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It’s okay if you don’t want to travel by train or bus to reach your office every day. Although people say that it is safe out there, you don’t have to push yourself to travel in crowded transportations if you still don’t feel comfortable. But, traveling by taxi, on a daily basis can be really expensive, right? And even if you’d pay the money, who guarantees you that the taxi is sanitized and COVID-SAFE to travel in? Well, Uber Clone App Entrepreneurs have already solved this problem.


Almost all Organizations have started working normally and only in a few, exceptional cases, people are working from home. This makes it mandatory for people to travel to their workplace every day. Now, organizations want their employees to stay COVID-SAFE and work to their full potential.

And in the same light, organizations are allowing people to take Corporate Rides in Uber-Like Taxi to avoid traveling by public transport. With Uber App Clone, the Organizations can register their profile on the App and add the employee profiles who will be taking the Corporate Rides.

It is here that the organization will pay for rides so that you can travel to the office safely without spending half of your income on just taxi, bus, or train fares! There are two ways organizations will pay for your Corporate Rides:

  1. By Organization: For employees trips, the organization will directly pay the total amount to the Admin later on. Thus, when the ride is completed, the user will not have to pay anything to the driver.
  2. By User: In this payment mode on Uber Clone App, the user will have to pay for the taxi ride either via their In-App Wallet Balance, Credit Card, or Cash. Here, the travel receipt/invoice can be directly sent to the HR Department so that users can collect the travel allowance accordingly!


Now how are the Corporate Rides safer? What extra efforts do the Taxi Drivers put to offer the best Taxi Ride Experience to the Users?

Face Mask Verification

This Feature is for the Drivers. So, before they start the trip the Driver has to first upload a selfie wearing a face mask. It is only after they submit the photo, can the driver begin the ride. The Admin can view all the photos and see whether or not the driver is adhering to the Covid-Safety Measures.

Restricted Passengers in a Taxi

Before the Rider sends a Trip Request and the Driver Accepts it, Uber Clone shows an In-App Notification confirming the number of passengers allowed in the Taxi. This feature is essential from the viewpoint of WHO Issued Social Distancing Guidelines.

Safety Checklist

A Safety Checklist appears as soon as the Driver opens the App to begin accepting Rides for the Day and show themselves ONLINE. This list shows a couple of Safety Measures that the Driver has confirmed and only after it can they can start accepting the Ride Requests. The List mentions:

  • Wear a Face Mask
  • Keep sanitized products
  • Sanitize or wash your hands regularly
  • Disinfect the Car every day.


Now, do you know how users can travel safely to their offices every day? Do you too want that your App offers such a distinguished service and associated benefits to your customers? If yes, then opt for the most well-built, technology-driven, and mature Taxi Booking App Solution.

To get the App today itself, call or email the Sales Representatives of a White-Labeling Firm that has already launched over a thousand Pre-Built Uber Clone Apps.

See your Taxi Business flourish in just a snap!

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