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Advice for Food Delivery Drivers

The food delivery market has become one of the busiest businesses of all times. With more and more people looking forward to becoming entrepreneurs in their own right, having a food delivery application like the Just Eat clone script. These days it’s not really difficult to find a decent restaurant app development company. A simple search on any of the search engines will show a list of all the top mobile application development companies that have involved themselves in the development of these amazing applications. However, it is up to you to choose which app you like more than the others. But this blog is not about the Just eat clone script. This app is about all the people who actually make all the deliveries.

Food Delivery

Let’s check out some of the top tips on getting tips for all the food delivery drivers!

Look worthy

So, we have probably heard this a lot but I’d repeat it nonetheless. If you want people to tip you, you have to look the part. You have to make sure that you look like you would do good with the money. An unkempt bearded guy with a head full of dreadlocks probably won’t think of you as a person who’d be grateful for the tip or would need it.

We’ve also observed that looking like a student helps a lot when it comes to gaining tips from the customers. So, when a person looks younger maybe like they are in college, it makes people want to give them a tip. You know, because people believe it would help them. So, make sure that Food delivery time you are appearing tip worthy to your customers.

Go Play with their pets

One thing that pet owners love the most is when other people love their pets. It is a joy to watch people have fun with your dogs and playing around with them. This is why; if you are delivering food to anyone who is a pet owner, remember to let their dogs sniff you up properly.

It might even be a great idea to carry some treats in your pocket to entice the pretty pooches. Roll around with them a little and play with them a little. If the customer doesn’t tip you even then, then they probably need that money more than you do.

Speak their language

Every kind of person has a different way of speaking. College kids talk in a particular way while corporate people speak differently. Studious kids speak differently and the party kids have a different lingo. Just make sure that you don’t talk like a sophisticated delivery chauffer in front of a bunch of party kids.

They’d think you have too much of an attitude and won’t give you a dime. Also, if you go to deliver take out to a corporate couple, it might make sense to not keep saying “bro” and “ssup y’all” etc. They’d think you are wasting your life away and so won’t give you any tip. I know it’s very judgmental, but hey, who said life was fair.  

Use an Application

It’s better to work for an organized system rather than ad hoc restaurants. When you are a delivery driver working with a Just Eat clone script like application, you have the comfort and the assurance of working in the most streamlined way.

What’s more, with an app, the users feel obligated to pay a tip when the message flashes them. It is a kind of positive reinforcement that motivates people to pay a tip to the delivery drivers. Actually, a lot of these apps have a little description of the driver given on it. It shows the more human side of the delivery driver as a person, and therefore people feel happier giving a tip. So, it’s best to sign up with a Just Eat Clone Script.

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