aren’t getting all boozed up. So, what are gallstones? Gallstones are basically hard, pebble-like deposits made out of cholesterol that has hardened and settles inside the gallbladder. Gallstones can lead to a lot of pain and cramping in your stomach. Alcohol is usually responsible for increasing good cholesterol in your blood stream. This is why it also changes the level of cholesterol in the gallbladders. Moderate drinking can therefore help in ensuring that your gall stones don’t start acting up.

Take that belly bulge out

Yes yes. We’ve all heard about the beer belly and the high calories that alcohol brings. But really, put a little thought in it and you will realize that the fattening part of any drink might not be the drink itself but the devil that resides in the sugars that make up for the snazzy cocktails. The best way to consume alcohol is straight up and in moderation. Research indicates that people who consumed a very small quantity of alcohol regularly (daily, that is) had a different way of metabolizing alcohol. This means that the biological wonder that we are has attuned itself to process empty calories in case it is consumed in small dozes and regularly. Just like a sort of vaccination.

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How to get alcohol whenever you want it?

Now, no matter how good alcohol is for us or how popular it is, there is always a social stigma attached to any kind of intoxication. This means that sometimes it might get difficult for people who want to be discreet to buy alcohol without letting people know.

This is probably why on demand alcohol delivery is gaining a lot of popularity. An on demand alcohol delivery app is primarily a mobile application that enables customers to purchase any kind of alcohol right from the comfort of your homes. This means one can simply log into the application, choose the liquor, add their address and the liquor gets delivered to their place.

For obvious reasons, alcohol delivery is turning out to be a very popular business option for people who don’t actually want to be involved in the business but definitely want to make a good amount of money through an on demand alcohol delivery app.