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Why hire an ordinary taxi in an extraordinary world: Choose Uber for taxi

In the past years, managing a taxi business was quite a tough task. The marketing strategies used during ancient times were not associated with taxi bookings. After Uber, many entrepreneurs started taxi business by launching their own uber clone taxi app and they required to start marketing to stand in competition in trasport industry.

Some of the marketing techniques are mentioned below

  • Selection of easy phone number to book a taxi
  • Dropping cards outside the houses
  • Use of posters on the walls
  • Paying for yellow pages listing

These techniques were used in the past years. But with the changing scenario, the internet has now emerged as the most supporting platform to advertise our business without any complication. Since 2,000, the internet has transformed the way in which everyone looks for their query related to buying and selling the goods and services.

The digital world communicates with the customers in a more sophisticated manner. The customers using the online platform expect information about which type of service to the different companies provide.

Before starting any taxi business, one should create an excellent working website to resolve customers query as well as to book a ride for them.

Taxi website should include the following features

The website should be clear and simple focusing on the basic information about the taxi service.

Taxi website should have a clear title along with the phone number to book a taxi.

There should be a quotation ad a booking engine loaded on the website that will enable the users to book a taxi for them.

There should be a general inquiry form on the website to resolve the queries of the customers.

With the change in time, more and more technologies are developed. Now, the time has finally come where we can avail almost all the services with the fingertips of our hand. One of the services is booking a Cab and Uber has made it wiser for us.

Uber clone taxi app that allows the users to book an on-demand Car which can be SUV, town car or taxi within a few minutes of time. Not stopping on this, this app allows the users to know how much time it will take to reach the customer’s location after the ride is being booked. Then, after reaching the destination, the customer can pay their bill with a credit card, debit card or with the wallet.

Uber is one of the successful taxi businesses these days. It provides amazing features to their customers.

Uber clone taxi app features are mentioned below

Wonderful service

Uber provides wonderful service to their customers. It helps the users to cover their distance from one place to another in a short period of time.


Uber is pure professional towards its working criteria. The drivers of Uber are also professionals who have the goal of satisfying their customers. The drivers give special attention to the riders and drop them to their destination safely.

Change Destination

Customers can easily change their destination even if they are about to reach the provided destination. Users can enjoy this feature even at the last moment of the ride.


Uber provides great safety features to their customers. ID number along with the driver’s name and vehicle number is shared with the rider just after the ride is being booked and confirmed. Riders can share this information with their family members or with their close ones to ensure their safety. In case of any problem, the rider can press the SOS button given in the app. This option automatically shares the location of the vehicle with the nearest police station and the emergency numbers mentioned in the app. The drivers of the Uber are properly authenticated on the basis of their criminal records before they are hired. Proper drug tests are also conducted before hiring them.

Robotic fare calculation

Automatic fare calculation is done depending on the distance to be covered.


Users can rate the service provided by the Uber from 1 to 5 depending on their experience.

Building Trust

Every company believes in creating trust among the customers to grow their business in a short period of time. Providing outstanding services to customers is the best way to create a feeling of trust in the common people. With the aim to grow the business quickly, Uber provides all the possible services to their customers which affect their lives in a positive way.

Tracking through GPS

This feature of Uber help the drivers to reach the exact location from where the service has been booked. This saves the time of the driver to reach the location as well as the riders don’t have to wait for a longer time to get a cab.

Referral codes and Coupons

Uber provides referral codes and coupons to their customers. Referral codes and coupons provide a heavy discount to the customers while booking a ride. Referral codes are earned by referring the app to different people.


Customers can give their feedback on the website of the Uber clone taxi app. Feedbacks are very necessary to improve the services of the company and make necessary changes accordingly.

Schedule ride

Riders may schedule their ride for future use. This unique feature by Uber provides the user to book a taxi of their choice before a few hours of taking the trip.

There are different features available for a different category. Let’s check it out-

Passenger App Feature list

  • On-demand booking
  • Feedback
  • Billing
  • Scheduled Bookings
  • Recreate Profile
  • SMS alerts
  • Rate cards
  • Tracking feature
  • Estimated Fare calculation
  • Estimated Time calculation
  • Multi-Language support
  • Multi-Currency support
  • Flexible payment options
  • Notifications to riders
  • Email alerts
  • Address History
  • Choice of Vehicle

Driver App Feature list

  • GPS facility (Vehicle tracking system)
  • Notification to driver
  • Rate card
  • Multi-currency support
  • Choice of different vehicles
  • Automatic fare calculator
  • Dynamic UI rendering
  • Email alerts
  • Message alerts
  • Android and iOS device support
  • Estimated fare calculator
  • Estimated time calculator
  • Flexible payment options

Admin Panel Feature List

  • Customer management
  • Automatic fare calculation
  • Trip management
  • Revenue management
  • Feedback management
  • Cab tracking
  • Dynamic UI rendering
  • Edit profile
  • Role management
  • Invoice management
  • Flexible payment options
  • Android and iOS device support
  • Email alerts
  • Message alerts
  • Rate chart management etc.

If you want to start your own on demand taxi business, you can undoubtedly go with Uber as it is credible, trustable and reliable in the industry.

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