How GoJek Gains More Market After the Exit of Uber?

You may be aware of recent market’s ups and downs in Southeast Asia. After getting so many criticisms and loss, Uber took a clean exit from the market of Southeast Asia. Actually, the exit was not like packing up things and gone. Uber didn’t grab their backpacks, sold their logistic projects of Southeast Asia to Grab. Well, Grab is also an on demand multiple service providing company that is based in Singapore. Grab has already expanded its business to many Southeast Asian countries like Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, and Cambodia. In better words, Grab was founded a year before GoJek came in the market of Jakarta, Indonesia.

Though GoJek is the younger market Giant but is the fastest growing company in overall Southeast Asia. It is also known to be a Unicorn Startup Business because being a startup company, it was valued over $ 1 Billion. Well, let’s keep this thing aside and focuses on the exit of Uber. Uber is the first ride-hailing company that was launched in 2010. It is the first technology-based company that disrupted the old-school taxi industry and made a new app based ride-hailing industry. Not only this, Uber gave the new cost estimation system that is now used by much ride-hailing companies in their apps to calculate the trip fare.

Uber is quite famous all around the world for its outstanding services so why taken an exit from the market of Southeast Asia? As Uber was not based in any of the Southeast Asia countries and the same time Grab & GoJek were both based in Southeast Asia. These both companies were exactly aware of the market scenario in which Uber was lacking. People there also found Uber a bit not promising on their expectations.

gojek clone script
gojek clone script

GoJek’s Era

Well, that was all about Uber which came to an end dealing with Grab. Now, this was the turning point for GoJek as it seems more experienced and in favour of the consumers of Indonesia as well as the other countries in Southeast Asia.

How GoJek Achieved Success Rapidly?

GoJek was well aware of the needs as well as the demands of the people of Indonesia. The main problem was the congestion on roads due to which people were facing many problems. Some were unable to reach their offices because to traffic, some were not able to reach their schools & colleges. GoJek’s business model, as well as it commutation services, were exactly the same that the people of Indonesia were finding.

Another reason of cover the market of Southeast Asia was that in 14 months of the startup, the company crosses over a hundred transactions through their business model. Soon, GoJek upgraded and expanded theirs on demand services as well as their business to other Southeast Asia countries.

GoJek has better knowledge of the demands and requirements of the people of Southeast Asia. It seems like GoJek is expanding to other countries like India and few more.

Plan a Business Like GoJek…

Well, 2018 passed and many on demand service providing companies performed outstandingly. Now, it a new year i.e., 2019 and if you have a better plan like GoJek then don’t wait for a right call. This is a right time to start business like GoJek with a GoJek clone app. Contact an app providing company and get your GoJek Clone app today.

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