mobile car wash app

Assist your customers to wash their car with SmartWash app clone

Smartphones have literally changed the way people used to perform their activities. Undoubtedly, all your demand and services you are looking for, is now available by few simple clicks on your phone.

Now, when you are thinking about your car wash, there is no need to plan an hour before. Like you, smartwash app clone will do it for you. These applications are very much loved by their users as it saves their time and also provides them the service at the moment they require.

Features of app like Mobile car wash-

Traffic map view

Traffic map view shows the overblown time of one location. It also shows the best service providers for car wash, to make a better choice.

Discounts and offers

Discounts and offers are also there for the customers during the time of festive season. Offering discounts to the customers helps to engage them for a longer period of time. It also attracts the new customers and is very easy way of promoting the application.

Easy and secure payment option

The way of payment is all secure and is easy to pay here. The different payment methods available here are cash, credit cards, debit cards etc.

Inbuilt voice call and in-app chat

This inbuilt feature helps the customer to contact with the employee directly. The user of the application can enquire about the status of their order or in case of any doubt regarding the services.

Pop-ups or Phone push notifications

Push notifications and pop-ups on the application works great, as it provides the latest offers and discounts related to the service to their customers.

Advance Booking

Advance booking of the service can be done easily. You just need to set the perfect time, and your bookings will be done.

Team of professionals

The employees of the company are very professional and polite. They are skilled in their work and they try to give maximum satisfaction to the customers by providing them a great service.


This is another very fine feature of on demand car wash app. This feature automatically keeps updating about the latest offers and discounts to their customers. The customers are inform on the weekly basis, monthly basis or on half yearly basis depending on their needs.

Cloud Management

Implementation of cloud management in the app helps to secure all the necessary information and data in a very secure manner. All the relevant information related to the order, payments and service provider is stored on the cloud for making the business flawless and transparent.

If you are planning to develop and grow a business for on demand car wash, you can go with a most popular, credible and trusted app like mobile for car wash or any other app of your choice which provides you the customized facilities that suits your requirements.

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