Can a Taxi booking app development company in Brazil add the Auto Payment Feature?

If you’ve been on the lookout for an Uber clone app, then it might do you a lot good to understand a few basics before you take the big plunge. While most people are focused on ensuring that their app is seamless and glitch-free, there are a few other things that one must not forget about. First things, why do you want to have this app? because you want to make your business more advanced and definitely make more money. So, money brings us to a very important question. How do you want your customers to pay? These days more and more people are switching to online payments. So, you must consider offering the option of Auto payment function.

Understanding auto payment function

Automatic payment option basically works with the help of credit or debit cards. In this method, you basically require the user to fill in all their credit card details or debit card details right in the beginning while they register with your application.

Now, legally, it is not approved for you as an entrepreneur in Brazil to keep the credit card details of your clients. This is where a payment gateway comes into picture. Payment gateways are companies that enable online payment transactions automatically using the credit card details.

Payment gateways have a secure vault which is approved by the government to hold the details of your clients. When your customer enters all the credit card details or debit card details in your app, these details are stored securely in the payment gateway vaults and retrieved only when a transaction is made.

For this, when the user undertakes a ride, he essentially authorized the payment gateways to release the payment on their behalf using their card credentials. So, the app itself generates a token which is passed on to the payment gateway when the ride is completed.

The Payment gateways then verify the authenticity of the details and use the token released by the app to make the payment. It is a safe and simple process which ensures that your client’s card information is absolutely secure and doesn’t lead to any problems for either you or for them.

This entire process is called auto payment facility on the app.

Using the Wallet option

In case your user isn’t comfortable in using their card credentials each time they undertake a ride to make the payment, they can also use the wallet feature. This is also auto deductible. For this method, the user must first recharge or top up their in app wallet which acts as virtual money.

Once the user adds an X amount on the wallet of the app, every time a ride is taken and an invoice is raised, the app will deduct the value for the service from the wallet itself. Once the wallet is drained completely, the app will then request the user to recharge it once again.

Of course, there’s always the option of a cash payment in case your customers really don’t want to make any auto payment while using your Uber Clone. However, the number of people who rely on auto payment is really high and therefore this is a must-have feature in your app.

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