An app beyond excellence: Gojek clone app

In the Gojek clone app script one can make a request for the handymen, courier, taxi, laundry, grocery, food, etc. and many more additional service providers nearby their location without any problem. After the service provider accepts the service request made by the customers, they can also track the progression in real time basis with the help of the GPS. Once the service is completed, the customer, as well as the service provider, can rate each other based on a scale of 5 stars.

Why get a Gojek from a reputable company?

  • It is fair-minded to know, why to get a Gojek clone app if there is original Gojek app. It is because the reputable mobile app companies provide the exact experience as Gojek and one can also add different features in the app with their own choice.
  • App clone source code by the reputable mobile app development companies offers unbeatable on-line taxi or cab booking system that is important to manage your own car-hailing business. By making it easy, customers can easily go on a fantastic trip by directly making a request on their phone without facing any kind of complications.
  • The reputed companies provide separate web console i.e. Partner, Admin and Dispatcher panel for the trade vendors to handle a multi-region trade at one place. The company can also customise the modules and the services based on your requirements.

What do you get as a package with Reputable mobile app development companies?

The well-established and reputable companies in the market provide with a complete white-label solution that will definitely match your requirements and also offers the following features-

  • Service provider and Customer Android app
  • Customer and Provider iOS App
  • Vendor Web console
  • Admin Web console
  • Dispatcher Web console etc.

Working of Gojek clone script

The working of Gojek clone app and script mainly contains three different types of services that user is free to choose from which helps in getting them more and more businesses. The workflow for the same is-

Taxi booking workflow

The taxi booking preference shows the taxi booking page to the customer by which they can select a cab or motorbike by entering their pick and drop location.

After the completion of the service, the user pays the bill. The taxi driver and also the user can rate each other on the basis of their experience.

On-demand delivery workflow

In this kind of workflow, the user can send their packages from one place to another by providing their necessary details.  It does not matter what the item is, the company only aims at delivering the products safely and speedily.

Service providers for hire workflow

This kind of workflow allows the users to select from 52 different services that are obtainable from the application. Various service providers like plumbers, beauticians, doctors, towing etc. can register and provide these services to the customers.

It is very beneficial for entrepreneurs to start their brand-new business in no time. Developing an app like Gojek clone is already a successful business model which will undoubtedly make you earn a good amount of money without the involvement of any kind of problem.

If you are planning for a venture and want to invest your money in some business which can really provide you high-rated earning then you should go with Gojek clone app.

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