Buying an Uber Clone App for Taxi Business

The digital trend has more or less encompassed every segment of the society today. No matter what kind of need you have there is an app for it. But the larger question is does having an app help? Since this is a very specific article, let’s only focus on talking about the taxi business. The question then is: does it help to have an app for your existing taxi business? It definitely does help to a certain extent, but is it worth the money that you spend on it? Understanding investments is a big part of how one can actually make the most of an uber clone app but since it is a pretty vast topic, let’s break it down in multiple pieces and look at them independently.

Uber Clone

The Reason to have an Uber Clone App

First and foremost, we have to understand whether or not we need a taxi app. Mobiles are no longer a luxury. They have become a necessity. It is much easier for a person to connect over mobiles and ensure that they can address queries easily. But we have advanced a step forward. Now, you aren’t limited to just calling. There is a bunch of other things that you can do with the help of your smartphones.

With the advent of apps, the concept of “on demand” has caught on. Basically, what this means is that whenever there is a requirement, the app will assist you in solving it instantly. Instantly being the operative word. So, one can say that Uber pretty much disrupted the norm of regular cab hailing and proposed something that no one had thought was possible and did it on a huge scale.

Take an example

Circling back to apps for taxi applications, a lot of people wonder, that since Uber is already there, why would we any other app succeed? It is a big brand, people trust it and it’s so convenient. The reason why other taxi companies need a taxi app is to cater to their existing user base and to ensure that they can continue to grow seamlessly.

For example, if there is a taxi company with a fleet of say, 100 cars. It already has a user base (otherwise, why does it have 100 cars anyway) and it is obviously trying to provide the best service to this pool to attract new users and to stay afloat in the business. So, earlier people would cal to make taxi bookings. Now, calling can be tedious. First of all, you need the infrastructure to manage these calls and personnel to answer them. Then, sometimes if there is a lot of demand, you will miss out on calls because the phone was busy or the call was in waiting. Essentially, you aren’t living up to your potential even though you have invested in making the initial set up.

Make yourself available

This is where a mobile application serves best. There is no problem with phones being busy or calls dropping. People can simply make a booking without having to verbally explain what they want on the phone. They enter their pick up location, their drop location, and bam! The taxi is booked.

Now imagine, you take to make your 100 cars available like that for the people whenever they want it! In spite of the fact that there is Uber, you still have a user base that wants to access your services. Maybe you are a local company they trust or maybe because you can offer the required density of cars in a particular area. But with the application, you will be able to provide all your customers.

Evolution of Taxi apps

In the past few years, the perception of web-based taxi booking app has introduced a change in the transportation market. One of the chief reasons for the accomplishment of the taxi booking app in the marketplace is the capability to offer an immaculate taxi booking service. The emergence of taxi apps helped in foretelling the user demand and offered the service accordingly.

Because Uber came out to be such a success, more and more apps that provide similar facilities started emerging. Certain apps have done very well by being able to tap into the local potential and demand; however, some of them haven’t been able to do so well at all.

What are the Features that Make an App Exceptional?

The make or break point of any application is the features that it offers. If people find using one app better than using another, they will naturally go for that. Unlike any other kind of application or a service, when, making apps, you have to be mindful that these apps aren’t only focused on assisting the customers. These apps have to be equally usable or efficient for the drivers. If your drivers don’t like the app they will not be able to use it. In order to ensure you are heading in the right direction, it is imperative that you keep the following in mind.

  • Market Research
  • Predefined Goals
  • Understanding the Nature of the demand
  • Using the latest technology
  • Strong coalition Policy For Drivers
  • Customer Acquisition and Retention Strategies
  • Right movement of direction and Market Selection
  • Supplementary Benefits For Drivers and Customers
  • Proper Business and Revenue Generation Model

Is it value for money when it comes to using an app for your taxi business?

There are two primary ways in which you can turn your business digital with the help of an app.

1.      Developing an app from scratch

Ideally, when you want to start your own business on the basis of an application, you must build your own app from scratch. You have to hire a team of developers and then build the whole thing right from the start. This takes a lot of money and of course, a lot of time. Developing an app like Uber will take a team of at least 10 developers working for about 2 years. It also takes around millions of dollars to build a platform that can successfully run an app of that scale.

2.      Buying an Uber clone application

Since Uber has already gone through the drill of making this app a success, it has already undertaken the entire process of research and development and then finally come up with this superior mobile app. many companies have now put in their time and money in order to ensure that it can handle the load of the application. When you choose to buy a clone, you essentially get an app that is an exact replica of the Uber application. So, basically, you don’t have to spend any money on the whole Research and Development process.

This not only makes it very easy for you because you don’t have to involve yourself in the process of hiring developers, but it gives you your business platform ready on a platter. Since the app is already built, the only thing remaining to be done on it is to white label it with your brand name and logo and then launches it under your hood.

How long does it Take to Launch your own Uber Clone App?

Now, once you have the said application, you have to launch it on the app stores. The Google Play store and iTunes store will help you to allow your users and your drivers to download and use the app. But in order to launch these apps, you will have to get the app white labeled as per your requirements. Then, you have to approve the final designs and get all the necessary customization done to order. Once that is done, your app can go live. Since the app is already developed by the team of the company, can go live and start running your application within 3 to 4 working days.

Will it be Successful?

There are too many factors involved. There are so many things that you have to take care of when it comes to ensuring that your app is successful or not. But one thing that people often neglect is the training aspect for it. One has to understand that the Rider app will be very intuitive and easy to manage.

taxi booking app

Also, only the riders that are comfortable with using mobiles and smartphones will use the uber clone app in the first place. However, the drivers aren’t necessarily going to be comfortable with it. You will have to train the drivers thoroughly to ensure that they can handle it, accept rides, reject rides, make the necessary entries and so on and so forth.

The taxi business is a lucrative one. This service is a continuous need. Having the right Uber clone will help you in a big way to support your business and take it in the right direction. Make sure that you purchase the app from the right source and that has all the necessary features that will be responsible for your success. Take the demo of the app, find out if you get the Uber clone script along with it and only when you are fully satisfied should you spend your money in it.

Taxi apps are a waste of money!

Or are they? Well, I’ve read the entire back story of how Uber was born out of some sort of frustration for not being able to find a yellow cab in San Francisco. And sitting halfway across the globe even I can totally empathize. The concept of being able to hail a cab with the click of a button has practically revolutionized the service industry and I find today that it’s not just limited to hiring cabs anymore. Today, it’s possible for people to get everything from food to marijuana delivered through such apps.

Taxi App

And yet, I have come across a few skeptics who are continuously raising questions about whether investing in anything at all is a good decision or not. I mean really, if you want to make money, you have to invest in some form of a business structure.

What are businesses born of?

In most cases, a new business is born out of a deep set passion towards a particular objective which manifests itself in some form of research and development and finally into a venture. However, not always are all ideas successful. Sometimes, even though something looks very promising it ends up falling short. The business idea is fine but the competition kills you. Sometimes, it reaches fruition and becomes a big name like UBER.

But there is another way in which a successful business can be sought out and started in just a matter of days. The youth today is focus on being successful. They might not be passionate towards a single idea, but they are definitely passionate about being on top of their game. The newer approach for the thinking businessman today is to buy a cloned website of an already successful business platform thereby skipping the entire rigmarole of going through research and development, product development and so on and so forth.

Running a business with Uber Clone

In the recent few years, the Uber Clones have picked up a lot of pace as more and more companies have set out to sell licensed taxi app scripts. The beauty of such apps is that it does not necessarily need to be used for taxi service only. There are many newer businesses that can be erected on the basic bones of a taxi app.

business with uber clone

This includes any kind of service that requires movement from one place to another by either the customer or service provider. For instance, you can have an on-demand beautician dropped right to your doorstep using such kind of an app. And this is just one such idea in a plethora of different kinds of businesses.

Who’s investing in taxi app?

Many young investors with big dreams and a clear idea of what they want in the near future have decidedly invested in the taxi app clone and made a lot of earnings out of it. In my personal experience of entrepreneurial studies, I have experienced such a steep rise in taxi app services that I might just plan a sweet little investment of my own!

On a serious note, this might just be the right time to put in some moola in the app industry. Because of the digital wave that has gripped the world so tightly. Everyone is dependent for something or the other on apps over their smartphones.

investing in taxi app

Building a business through an app clone is the easiest thing to do right now. Because a onetime investment leads to continuous and generous earnings. With so many companies building their own cloned app sites. It has become evident that they are competing to offer better services at very minimal costs. Don’t you just love it when that happens?


So, I’ve been debating this question from the beginning and here’s what I think:

  1. You must ensure that you spend money only after careful consideration. Keep away from quick money schemes that don’t describe HOW you make money.
  2. The rising competition in the market gives you plenty of opportunities to understand and evaluate the best options for yourself.
  3. Just because it’s a cloned site, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be original. If you want your business to thrive and be successful. You must ensure that you are thinking outside the box. The structure of the app can be a clone, but your business can’t if you really care about your investment.

Buy Pocket Friendly Uber Clone for Your Business

Selling complete white-labeled solution to end clients is a very lucrative business especially that of selling uber clone. Since we are living in the era of on-demand apps, this clone has become the most sought-after app everywhere, with everyone wanting to launch their own on demand service or product.

These clones come with a list of smart features that are part of the package when you get it developed. These smart features of the uber clone script include the following:

uber clone

  • Free customization of a language
  • Free customization of a currency
  • Customer support, round the clock
  • Submission to iTunes and Android Play stores
  • A domain license for the website, Android and iPhone
  • A white-labeled solution in your brand with your logo

The above features are usually provided at no cost to the buyer. However, there are a few premium features that can be provided but at a hefty cost. These include:

  • Internal call masking
  • Colour Theme according to your logo
  • Android App and iPhone app rejection support

The above features are usually paid features. However, there are taxi app developers who provide some features free. One feature that is provided free by some developers is the changing of the logo color.

Let’s say for instance that your logo is in black and white, but your client wants the color to be red and white, the change of color would usually cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you get it developed by the right developer, then you can get this service free of charge. The developer will change your logo color to the one your client wants at no cost to you.

This is indeed a big saving for you and you get a happy client too because you have achieved the impossible for them.

It is therefore very important that when you choose your development partner, it is imperative that you check what your developer will give you for the money you are paying. Make sure that the quality of the app is good too. It is no good buying a cheap app that doesn’t work half the time. You should get value for money on your app. Of course, you also need to make sure what other additional features and services they will provide you with once you have bought your app from them.

Now you need not worry about paying extra for any changes your end client wants on their uber clone. You can now get premium features and services at no extra cost as long as you get the right development partner. Research well and you will surely get the solution of your dreams at the price of peanuts.

You have to, however, be absolutely certain that when you buy the app that it appeals to the general masses. Some colors are downright repulsive. Don’t go in that way. Keep a neutral color palate so that it works well across all cultural pockets and suits the aesthetic senses of just about everyone.

Uber Clone Script – Popular with New Entrepreneurs

The Uber clone script is actually a ready made taxi booking clone script. It has specifically been designed keeping upcoming and seasoned entrepreneurs in mind, so that they can develop their own on demand taxi service similar to the original.

Nowadays most entrepreneurs or start-ups like the idea of getting a ready made script rather than getting one developed from scratch, the main reason being that cost and time are saved. The scripts are designed in such a way that any entrepreneur can customize the code to suit his or her needs and purposes. It is so much easier picking this off the shelf product and dressing it to look the way you want it to look.

uber clone

The unique taxi booking script

The Uber clone script is very popular amongst the business persons of today due to its unique features, which include:

  • Separate app for driver and passenger
  • Secure payment
  • Smart backend configurations that allow driver tracking, reviews and reports and feedback
  • Email and text notifications
  • GPS integrated for navigating and tracking
  • Instant alert notification
  • Driver reviews and ratings are visible
  • Booking on the go

Advantages for investing in the uber clone

For any entrepreneur, investing in the uber clone comes with many advantages.

  1. The product that will be launched is one that has already been validated and there is a global market for it.

  2. It is easier to sell a cloned product than to have an original idea. Many developers believe that they can create a better product than the original and that has been the case with most clones. The risk factor also minimized, if you decide to clone an already successful startup.

  3. The investment minimal whilst the returns hit the roof.

  4. On demand apps launched for all platforms including iPhone, Android and Windows, giving your product maximum accessibility.

Invest in the product of the future

The Uber clone is a product that is popular throughout the world. The on demand industry is moving in leaps and bounds as more and more on demand ideas launched.

  • Uber for groceries
  • On demand valet parking
  • beautician app
  • On-demand chefs
  • Doctor on demand app
  • On demand ambulance
  • On-demand carers

The above list is to give you a taste of what is actually out there on the market today. The above list is not exhaustive.

Be a successful entrepreneur today

If you are reading this blog, then you are in the right place at the right time. A little bit of advice to help you get things moving. Identify a niche where the on-demand idea has not yet taken root and you know that there is a demand for it. Talk about your idea with the developers and see how your product can be customized to suit your demand and they will do the rest and you will have a product that will be your lottery ticket to the future.

Uber Mobile App Clone – Driver, Rider, Admin Flow

The Uber mobile app clone is a useful application that provides an on-demand cab service just like the original. The applications have been designed with  technology that helps in connecting people who want to use on demand cab services. It is a ready to use script that can be customized by companies or individuals according to their specifications.

Cab services have been getting quite popular these days in both urban and semi-urban cities and enable a commuter to travel from one place to another without making much effort. The Uber Mobile app clone helps in providing the best services as offered by any other online site. Irrespective of what type of car services, vehicle hiring and applications you would want to develop, one can easily use the concept of mobile app cloning.

uber mobile app clone

How it works

There are three main key players in this application. The app clone works for both Android and iOS application so if you are looking for Uber iPhone app clone script then you can easily contact a number of companies who are in the business of designing such applications. The whole concept of mobile app cloning consists of below players.

The Admin

All the rights and powers given to the administrator as he has complete control over the application developed. The admin decides what type of settings, requests, duration, category, payment mode; When the app develop email and car settings are require . Once the application is developed, a key admin user is created who has the complete right over modifications and customization possible in the app.

The mobile app clone works by giving complete rights to the admin user to make changes both statically and dynamically. By using the platform, the admin user earns the money, depending on the percentage commission that he has set.


The rider is the customer who wants to use the mobile application. He keeps track of all the active drivers in the vicinity and requests for the desired cab. The rider can further check the minimum price of the journey, details of price per mile and overall cost of the journey selected from his pickup location to his destination.

The rider has informed abou overall journey cost, provided a detailed bill of the journey and the shared booking history.  Ratings of both driver and rider.


The cab driver registers for the cab services as a professional driver by registering through the mobile application. The admin user approves the application of any driver. The admin verifies the vehicle registration and driver license before approving the specific driver.

The driver can further select any user directly with the mobile application and update the status of pickup or rejection of any specific booking or customer drop off. However all the booking history and status of the bookings along with payments also maintained in the driver account, which stored in app database.

Get your Uber mobile app clone designed today, sit back, and enjoy your investment.