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An App For Your Dirty Laundry!

Every time one watches Downton Abbey, the need for a butler truly hits you. But as the last season of the show was slowly showing a movement towards “independence” of work, we have come to realize that having butlers is a luxury that we sadly can’t afford these days. Or can we? Yup! There’s a laundry service app for your laundry! Please pull a chair and sit down if you are surprised! This is not a joke. If Moriarty can rob a bank with an iPhone app, why can’t cleaners come to you and wash your clothes for you!

As technology spreads its wings in literally every direction possible, it is obvious that people are looking for newer solutions in every area of service possible. With lives running so fast and the power of smartphones readily accessible, more and more people are switching to app-based solutions for all their requirements.

Here’s a list of the best laundry delivery apps in the market.


Apart from its unusual name, the app itself has a very unusual approach to doing laundry. It literally acts as a digital butler. The Users can log on to the app and specify the requirements such as washing, ironing, dry cleaning, etc. The app hires people who facilitate the client’s requirements as mentioned in the app. The app has unique features such as reward points, referral programs and other such.  The only downside that we can think of is that it doesn’t offer services worldwide.


Once again, what a creative name! The FlyCleaners is another simple and user-friendly app that allows people to schedule laundry pickup and delivery post wash or desired service required. The beauty of this app is that it offers features like overnight clean up and also add special instructions in case you need. If you have different kinds of laundry, you can ask for separate bags for the same.


If work is a concern, the Washio app is perfect for you. It allows users to schedule pickup and drop for laundry early in the morning or late in the night. The app has been specifically made to help working people with long hours to manage their laundry requirements easily. It offers a wide range of services at affordable market rates.


It’s all about the moniker! This app is an easy application that allows people to “rinse” their clothes! The Users can specify how many clothes they want to get washed, what routes they follow so that they can pick up their clothes and even receive free delivery. There’s another Rush Delivery option which enables the users to get their clothes cleaned and delivered in just 24 hours.


Cleanly is at present an app that is only available for the iOS platform. For now iOS users, they can simply go to the website of the app and give the order for cleaning clothes. The app allows you to schedule pick up and drop for our laundry items. You can hand them the laundry yourself or keep it at a predecided place (like outside your door) for pick up. They have separate bags for different kinds of clothes.

Develop your own app for business

On demand laundry apps have become quite a popular business venture today. The point to consider here is that most of these apps are region specific, which means there are lots and lots of other countries to establish such a business at. People’s lives have become very fast. This is why more and more people are relying on these apps to ensure that their lives can run in a smooth and easy fashion.

If you are considering starting your own app based on demand laundry app service, then you must take a careful look at the following things:

On Demand Laundry App

  • Buy an off the shelf app: such an app is already developed and ready to launch quickly. This will end up saving you a lot of time and effort.
  • Buy apps that are local in nature: Having a global laundry business might be difficult to manage. So the best option would be to start small at a local level. Therefore your app should have local currency and local language features.
  • Buy an app that gives you the source code as well: You must ensure that the app that you buy comes along with the source code. This will help in future modifications that you might want to make in the app.

On the whole, starting an app based business is a great idea for the present time. This will allow you to tap into the true potential of the market quickly, easily and effectively.

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