Taxi Booking App for Disabled People

It has been years since people with disabilities have been treated differently in our societies. However, with changing times and technology, people are also looking beyond barriers and are changing mindsets too. With this said and seen, today, there are tons of options of convenience offered to such people who are not blessed with all normal working of the body parts. For people who cannot drive themselves because of some disability in their body, Uber has introduced a brand new feature called the Uber for Disabilities – which is one of their most prominent moves, as they are not only focusing on increasing their customer base, but they are also focusing on a niche, who will not hesitate to travel.

uber for disabilities

Features of the Uber for Disabilities app

So, if you are aiming at tying up with the app and website vendors to create such an app for you, then here is a sneak peek into the features that you MUST look out for-

  • Flashing notification: Since this uber app is for lots of impairments, the notifications panel is customized and the driver and rider will have flashing notification, be it a new trip or a rider notification.
  • The app includes real-time tracking: Just like any other car driving app, this app shall also have a real-time tracking through 24*7 GPS service. This helps to eliminate any kind of fraud. In fact, this real-time GPS usage will also help the driver to navigate through roads unknown. As an app owner, you will also be able to track your bookings
  • Go Cashless with online payments gateway: The app will provide the benefit of going cashless by enabling the customers with some online payment methods. This could include credit card/ debit card/ net banking features. You, as an app owner will thus have access to these secure payment gateways and will rest assured that they are all safe
  • Share your status live with family and friends: As an app owner. You will give the customers access to share their ride status with their family and friends. This brings in a sense of security and this feature will enable you to get more customers

The types of disabilities covered

Wondering, what are the types you can cover if you are looking to open an Uber for Disabilities business? Well, here are the ones that you can choose from and reach out to the third party vendors who will create the app on your behalf –

taxi booking app for disabled


Uber for riders with low vision.

Uber for riders with hearing impairment.

Riders with mobility disablement.

Riders who need driving assistance.

The Vehicle

The vehicles used for this type of service have to be a little different from the regular ones. A lot of vehicles have a ramp from the behind so that people. Who cannot walk will have easier access to enter the car. A lot of vehicles also have push and pull buttons with different colors and no text so that differently able people know these symbols and can play around with them as per required.

So, what are you waiting for? Get going, and gets your hands on this business. It is an easy investment, as it does not require a lot of initial capital. There are a lot of companies that will offer you services to build the app on your behalf. Choose wisely and get a great app for your business of Uber for Disabilities. By investing in this business, you are not only earning profits but are also benefiting the society at large by providing more cabs to people who are not blessed with normal functionality.

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