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100 Percent Safe Ride Share for Kids

The ride-share industry everyday witnesses a transformation in the way it delivers it ride-sharing and ride-hailing services. This goes into making it a very promising industry for entrepreneurs all over the world.

According to Statista, current revenue of rideshare market is 49,598 million dollars and expected to grow at CAGR  of 11%. This would lead to revenue increasing to 75,403 million dollars by 2023.

The report also stated the current user penetration in rideshare industry is at around 20.1 percent which would become 28.8 by 2023.

These figures go on to prove the promising future of the ridesharing industry especially thanks to the new innovative solutions that it brings to make the life of people all over the world, one of them being ride share for kids.

Let us know a little about this service in detail.

Ride Share for Kids – Introduction

The high cost of living that people have nowadays, it becomes important that after marriage, both the couples work so as to equally share expenses. However, once they become parents, it becomes a matter of worry to keep a balance between work and child.

It especially becomes quite challenging for them to find a driver they can rely upon for their kids. This has therefore led to creation of solutions focusing primarily on delivering safe ride share for kids, like HopSkipDrive App.

Usefulness of HopSkipDrive App

The app helps parents get connected to professional drivers nearest. Also, it helps parents have ride booked for picking child up from school or extra-curricular activities and have them dropped.

The above solution is available for parents on the Android Play Store and iOS App Store respectively.

Popularity of App

Courtesy the safe rides it provides to kids, the app has gained revenues of around seven million dollars and funding of approximately 21.4 million dollars.

All these factors have further led to many budding entrepreneurs into adopting solutions such as the HopSkipDrive App Clone for their rideshare industry in order to deliver safe ride share for kids realizing the immense profits that the solution brings along with it and the assistance it shall provide to the working parents.

The clone has some of the most unique attributes that make it all the more popular among the ride-share business owners.

Some attributes have been mentioned below.

Standout Attributes of the HopSkipDrive App Clone

  • Individual & Recurring Rides – This allows the parent to have the ride booked either for one single day and based on the daily requirements, the parents can choose recurring rides
  • Fare Estimator – A fare estimator allows the parent to know the exact and transparent price of the rides that their child avails of from the solution
  • Monitoring Software – This helps in detecting the unsafe ride practices and preventing the driver from following them like smartphone distraction, in particular

Thus, through all these attributes, HopSkipDrive app clone has been adopted by the rideshare industry to provide ride share for kids and build a parent and kid-friendly rideshare industry along the way.

Also, it is a must-have especially for those thinking of providing a safe ride to children.

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