A New Cab System will help Drivers Compete with Uber in Mexico

Uber was a breath of fresh air for the Mexican taxi industry when it was first launched, not only for the passengers but also for the drivers. It offered drivers a guaranteed income without any short falls in ride payments, driving jobs wherever they wanted in the country and hours that suited them. What more could any driver want? However a lot of bad publicity started attaching itself to Uber taxi app in Mexico. Let’s look a few incidences that gave riders and drivers reason to lose confidence in Uber.

  • An alleged rape case by an Uber driver
  • Uber drivers attacked outside Mexico City Airport

The above two examples are some of the serious ones out of the long list of social stigma attached to Uber. However just the above two made headlines across the country which led to an immediate decrease in the number of riders requesting Uber cabs. Most importantly women no longer had faith in Uber in the fear that they could be the next rape victim.

New apps to the rescue

The loss of faith by passengers meant reduced incomes. Not only that drivers no longer wanted to drive for Uber because they were no longer secure. If their safety had been compromised once, there is every chance that it could be compromised again.

This fear for Uber gave a new launching pad for other on demand taxi apps. People liked the idea of Uber but feared it. Developers began developing apps that worked just like Uber for Mexico. Taxi industries and startups started buying these apps and launching them as their own version of Uber.

The drivers now had reason to leave Uber and start driving for these apps that not only were popular with the public bit also offered them security as well as guaranteed income along with all the other perks that Uber had offered them.

These new apps were built such that the drivers and well as the passengers were looked after when they were out and about in the taxis.

Safety features for the drivers

  • Riding history
  • Drivers get details of their customer, along with an in app chat facility to talk to the passenger if required
  • Speed display that will alert the driver in case he is over speeding
  • Caller identification that allows the driver to see passenger’s details like pickup, drop off location, reviews etc before deciding on accepting the job.
  • In app legal protection that will avail all data in case of any mishaps
  • Dark areas – alerting drivers to avoid pickups and drop offs in certain locations
  • Gender specification – females will be able to request female drivers for additional safety.

The above features on these apps have made a lot of taxi apps popular in Mexico. Some of the prominent ones include:

  • Yaxi
  • Easy Taxi
  • Cube Taxi
  • Cabify

Launch Your Own Taxi App in Mexico Giving Priority to Driver Safety

In case you haven’t realized most apps have more features geared towards passenger safety than driver safety. This is where you can come in. Think about what features would ensure the driver’s safety too and talk to a developer to design an app accordingly for you. Once your app is designed you can get it customized to a local or the national language of Mexico along with the currency and launch it.

You will be on your way to the first million in no time because Mexico practically runs on taxis. The safety features of your app will attract more drivers to drive for you. More drivers mean more passengers, which mean more money in the bank for you! Get cracking on this idea before someone beats you to it.

Taxi Booking Software – End to End Solution for Hailing A Ride

Ride sharing has become a favorite alternative for desperate commuters. who do not want the stress of driving on the busy roads, nor want the inconvenience caused by public transport. Ride sharing not only provides a convenient and cost effective mode of commuting but also it is easily available. The positive attitude embraced by commuters towards ride sharing has created a need for ride hailing platforms. Commuters can easily offer or accept rides with other commuters going in the same direction. If you are a keen fan of ride sharing and want to do your bit for the environment but make a bit of money too for your efforts then investing in a taxi booking software is the perfect venture for you.

Let’s get to know a few facts about ride sharing before we get on headlong into the business side.

The implications of Ride Sharing

Ride sharing is a concept whereby the car owner/driver picks up one or more passengers who want to go in the same area as the owner/driver. The other passengers contribute a nominal amount to cover fuel, wear and tear and parking costs to the car owner.

Ride sharing is actually a very economical and convenient mode of travel for a lot of people.

Process of a successful ride share

    • Driver updates the travel route/destination, as well as available seats, on the app so that potential carpoolers can decide if they can ride share with him or not, along with the fares.
    • Passengers search for drivers going in the same direction as them
    • Passenger gets in touch with the driver who is taking the route the passenger wants to go on
    • Driver picks up the passenger at the pre-agreed location point and drops them at their destination.
    • Payment is automatically made via the app once the ride share is complete.
    • The driver gets his fuel etc expenses paid
    • The app owner gets a percentage commission for every passenger who had the pleasure of a successful ride sharing experience via the app.

This way the passenger can enjoy a ride in comfort whilst the driver gets his fuel and maybe more,  paid for  – a mutually symbiotic relationship.

Advantages of carpooling

  • Eco friendly
  • Social networking
  • Economical
  • Hassle and stress free
  • Time efficient

Ride sharing – a viable concept with the current economy

Before making the investment in a taxi booking software, you first need to identify a gap in the market in line with the present economy. If you have an idea ready for launch then do some market research and address the key issues in your ride sharing application. Listed below are a few important points that you need to address before taking the plunge.

Segment identification

The first point you need to consider that ride sharing giants like Blabla and Uber are already ruling the roost. They are already addressing specific segments. However these segments will get which in turn leads to market saturation. It is therefore of immense importance that you identify your segment and work on developing it in a bid to attract clients easily. Do not follow what the established ones are doing already as their ideas have already been successfully tried and tested.

Ride Classifications

It is important to categorize your rides for maximum client reach.

Long trips

This category can include long trips like from one city to another or one country to another if you in the Euro zone. This way, new users can use services comfortably whilst choosing a specific ride.

Trips within the city

This service is beneficial to commuters who travel the same route day in day out. This way both drivers and passengers are sure that they get a ride share every day. Not only that, both will become familiar with each other if they continue using the same ride share over time.

Be smart whilst choosing your business model

The success of your business will depend on the how good your business model is, which in turn will have an impact on your marketing strategy. Check out the different models and then decide on your own modus operandi. Important elements like distribution channels, cost structure, key partners and resource elements needs to be identified for the long term planning of your business.

Market Strategy Planning

Once you have finalized the business model and decided on the type of ride sharing services you want to offer, you then need to decide on your marketing strategy.

With the current volatile market is important that you understand and explore the market properly before launching your carpooling services. It is important to check out what your competitors are doing and how you can get ahead on them in the game.

Necessary features of a taxi booking software

Search – Allows users to search for a driver going to a similar direction to the one they want to go

ID Check – A one time password system to ensure that there are no fake users

Ride tracking system – Users can track the driver and also may be able to get information on other passengers travelling with them

Emergency services – An emergency call button will link the user directly to the police station.

User history, ratings and reviews – Both the driver and the user will have access to their ride sharing history. The rating and review system will allow room for improvement in the system whilst allowing all users to screen each other based on the ratings given by others.

Ready for Launch

Many countries round the world have embraced this wonderful concept in a bid to reduce carbon emissions. Carpooling or rode sharing as it is also called offers a win win situation to both the driver as well as the passengers as both ends up with a savings at the end of the day.

All yo now need to do is check out the various taxi booking software available in the market and choose the bets for your business. Worry not as ride sharing is the future of our world and therefore you will be successful.


Develop your own taxi driver app for your business with the Uber Clone Source Code

Mobile apps have literally given us the world in our palms. Whatever your requirement, be it booking a taxi, ordering a pizza, booking hotel rooms or flights, or even a baby sitter, all this can be done very conveniently simply by tapping on your mobile app. In fact one can safely say that there is a mobile application for every service conceivable. Moreover every new mobile application launched is a smarter and modern copy of the previous one as users request more and more features for their purposes.

The popularity of taxi apps – Uber Clone Source Code

Taxi booking apps are being launched everywhere. There are different types of taxi apps being developed based on the needs of the owner and/or entrepreneur. However taxi application development is a complex process with many advanced features that will enhance the running of any taxi business.

People like the idea of getting a cab on demand whereby they do not have to do anything, including making a payment because that too, is automatically done.

The many advantages of a taxi app

A taxi mobile application is basically a user friendly interface that connects riders to drivers. This app is compatible with both the two popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS, therefore having a maximum reach to all smart phone users.

Famous taxi booking applications like Uber and Ola provide a seamless user experience to all those who use it, whether it is the riders, the drivers or even the app owner. They give a variety of options to the users to ensure a simpler and speedier booking experience. They are available on all smart platforms include Blackberry, Android, iOS, Windows etc

Once the rider has registered on the app with their personal details, they can search for and book a taxi using Google Maps.

The basic features offered by a standard taxi app are as listed below:

Rider app features

    • Sign up and login facility
    • Profile management
    • Pickup location and destination
    • Driver contact
    • Ratings and reviews of driver
    • Map
    • Method of Payment
    • View ride history
    • Cancel ride

Driver app features

    • Sign up and logging in facility
    • Profile of driver
    • Ride acceptance
    • Navigation to the drop off point
    • Trip status i.e. cancelled, completed etc
    • Fare calculation and payment status

Working of a taxi app in just a few easy steps:

    • Login into the app
    • Tap on your pick up location
    • Enter the address of your drop off location
    • Driver accepts ride
    • Once ride is accepted, the driver can be tracked at all times until he completes the journey
    • Journey complete and payment completed
    • Rate and review of experience

Why on demand apps are the best

    • Offer ease and convenience
    • Easy on the wallet
    • Available in every city and country in the world
    • A cashless system
    • Easy to use

The best app for your business

Smart technology, advanced features and money on the go are all the reasons why you need to invest in this app for your business. For every ride booked through your app you get to make a hefty commission.

At the rate by which these apps are becoming so popular, it is only a matter of time that your business becomes a force to be reckoned with.

By introducing unique features and services, your app will surely shine in the taxi world. Get your customized uber clone source code to give the best service in the industry and you will never have to look back.

Start a cab booking app with an iPhone source and Android source code

With the increase in population, it clearly follows that there is an increase in the number of vehicles too. This in turn leads to road congestion and increasing frustration amongst drivers who need to get to their destination quickly.

However with the increased awareness on global warming and carbon footprints, people have realize that it is better driven to drive. This means that fewer people are now investing in personal cars but are looking for environmental friendly and cost effective commuting options like ride sharing, and public transport.

Public transport may be cheap but not necessarily fast. That is why commuters prefer to use on demand taxis because they are not only cost effective but also faster and you can get one whenever you need one, without the hassles of signal failures and other problems that are usually associated with metros and other means of public transport.

The popularity of on demand taxis has risen since the advent of Uber and other similar on demand apps which make it possible for commuters to request a taxi within seconds. Taxi booking app are being used in the hundreds every day all over the world with millions using this form of transport for commuting.

Taxi booking app have become popular because they are a facility that they have in their hands, thanks to smart technology and mobile phones. These apps have made it possible for ordinary people to travel in luxury style in luxury cars, should they so wish.

This demand has created a hunger in entrepreneurs to invest in such apps and start their own taxi business. Let us look at why these apps are popular investment material.

Advantages of on demand taxi apps

  • App users can see the cab location on map, and once they have booked it, they can track it too.
  • Users do not have to continuously check if their ride request confirm or not. The app automatically notifies the user that their cab request has been confirmed with an estimated time of arrival too.
  • The taxi tracking service enables user to track the drivers as they make their way to the pickup point as well as when they travel to the drop off point.
  • Once the taxi booking is confirm the riders can chat with the driver
  • The GPS location helps users to pinpoint their pick up location on the map, rather than typing the address down.
  • Once the trip is complete, the fill details of the trip, including the fare are show on the app screen.
  • For payment convenience, users can pay by cash, e-wallets and payment cards.

If you are looking to develop your own taxi app for iPhone and Android, you need to ensure that you have the following features on your app.

In app payment facility

The whole payment process is done automatically without any money actually changing hands. Once the trip is over, the payment will automatically be deduct from the rider’s account, thus leaving no room for bargaining on both ends.

Geo Based location facility

The app is built in such a way that it can recognize the exact location of the rider and the driver on the map so that a ride can be book easily.

Once the rider has registered on the app, he can request and get the nearest available driver. Nearby drivers will receive the request which they can choose to accept and then take the rider to their destination.

Driver and Rider co-ordination

Both Android and iOS users have the facility to track the driver, chat and make in app calls if required.

Drivers, in turn can accept or reject rides, send text messages, chats and make in app calls too.

What comprises of an ideal taxi booking app

  • Ability to look for and find a taxi
  • Ability to find licensed drivers and their cabs
  • Single clock taxi request
  • Email notifications
  • Driver ratings and feedback facility
  • Facility for cashless payments

Developers who are in the business of designing these apps are highly skill and know their trade to the core. It is therefore imperative that you know what you want from your app and get the best taxi booking app developed for your business.

Launch Successful Cab Booking App like Uber

The launch of the cab apps like uber and its overwhelming success has created a huge demand for apps that operate on Uber technology. These apps are designed just like Uber with a few changes here and there. If you are thinking of developing and launching a similar app, then there are few questions that you will need to get the answers for before getting your app developed.

  • How do cab apps like Uber work?
  • What features are necessary for a successful app?
  • What are the technological requirements?
  • How much will it cost to have an app developed?
  • Where do I go from here?

How do Cab Apps like Uber work?

The Cab apps like uber works by allowing users to request a taxi and the taxi that is closest to your pick up point will come and pick you up. There are many drivers who are registered on the app, coming from different professional and non-professional backgrounds who work either full or part time depending on what their personal and professional requirements.

Uber services are a lot cheaper than the traditional taxis and that is one of the main reasons why it is popular in over 100 countries across the world.

The colossal success of Uber is down to one main thing – mobile applications, a tool that has been used to bring success to the taxi industry.

What features are necessary for a successful app?

The can apps like uber is actually a set of two apps, the driver app and the passenger app. These two apps co-ordinate with each other to give the users a smooth riding experience.

The passenger app is used for looking for and requesting rides whilst the driver app is for receiving ride requests from the riders.

Features of the passenger app

Registration and Login

To use the app, every user needs to register and login into the app. Registration should be an easy process whereby users need to input their name, contact details like address, mobile number and email address as well as the details of credit or debit card that the user is going to use for payment purposes.

A smart booking interface

This will give the user access to all the cabs that are available in the vicinity, from which they can choose and book one for their purposes. There should be an option to input the details of the destination too when the user looks for cabs.

Fare calculator

This feature helps riders to calculate the fare from the pickup point to the destination. Fares may vary from time to time due to:

  • Traffic conditions
  • Time of the day or night
  • Toll and/or parking charges
  • Type of ride and car the user has chosen

Other Rider Features

Real time tracking system

This feature allows the user to track the driver’s real time location before the ride is booked. Once the ride is booked, the user can then track the cab at all times via his app. The user can now keep a track of this journey.

Automated payment facility

In app and cashless payments are made automatically from the registered debit/credit card or e-wallet. The rider receives an invoice too for the same.

Push notifications

This feature helps to give notifications about the cab location, estimated time of arrival, details of the driver and the status of the ride request.

Ratings/Review, and booking history

The ratings and reviews feature allows users to give details about their riding experience. Riders will receive a push notification asking them to give their feedback, once their ride is over. Users can also have a look at their booking history.

Features of the driver app


Drivers’ registration is slightly different to that of the riders. Drivers will need to give details of their vehicle and other verification documents to the admin for approval before they can drive.

Booking and booking history

Drivers will be able to see notifications for any ride requests made by local riders, which they can choose to accept or decline. They also have access to the records of all their ride history.


With the help of Google Maps, the drivers are automatically directed to the shortest and fastest route possible at the time of the ride.

Push Notifications

These are usually to notify drivers about the orders, or data regarding the details of the rider location, payment, route etc. They also help alert the driver in case there are any changes to the original ride request.

Other ad-hoc features include the geo location services, report generation, support, messaging etc.

What are the technological requirements?

The cab apps like uber has three major foundations – server, payments and mapping. The server is the most important part of the app as this where you will process ride requests, driver routes and everything required for the successful running of your taxi business.

Languages that are use in back end include:

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Java
  • PHP
  • js
  • Python

The GPS is also one important component of the app. Openstreet API can be used on both iOS and Android platforms, whilst Google Maps and Google Location are specific to Android only.

Efficient payment process:

  • Paytm
  • Paypal Mobile SDK
  • Stripe
  • Braintree

The technology stash for push notifications is quite simple – iOS platforms use Apple Push whilst Android platforms use Google Firebase.

Text messages sent out using any of the following communication platforms:

  • Tropo Do
  • Nexmo
  • Plivo
  • Twilio

How much will it cost to have an app developed?

The cost of an app will vary depending on the features and functionalities that you get inbuilt. If you are thinking of getting an app developed from scratch you are looking at a minimal cost of at least $8000 to $15,000. The more advanced the features and functionalities, the higher the cost. However to get a readymade clone is not as expensive. There are many developers who sell clones and they will customize your app according to your specifications. The cost again would depend on what you want your app to do.

Where do I go from here?

Now that you are equipped with the basic information about a standard on demand taxi app, it is now time to decide whether you want to get your own app developed to get a readymade app clone customized.

There are many in the market and some developers will have you up and running in as much as 72 hours. There is a lot of competition between the developers so you need to make sure you capitalize on this. Many developers who charge for every service and feature you want whilst others give you quite a few freebies. That is why you need to research well before you make the decision on where you are headed as far as your cab apps like uber is concerned. It is now time to strike.

Top 5 On Demand Android App for Startups

The on demand industry has been moving in leaps and bounds since it was first conceptualized by Uber in 2009. The name Uber itself means “topmost” or “super” in German. This concept has become the forefront of today’s service and product industry. Any service or product is now being Uberised because that is the future; that is the way forward; that what the public want is apps like uber.

Let us look at the top five concepts apps like uber

Food Delivery

Food is the most important necessity for our survival and if we can get it on demand, then why not? Most food businesses in the world have uberised their services so that clients can order food as and when they want to and get it delivered wherever they are. Top on demand food delivery apps include Amazon Restaurants, Caviar and DoorDash.

On Demand Services

In our fast paced world no one has the time to look for each individual service provider, be it a plumber, electrician, handyman or any other service provider. The idea of all services available on one platform is fast catching pace, giving rise to on demand service apps being launched everywhere. Rather than have a separate app for delivery, one for flower delivery, one for massage etc it is just so easy to have app that homes all these apps and makes it easy for everyone to request the service of their choice on their terms and times.

Doctor On Demand

Medical care at the drop of a hat, or shall we say at the tap of a button just sounds like bliss. That means there is no queuing up at the doctor’s surgery, or at the hospital. Just request medical care as and when you want it at your convenience. This idea is becoming more and more favorable to working people who can opt to see a doctor at a time of their convenience.

Uber for House cleaning

As more and more couples work, it becomes very difficult to get a maid to clean the house on a daily basis or even do it by themselves. That is why the idea of  on demand house cleaning apps is appealing to all the working people as they can request a cleaner at their convenience, maybe in the evenings or at the weekends and get their house looking as good as new.

Taxi Business

It is no surprise that after the phenomenal success of Uber, every taxi business wanted to go same way. Demand for apps like Uber increased and today almost every country in the world has its own on demand taxi startup that works just like Uber. Prominent names include Ola, Lyft and Hailo.

If any of the above ventures catch your fancy all you need to do is look for a developer. Let them know your requirement. You get your app and away you go, providing the service you have chosen, be it taxi or food.

However that is not to say that other ideas cannot be appified. If you have a brilliant on demand concept just discuss it with a good developer and get it launch. Who knows, your idea might be bigger than Uber’s?

Ideal Taxi Booking Software for Taxi Business

Launch an Uber Like Taxi Booking Software to Get Success in your Taxi Business

Every taxi entrepreneur has invested in taxi booking software to make his business smart, increase clientele as well as turnover. Profit making is the name of the game of any business and the same applies for all entrepreneurs who are running taxi firms for their livelihood.

The software that works on a concept very similar to Uber has fast become a favorite not only for the taxi business but various other startups in the service industry.  Let’s take a look into why this concept is so successful.

The Success of the Uber Clone Script

The taxi booking app is a firm favorite everywhere in the world, with the Uber being active in over 732 cities across the globe.

That is why many entrepreneurs have sought inspiration from the Uber model and are looking for that ideal app to promote their existing taxi business or launch their own brand new taxi firm.

Before anyone ventures into the field of on demand taxis, it is important to take note of the most popular features that have made it a necessity for all taxi businesses to have one.

Unique Features of the Uber like App

Ease of registration for all users

This is the important feature that is required by all users so that they can get access to the app. For ease it should also have the facility to register via social media like Google, Facebook and Twitter, thus making it convenient for the users to use the app. It also aids in monitoring the activities for all the users, be it riders or drivers.

Map display and tracking feature

This feature is a pre-requisite for any Uber like app and the reason why this concept is so successful. The geolocation feature gives accurate routes at all times whilst making it easy to track the location in real  time. Google Maps make it easy for drivers to identify pick up and drop off locations.

These facilities will also give the users an idea of the travelling time for any specific journey.

An easy and stress free payment system

This app is unique as it provides a hassle free payment system. Clients can pay by card, wallet or Paypal. This not only makes the system secure but also provides a totally stress free experience for both the riders and the drivers. Who do not have to worry about wallets and change.

Other extras

Other features that have made these taxi booking software popular include a review and rating system, car availability, choice of car, details of the vehicle and driver, instant notifications, in built chat facility which all work together to provide a seamless driving experience.

Now that you are armed with the necessary information required for designing taxi booking software, it is time to look around and do some research and find a good app developer who has the experience and the creativity to give you your desired app. There are many developers in the field and that is why you need to be wary about whom you choose. Choose one who not only gives you a good app. But an app that will give you value for money and ongoing support for the duration of your business.

Launch your own Uber like Application

We have been hearing and reading many success stories and flourishing businesses, all over the world. Some great minds developed a concept and then implemented the same; it is all about the concept which nobody has thought of. Years before ideas like YouTube, Facebook, Google and much more were thought of and now the situation is such that they have become part of our life. These ideas run our businesses and our day-to-day life too. One such concept was Uber, a never thought taxi business that changed the life of many. Since its inception, it has come a long way.  With its popularity and success, another idea took birth and that Uber like app development popularly known as Uber clone.

The idea of using the same concept of Uber has given birth to a different line of business altogether. These apps have a big market all over the world but the most successful are the taxi app clones.

With the growing market of on demand products, the development of Uber like app development consider a big hit. Being a clone does not hinder the success. It has become a successful brand overnight.

Here describe the reason for it’s quick success:

  • The most important aspect of any given product or service is its cost and in the case of the Uber like app, the costing goes way below our expectation.
  • Matches most of the features of the original app
  • Additional features are available as required
  • The business can be start in as little as 48 hours
  • The same app can be use in any country across the globe
  • Option of changing the language and currency is available, base on the location the app is going to be launch.
  • GPS tracking system makes the app safe, and you can also get family members notified so that they can get your exact location.
  • You can view driver’s profile before booking the ride.
  • Quick and efficient review system
  • Safe online payment gateway

The system is very transparent hence, makes is quick and easy to use; the whole app is automatically in such a manner that it leaves no room for errors. Most of the processes are back up by an instant notification system representing transparency. Furthermore, the driver and the passenger both can put their reviews rating each other.

A big reason for the app’s success is a free demonstration that is available online which give a clear idea pertaining to the functionality and features of the app. It’s always a good idea to view the demo before you get your dream app. They will provide all the necessary services to your client on your behalf.

With hundreds of apps being develop, the team of this company is ready to take any challenge, as they are capable enough to fulfill any reasonable demand of the client. Contact them know to get the best discounts and offers for your Uber like app development.

Grow your cab booking business with lyft clone

The advent of technology has made life easier and thanks to it, people are able to commute without any hassles with a cab is just a few clicks away. These days, more and more people are preferring cabs rather than driving given the traffic conditions. They prefer the ease a taxi gives. Observing the increase in the demand for cabs, people are coming with innovative ideas to facilitate this ride. Innovative ideas when combined with technology bring in loads of benefits. Today, most of the services are available in the form of apps, then how could cab services be a step behind? One such amazing app is the lyft clone. This is very similar to Uber and it  can help you earn heaps of benefits as a business of cab services

Though both parties – passengers and drivers have their own differences when they have to operate a cab service, the Lyft like app has made it possible for both to have their own benefits too.

Salient features of Lyft clone from a passenger perspective:

  • Turn by turn direction: This cab service app allows the passengers to get to know the location of a car and their current location. They can even monitor the turn by turn direction during their trip which is essential from the safety point of view.
  • Allows setting a pick-up location: The passenger can set the desired location as their pick up location and board the cab to reach their destination from that place. This helps a passenger to start their trip from wherever they want.
  • Don’t conceal any surprise taxi: As soon as the passenger submits the destination location, the pop up reveals the amount they will have to pay soon after the trip. The app doesn’t conceal any tax to make the payment hassle-free.
  • Free rides: The app allows the passengers to get a free ride. However, to get a free ride, a passenger must know about the process by which he/she can get a free ride by hitting free ride option. One of the best ways to get a free ride is promo codes.
  • Maintain a record of the history of rides: With the passage of time and frequently using the cab, the riders may forget about the rides they have taken. But the app maintains a record of all the rides and the payment a rider made.

Salient features from a driver’s perspective:

  • Go online to get request: The app allows the driver to get a passenger just by going online. As soon as a driver goes online, the notifications start hitting the notification bar and let the driver choose the passenger.
  • Earning details: A driver earns after every ride but can’t maintain a physical record so, in order to facilitate the earning records, the app has a feature of earning tab which allows the driver to focus on the ride rather than maintain the records of their earning.
  • Referral tab: a driver may also earn by referring passengers or other drivers.
  • Vehicle: if a driver wants to change the vehicle then this tab helps to do that.
  • Help: this feature helps the driver to directly contact the help center to get all sorts of assistance.

There is a long of list of benefits of having a clone app for the cab booking service providers. Are you a cab booking service provider? If yes then do you need an app for your firm? What about an app like a lyft clone? A clone app gives your customer an amazing experience of having a safe and pleasant trip and you to attract customers more towards your services rather than leave your customers with a new and confusing app to book a cab. Start a business of cab booking and let the business grow exponentially with a clone app.

Buy Pocket Friendly Uber Clone for Your Business

Selling complete white labelled solution to end clients is a very lucrative business especially that of selling uber clone. Since we are living in the era of on-demand apps, this clone has become the most sought-after app everywhere, with everyone wanting to launch their own on demand service or product.

These clones come with a list of smart features that are part of the package when you get.

These smart features of the uber clone script include the following:

  • Free customization of a language
  • Free customization of a currency
  • A domain license for Android, iOS and website
  • Customer support, round the clock
  • A white labeled solution in your brand with your logo
  • Submission to iTunes and Android Playstores

The above features are usually provided at no cost to the buyer. However, there are a few premium features that can be provided but at a hefty cost.

Premium Features

The above features are usually paid features. However there are developers who provide some features free. One feature that is provided free by some developers is the changing of the logo color.

Let’s say for instance that your logo is in black and white, but your client wants the color to be red and white, the change of color would usually cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you get it developed by the right developer, then you can get this service free of charge. The developer will change your logo color to the one your client wants at no cost to you.

This is indeed a big saving for you and you get a happy client too because you have achieved the impossible for them.

It is therefore very important that when you choose your development partner, it is imperative that you check what your developer will give you for the money you are paying. Make sure that the quality of the app is good too. It is no good buying a cheap app that doesn’t work half the time. You should get value for money on your app. Off course you also need to make sure what other additional features and services they will provide you with once you have bought your app from them.

Now you need not worry about paying extra for any changes your end client wants on their uber clone. You can now get premium features and services at no extra cost as long as you get the right development partner. Research well and you will surely get the solution of your dreams at the price of peanuts.