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Gojek Clone App Development: Maintaining Profit Levels

What should you do to maintain a hefty profit in your bank account and earn extra money? Launch the  Gojek Clone app, sit back, and have your favorite coffee. Yes! Entrepreneurs, this is your time to shine and make effortless, quick, and stable money. The only requirement is to launch the on-demand multi-service app. Take considerable time off from your schedule for research purposes and see how you can do it right for the first time. 

But first, you need to make a few decisions. In the blog, we will discuss the necessary conclusions you need to make. 

Heavy Earnings with a Gojek Clone App 

It is all about what you do right. From starting your business to managing the money, every step involves a thorough understanding of the situation. In this particular case, you need to look at: 

1.Business model to adopt 

The Gojek Clone app offers two profit-centric business models – commission-based and membership subscription plans. The commission-based business model is where the entrepreneur earns a certain percentage from the service provider’s income. The commission rate varies from one genre to another. The entrepreneur is the one who decides the percentage. Therefore, they are the ones who determine their income. 

Membership subscription plans are one-time payments the service provider makes. The provider has to purchase the plan first to start rendering their services.  Later, they only need to renew or upgrade the plans according to their business requirements. Similar to the commission rates, the entrepreneur curates the subscription plans. 

2.How do you want to earn more money? 

The entrepreneur now has to decide whether they want to integrate in-app advertising into the Gojek Clone app or earn via cancellation fee and surcharges only. In-app advertising is enabled when you are ready to display third-party Google or Facebook ads on the app’s home screen. 

With these ads, the entrepreneur gets paid for every click. For instance, for one click, the app owner is paid $4. Suppose, on average, the ad gets 700 clicks every day. Therefore, the total income per day from in-app advertising would be $2800. The other two ways are: 

  • Cancellation fee: a customer has to pay the cancellation fee if they cancel the booked services at the last moment.  
  • Surcharges: the surcharge is the extra amount a customer pays for booking service during odd times like rush hour, heavy rain, public holidays, etc. 

What entrepreneurs can do is integrate all three ways and earn extra money! 

Maintaining profits requires you to retain and attract customers. Therefore, you must focus on the app’s appearance and other functions. Here is what you can do to build a perfect Gojek-like app. 

  1. Change the color theme! 

Make your Gojek Clone app look similar to your brand’s name and logo. Match it with the color to make the aesthetics pop up and make the app reflect your identity. 

  1. Add preferred payment gateway! 

Payment gateways ensure that the transactions happening on the app are safe and secure. Thus, choose the local gateway your customers have heard of and trust. 

  1. Keep the search box 

Give your customers the luxury to search for the services smoothly. So, add a search box in the app wherein customers can type a relevant keyword and get the right results. 

In Conclusion 

On the whole, the Gojek Clone app is a multi-service app that you should launch. It has made hundreds of entrepreneurs millionaires, and now it is your turn. Connect with the sales representatives of a mobile app development company selling ready-made multi-services app solutions. 

Take the demo trial, white-label the app, and launch it! Simple, isn’t it?

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