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Packing Tips Every Wanderlust Should Know Before Calling The!

“I love packing”, said no one ever! No matter how much we love to travel and see the world, one thing that we almost invariably hate to do is packing. It’s confusing, tedious and no matter how many times you do it, you will never get it right.

Not anymore. This is a perfect list of best tips that will help you fly around the world, for business or for pleasure (we hope it’s the latter), with no packing worries at all! Here’s a list of all packing essentials:

  • Your bag: Make sure that the size of your bag is appropriate. Some people like to stuff everything up in a small bag even if its zipper is about to burst open and spill all its contents from the belly of the bag. The other extreme is to carry bulky bags just to make sure everything has enough space inside. Don’t do that. Be careful about the size and life will automatically become a lot easier.
  • Shower caps: Remember those clear plastic cheap shower caps you get at the hotels or at a community swimming pool? Don’t waste them. Use them to keep your shoes in them so that you don’t end up spoiling the rest of the items in your bags.
  • Newspaper: The most undervalued packing item is a newspaper. They can serve as packaging material, blotting paper, tablecloth, fly swatter et al. Keeping a few sheets rolled up in the corner of your bag will always come in handy.
  • Ziploc Pouches: Zippies are the best invention of human being when it comes to packing. These little bad boys keep the insides in and the outsides out.
  • Drawer Liners: It is of utmost importance that your bag is smelling good all the time. When you come back from your trip and you have all the dirty linen stuffed into this place, it might stink. So, the best way to go about it is to use some scented drawer liners. The bag will always smell fresh so you can pack again for the next trip.

Now to the task at hand

Let’s now get down to the tips on how you can efficiently and economically pack your bags.

We love lists

The first thing to do is list down your itinerary. Plan what kind of clothing you will require on which day. Now make an exhaustive list of all the clothes you think that will be absolutely requisite. Bunch and cube these clothes on a day wise fashion. Keep the one that you will wear on the first day on top and the rest below it in consecutive order. This will make your travel a breeze.

Make a bunch

Keep things that are frequently used together, together. The best way to do it is to use cling film while packing. So, if you want to keep a certain makeup item with some clothes, then bundle the whole set together and cling film it up.

Tickets, please

Important items such as your tickets, a little cash, identity card, Visa (for overseas travel) should be in a fanny pack, or collectively put in one place. Invest in a good passport purse that has these sections predefined. Also, remember not to keep all your I cards and cash in one place. Divide it in 2 to 3 places so that in case you lose one, you still have the others.

Be different

It’s the worst thing when you are waiting at the luggage carousel for your little red bag and you see ten different little red bags coming your way and ten different people rushing to claim them. Then there’s the confusion about whose bag is this and whose that is. To avoid this unsightly confusion (lest it’s with the world’s most gorgeous girl) you should ensure that your luggage bag is visually different from everyone else.

Launch airport taxi app clone

Once you have done all of this, it is now finally time to call your airport taxi. Use one of those fancy airport taxi app clone better known as Uber for airport rides and be on your way to another escapade. Enjoy your travel and rest assured that you’ve packed everything well.

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