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Important features of any Beauty booking app

If you are in the beauty industry and are reading this blog, chances are that you are already aware of how big the ripples of a beauty booking app are in these waters. This is why you have perhaps already considered going for a Vaniday App Clone to make sure that you too can capitalize on this business and make a good profit on it quickly.

But before you lunge on any Vaniday app that comes your way, make sure that you get all the important features loaded in it.

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Easy Registration

Do you think anyone likes to go through tedious processes of registration with the application? Not at all. The very reason for people to choose an app to book a beautician’s services at home is to make sure that it is easy for them. Why should they have to go through a whole process of registration when they want it?

Make life even simpler for them by enabling registration through social media. So, if someone has a Facebook account, they should be able to log into the app directly through it. It is fast, more effective and definitely an option that people would readily choose.

See who you hire

Please take the guesswork out of the equation for your customers. Your users want certainty and surety. This is why they have chosen to be on your app. So, make sure that they user can see all the pertinent information about the application with the help of the app.

This information should include details like the price that they charge, the rating that they have gotten from previous user, any review that the user must be aware of and so on and so forth.

Track their location

Once again, a beauty service should be relaxing rather than making the users anxious about what’s going on. So, make sure that your users can track the exact location of the service provider once they have made the booking.

As the booking is confirmed a pointer should be visible on the ma that informs the user of the location f the service provider. This way the user can be alerted in case the service provider gets lost somewhere or misses the address.


IT is important for the User to be able to connect with you as the admin as well as the service provider. This means, that you will have to keep a feature that ensures that the User can either chat or call the service provider.

It would be best if both options are available. In fact, the user should also be able to chat with the admin in case they need to inform you of something or raise an alarm about something.

Getting the right kind of application for your business

While 90% of these apps are pretty generic, one has to understand that each business has its own requirements which may or may not be in sync with your needs. So, before you buy any app, make sure that you at least try out 2 to 3 apps. яндекс

This will fill you in on any information that you may be missing. You may have thought that one kind of app was best for you, but trying a few others might expose you to the perfect Vaniday app clone for your salon business.

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