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Convert Your On Demand Mobile Car Wash Solution Into Successful Business

On demand service apps are the most trending concept of recent times. No wonder, they make our life easy and organized, allowing us to enjoy our “me” time. The mobile car wash app are going to rule the world, they are here to stay. If you are looking to invest in one of the lucrative concepts – on-demand mobile car wash solution is the one.

Downloading the Qweex clone app will let your customers have peace of mind that their car is being well-maintained. And each time your user books a car washing service you are earning money instantly.

Why Should You Invest In mobile car wash app?

Initially, only a few people were using car washing service, as most of them were self-cleaning their car. The revenue generation wasn’t much however with the changes of time and life getting busier than ever, the car owners use to take their cars to the car washing cleaning centers.

The car washing service industry seem to be unstoppable with the introduction of on-demand car washing app service. It provides on-demand car washing to the car owner in just a few clicks. Because of less time on hand, and weekends seems to be full, the Qweex clone app provides on-demand car washing to the owners at their suggested location at affordable rates.

Since people are finding extremely convenient and quick, these apps are conquering the market now becoming one of the most paced industry.

How Can You Generate Multiple Source Of Income From Qweex Clone App

If you are wondering how this car washing app going to earn you profits? Well, the app provides you with multiple streams of income such as:

Charging for every car washing service

You can charge a basic fee for every car wash appointment booked. This way you will see your revenue rising every day – 24/7/365 days.

Promoting car washers

You can pitch to list the car washers at the top of the list at a small fee or monthly fixed amount. The customers will see them above all thus prompting them to book their appointments.


Not only car washing app service but, you can promote and sell the relevant merchandise such as car shampoo, wax, oil, cleaning gloves, etc.

The Basic Architecture Of Qweex Clone App

  • Social media signup login
  • Explore the car washing service providers
  • Choose from the list of car washing services based on their ratings, pricing, and location
  • Check the car washing technician availability
  • Place car washing service request
  • Confirm the booking by making payment
  • Track the technician on a real-time basis
  • Give reviews/feedback
  • Generate invoice

You Get Started With Qweex Clone App In Few Steps

The mobile app company that you hired to develop the Qweex clone app will deliver the app in a maximum of 7 days. Since it is a ready-made app built on open source-code technology, it makes it easy to launch. The process includes:

Check the demo – Know how the car washing service app performs and if you need to customize the features,  let the mobile app developer team know.


Provide them with your company logo and branding details so that the developer team gets it done for you. Make sure you are buying a white-label app solution.

Testing and delivery

Once the app solution is delivered to you, test it, and see how it is performing. Give review and feedback to the developers. You can ask for the changes you wish to make before the final delivery takes place.


The on-demand car washing industry has gained popularity for offering convenience at an affordable price. The reason behind its soaring popularity is, everything is automated making it super easy and quick for everyone – the customer, car washing service providers, and the admin. Since this industry is minting monies, it is no surprise that entrepreneurs wish to have developed a Qweex clone app.

The best way to develop an on demand car washing app solution is by discussing the concept with a mobile app development company. The app providers have the expertise and experienced team that knows what’s trending in the world and will equip features suiting your business requirements. Sit with them and discuss your ideas to bring them into reality.

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