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Planning for New Restaurant Business Start-Up? Think About An On Demand App!

Being the most trending business in the market, an on demand restaurant app have made much small business owner now huge business tycoon. Taking inspiration from these business entrepreneurs, many people have planned their business model. But most of them are not aware of the market, lack of knowledge about the competitors. Well, these are a basic thing that you can learn eventually but what about your business model i.e., the on demand restaurant delivery app.

restaurant delivery app

You can have your own restaurant, you can learn about the market and you can even know the status of your competitor in the market. But what features you will add to your restaurant app for your customers? Well, here we have a collection of features that are very important to keep as customers will your only money making assets. It’s your duty to make them happy with your services in every certain period of time.

So, without keeping wait for much time, let’s take a look at those features of restaurant delivery app that will give you loyal customers.


It is obvious that you want your restaurant to be used by everyone. But as you know there are people of different taste even in smart devices as well as in their operating system. There are many mobile phone companies that are selling devices with different operating systems. Like Samsung has Android, Apple has their own operating system i.e., iOS and even Windows operating system can be seen in many mobile making companies.

As there is a different operating system, so there are different operating system users in the market too. And to spread your restaurant app between your customers, you will have to make your app developed in multiple mobile platforms.

Seat Reservation

It does not matter how big or how small your restaurant is? The thing that matter is how popular your restaurant is? Or maybe you restaurant can be the no so affordable eatery place that only reservation rather than walk-ins. In this case, many people may have to wait for days to get the availability and this can be a hectic task for many of them. As nobody has time in this busy scheduled life to check when the table is available for reservation.

To overcome this problem, it will be better for you to add seat reservation feature in your restaurant delivery app. It will definitely decrease the customer frustration level as this feature will help them in checking the availability as well as it will also reserve the table for them directly through your app.

Use Of AI(Artificial Intelligence)

AI refers to chatbot and chatbots are known to be the latest technology available in the market. Chatbots are amazing tools that can be integrated with any websites or app. They are very smart enough to solve basic queries.

So, instead of wasting time-solving your customer’s query, you can assign this task to a chatbot. As they can easily handle FAQs and can manage your customers with simple and specific answers. While that time, you can do something productive.

In-app Payment Option

Have you ever seen a plant without the leaves? Of course not! Because there is no plant that does not have leaves as leaves are the most important part of every plant. Similar it necessary to have an in-app payment option that refers to the online payment option. There are many on demand app there in the market that does not have an online payment option. That is why those apps are a flop. If an on demand app will not have an online payment option, then there is no use of such an app.

However, it doesn’t make sense in restricting a user with a single payment option. So, the app should definitely have three basic payment modes: Cash, Card and in app wallet. Without any one of these options, the app will not sit right.

doordash clone script

Doordash Clone: A Better Choice

Well, you may have already planned for your business and now it’s time for you to purchase a very popular Doordash clone app.

Alternatively, you can choose to build an application from scratch. However, that is a very expensive option. Any application of such complexity takes years to build with a huge team. It is also a capital intensive option.

Since it takes a lot of time and money, if you are a startup, you might want to rethink this strategy. A new app also is very susceptible to mistakes that you don’t account for. There are many real life situations that you don’t really plan but when they strike, you don’t know where to go. That’s why a Doordash clone makes more sense.

This clone app is also better than the original one as it is been developed in a better way. It has no flaws that were in the original Doordash app. Make Doordash clone script your own business model.

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