The Best Massage to get at Home

Some people just love giving massages. It is almost therapeutic for them. As relaxing as receiving a massage is, a good masseur will find giving a massage equally relaxing. But does everyone know how best to give a professional massage? Or do people have a vague idea about it and just start rolling the dice on actual people?

professional massage

Well, let’s now try to understand the best way of giving professional quality massage at home.

Have all the materials

It’s not just your hands, you know. There are lots of paraphernalia that are involved in making a massage experience truly unique and relaxing. If you want to give it the professional feel, you most invest in the right inventory. Get yourself a massage table, some soft covers, some replaceable sheets, bath mats, bath towels, necessary oils, rounded stones, scented candles, massage rollers etc. Most of the time people don’t want to indulge in the holistic experience which is why even if they know the technique they fail to give the recipient a truly scintillating and relaxing experience.

Set the mood

What people don’t realize is that massage is a very intimate and soothing activity. In order to achieve the best results, one has to make sure that they can produce a mood that is in sync with what you are trying to achieve. The best way to do this is to put on some spa music and light some scented candles. Make sure that the scent isn’t too overpowering or the music too loud. It is just to ensure that you get a holistic experience and not to bombard your senses. Avoid talking during the massage and let the receiver explore the feelings arising in his or her own body.

Get Fancy

Use bath salts and essential oils. Pull out the stones and heat them up so that you can give them a real therapeutic experience. You don’t want people just think of you as an ordinary rub a dub dub kind of a guy. To ensure that you can be as fancy as it gets. You can also create homemade bath salts and massage scrubs for that unique and exclusive experience. Ensure that your receivers know that your products are handcrafted and curated specially to suit their bodies.

Get an app

massage on demand app

If you begin to look at your massage services in a professional capacity, then you can easily make a lot of money by it. All you need to do it get an application for the same. On Demand Massage apps have become the go to solution for anyone who is looking for quick easy and safe massages at affordable prices. This can be a great platform for you to start offering your services professionally and making a lot of money on it.

Get a little training

There are many inexpensive certificate courses that offer training to give different kinds of massages. A certification goes a long way in giving you credibility for being a professional massage therapist. Massage directly deals with the human body. This means that you don’t want to do anything that could damage or hurt anyone. This is why it is best to invest in some training and then seeking this as a profession to make money.

How to get an On Demand Massage application?

The best way to search for a reliable On Demand Massage Application is to search online. A regular search will show you a list of all the companies offering an Uber for professional Massage kind of an app. You will have to compare and contrast all these apps to ensure that you get the best features at the best possible rates.

Essential Professional massage features that you must look for include:


internal chat

  • Internal Text Chat between the Masseur and the massage Receiver
  • Geo location on the app
  • Easy payment options via Cash, Card or Payment Wallets
  • Local Language and Currency integration

Remember to try your application in the real world before you purchase the app. Only go for options that you can take a live demo of. That way you can be absolutely certain about what you are paying for.

Soothe Aches and Pains with Uber for Massage

A typical day for a twenty-first-century human being starts off with a hurried breakfast, then rushing to work or cleaning up the house, taking all the pressures a normal day throws at you and sometimes concentrating on sitting in one place for so long, that your muscles and joints become stiff and ache like anything. Headaches, migraines, joint pains are no longer an age-related problem or a rare one. Every second person seems to have some bone or muscle related issue. The other part of the problem is to find time to address these issues. Not everyone has a Jacuzzi or a sauna readily available to them nor can they visit a masseur on a daily basis. Time and money throw a spanner in getting your body back into its original working form. But along with the pain areas the twenty-first century has brought us, it has also given us technological advancements to find solutions to these types of problems. Uber for massage is just one such solution.

uber for massage

The world runs on smartphones and apps today and this soothe clone allows people to order on demand massage services from their home. If you have ever ordered yourself a cab, just close your eyes and imagine ordering a massage therapist the same way and that is exactly how the app works. For a business entrepreneur, there is no better business opportunity than to get an Uber for Massage clone. So get going today and start your research…

The Ways of uber for massage Working

You might be wondering how it all works. Let me give you an idea. Once you have decided that this is the business you want to invest in, you must find an app service provider. Most providers offer you free downloads of their app from the smartphone play stores so that you can get a feel of how the app will function for your clients. Once you have seen the demo version and its capabilities here is what happens:

  1. You specify the desired language and currency to make your app location friendly
  2. You also provide your own personal business branding which the service provider will incorporate into the soothe clone.
  3. The app service provider launches your specific app on the play store; ensures the approval of the IT players.
  4. You start earning a percentage of the fee on each massage ordered through your app.

Important Features You Must Have

Before you invest, find out whether your Uber for massage app has these features or not:

  • Support for multiple languages and currencies to support global and local users.
  • A view of where you can find the maximum number of clients geographically.
  • Options for your client to pay by card or by cash as per their choice.
  • Real-time tracking of the services, just like the cab app offers.
  • On the spot or advance booking options.
  • Promo codes and referral for promoting your brand new venture

on demand massage app like uber

Another great feature about the Massage service app is that, as an administrator, you also have a Web interface which gives you a holistic view of all the aspects of your business. As the owner, you have a complete view, while the therapist has a panel and so does the client.

The advantage of starting a venture like this is that it involves minimal investment and because the app service provider does all your work for you, the initial setup hassle is also taken care of. So wait no more, and become a new-age massage entrepreneur by starting the uber for massage!