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Taxi apps are a waste of money!

I’ve read the entire backstory of how Uber, the best taxi app clone, was born out of some sort of frustration for not being able to find a yellow cab in San Francisco and sitting halfway across the globe even I can totally empathize. The concept of being able to hail a cab with the click of a button has practically revolutionized the service industry and I find today that it’s not just limited to hiring cabs anymore. Today, it’s possible for people to get everything from food to marijuana delivered through such apps. And yet, I have come across a few skeptics who are continuously raising questions about whether investing in anything at all is a good decision or not. I mean really, if you want to make money, you have to invest in some form of a business structure.

What are businesses born of?

In most cases, a new business is born out of a deep set passion towards a particular objective which manifests itself in some form of research and development and finally into a venture. However, not always are all ideas successful. Sometimes, even though something looks very promising it ends up falling short. The business idea is fine but the competition kills you. Sometimes, it reaches fruition and becomes a big name like UBER.

But there is another way in which a successful business can be sought out and started in just a matter of days. The youth today is focused on being successful. They might not be passionate about a single idea, but they are definitely passionate about being on top of their game. The newer approach for the thinking businessman today is to buy a cloned website of an already successful business platform thereby skipping the entire rigmarole of going through research and development, product development and so on and so forth.

Running a business with an Uber taxi app clone

In the recent few years, the Uber Clones have picked up a lot of pace as more and more companies have set out to sell licensed taxi app scripts. The beauty of such apps is that it does not necessarily need to be used for taxi service only. There are many newer businesses that can be erected on the basic bones of a taxi app.

This includes any kind of service that requires movement from one place to another by either the customer or service provider. For instance, you can have an on-demand beautician dropped right to your doorstep using such kind of an app. And this is just one such idea in a plethora of different kinds of businesses.

business with uber clone

Who’s investing in taxi app clone?

Many young investors with big dreams and a clear idea of what they want in the near future have decidedly invested in the taxi app clone and made a lot of earnings out of it. In my personal experience of entrepreneurial studies, I have experienced such a steep rise in taxi app services that I might just plan a sweet little investment of my own!

On a serious note, this might just be the right time to put in some moola in the app industry. Because of the digital wave that has gripped the world so tightly. Everyone is dependent on something or the other on apps over their smartphones.

Building a business through a taxi app clone is the easiest thing to do right now. The onetime investment leads to continuous and generous earnings. With so many companies building their own cloned app sites. It has become evident that they are competing to offer better services at very minimal costs. Don’t you just love it when that happens?

investing in taxi app


So, I’ve been debating this question from the beginning and here’s what I think:

  1. You must ensure that you spend money only after careful consideration. Keep away from quick money schemes that don’t describe HOW you make money.
  2. The rising competition in the market gives you plenty of opportunities to understand and evaluate the best options for yourself.
  3. Just because it’s a cloned site, doesn’t mean that you don’t have to be original. If you want your business to thrive and be successful. You must ensure that you are thinking outside the box. The structure of the app can be a clone, but your business can’t if you really care about your investment.

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