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Do We Really Need Apps Like Glovo?

We just love it when someone does things for us. Looking at programs like Downton Abbey just breaks your heart because you wish you could just sit in your living room and people would just bring in everything you need. Milk got over? Someone can be your Errand Boy and go get a bottle of milk for you. Left your mobile charger at your friend’s place, have someone bring it to you.

Well, this is perhaps no longer a Utopian ideology anymore. Now we have the wonderful luxury of mobile applications. Mobile apps have literally changed the face of everything that we do today. We don’t have to rely on any person to help us out with anything. So long as you have a smartphone, you will manage just fine.

The Glovo Clone

The Glovo Clone is another step in revolutionizing the service industry. The original app claims that it has made a digital butler. This app essentially allows you to have someone pick up stuff and deliver it for you anywhere. You can think of it as a delivery app even. This means that if any kind of an item needs to be moved from one place to another, you can do it with the help of this delivery app clone.

How does such an app work?

Any sender, who wishes to either send an item or get an item to himself or herself can now make a booking on the app and mention the point of pick up and the point of delivery. The app sends out, a request to all the available delivery personnel in and around the area of pick up. Whoever accepts said request gets the job. Now, the delivery driver or the on demand parcel delivery clone professional will now reach the point of pickup and collect the item. Then the User of the app can track the movement of the package until it is delivered to the destination.

The beauty of such an on demand delivery app is that it doesn’t restrict the users to send or receive parcels of only one dimension. This means that regardless of whether it is a carton of milk or a file that you forgot at the office, an envelope or even some food that you ordered from your favorite food truck, this app will allow you to get it picked up and delivered.

Does the App owner make money too?

Of course! Why would anyone spend anything on something that doesn’t earn them a buck! Even nonprofit organizations need to rope in the money to sustain operations. The Glovo clone app works as a platform that allows Users to get their stuff moved from one place to another and independent individuals who are interested in making money offer their services as delivery drivers.

A person with a bicycle, scooter, Bike, Car or even a truck can register on the application and offer their services. The User can choose the type of vehicle best suited for their requirements. Each vehicle type will have a different price attached to it. The User can compare and choose.

Every time the parcel sender uses the application to make a booking for the delivery of any item, the application owner gets a percentage commission of the amount charged. Think of it as a service charge for giving these two parties a platform of interaction. Like, for example, a girl and a boy meet up at a coffee shop. They order a coffee and talk to each other. The app owner is the coffee shop which allows the girl and the boy to meet and discuss.

Why buy a Glovo clone and not make a new app?

Apps make the world a much simpler place to live in. But they aren’t, in any measure, a simple thing to make. Creating an application takes years of research and development. There are billions of dollars spent in researching what the app can do and what it cannot. Finally, after a couple of years have been spent and a couple of billion dollars the toil pays off and an app is born.

Well, if you have that kind of money and time, by all means, create your own app. but if you don’t, then it might be a wise thing to simply buy a ready to launch Glovo clone. Remember to take a demo of such an app before you actually end up spending on it.

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