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Benefits of a Mobile Car Wash App for Car Wash Industry

According to a recent study conducted by Statista, the annual car washing revenue is slated to increase by almost 9951 million US dollars by the year 2022 thanks to the digitalization of this process through the modern mobile car wash app.

As per the Green Car Reports, , the number of cars available on the roads is expected to cross two billion by the year 2035 which makes it all the more important for a car owner to get their cars cleaned/ detailed.

However, today thanks to the busy schedule of humans, it becomes difficult to visit the car washer to get the vehicle cleaned or detailed which in turn has resulted in the evolution of a smart solution, the mobile car wash app, Washos App which helps users get the car cleaned as per their convenience in the comfort of their house.

The functioning of the mobile car wash app is simple.

1. First the user logs in or signs up into the application with their email and password and then add the zip code of the area where they reside.

2. Second, they choose from the payment options, lavish, reveal, outright and ace in order to choose the services that they need for their cars.

3. Third, the user books the appointment of the car washer.

Note – The user can schedule the car washing service for the same day or for a later period too.

4. Fourth, the user tracks the location through the in-built navigation.

5. Fifth, the user gets notified on the arrival of the car washer and gets their car washed or detailed.

6. Finally, on completion, the user can rate and leave a review.

Thus, this is a very convenient and time saving car washing app for a user who wishes to get their car washed as per their convenience.

Also worth mentioning is that the mobile car wash app also helps the business build a brand for themselves through their services along with retaining customer loyalty through the upgrade of services and generating profits through earning commissions with every successful service.

Thus, it goes without saying that having a mobile car wash app like Washos is nothing more than a win-win for the car wash on demand service industry. However building an app right from the scratch is not at all an easy task.

It is a huge tedious task in itself and requires a great amount of time and energy which makes it essential to have a mobile app clone.

So as an entrepreneur having his/her own car washing service business and is in the quest of having their own top notch mobile car wash app, the washos app clone, it is essential to have the following attributes present in your app clone to make it a hit among your users and take your business to an altogether new height.

Ideal Washos App Clone

Multiple Payments – cash/card/wallet to enable a seamless payment method for your users which is both safe and secure

Licensed Code to make modifications as and when necessary

Interactive Admin Panel to manage the entire working of the app along with the payments, commissions earned and keep track of the profile of user and car washer

Responsive to make sure that app functions on multiple platforms, i.e., android, iOSdd, tablet etc., in an easy manner

So clean wash the worries of your car owners and take your car washing business to new heights with your very own mobile car wash app, the washos app clone.

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