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Different types of Snow Shoveling equipment

If you live in an area that experiences snowfall, living without a snow plow is practically impossible. Snow is a major problem in transportation. This is why one must know what are the different kinds of snow removing equipment available in the market and which one can be used for which purpose. Although there are many popular apps like the Uber for snow shoveling available in the market today, if you are planning to do it yourself, then you must know the differences.

Shovels and Scrapers

Shovels are probably the oldest method of removing snow. They are simple, easy to manage and don’t require any complicated skill to operate. Shovels that have large inbuilt scoops make it very effortless to clear out elongated sections quickly. Regardless of whether you need to get to the lawn from the driveway or whether you just need to make it outside of your front door, these babies can help you out. If the government does regular plowing of the area or salting the roads, a shovel is enough to help you.

Snow Plows

When you need to work on large spaces, snow plows are the best instruments to help you. A snow plow is like an accessory that can be attached to your truck. It has a blade that is meant to clear up the path so that it is walkable or drivable. They work best on:

  • flat areas,
  • roads,
  • parking lots
  • Fields with a ground that’s strong enough to support a truck’s weight.

Snow plows work really fast as opposed to shovels. Their powerful design and comparatively fewer moving parts make them very dependable. An additional purchase that one might have to undertake along with the snow plow is a hitch which is required to connect it to the truck. Since they are externally attached, you can store them away for the rest of the year and use it only when there’s snowfall. Snow Plows are pretty expensive, so considering them for personal use might not be too useful.

Snow Blowers

This is equipment commonly used as a snow removal option. Snow blowers work pretty much like a vacuum cleaner. They pick up the snow from under the machine and toss it out of the way. It is quite spectacular but we won’t suggest them for use over the rugged or uneven terrain. They look, act and work like lawn mowers, except are much larger. They are ideal for usage in smoother terrains or on sidewalks.

Salt Spreaders

Salt Spreaders are a very effective solution for removing snow. Since it works by spreading salts or other chemical agents into the ground to melt away the snow, it requires very little labor. It is lightweight and very easy to work with. Also, another interesting thing is that it doesn’t require any external power to operate. It doesn’t have a motor nor is it electrically powered, so anyone can use it without having to look for any power source. With no motor, it doesn’t even require any repair work, thereby making it cheap and easy.

The salt spreader is also the weapon of choice because the chemical agents prevent water from freezing. So, once the spreading has been done, you can rest assured that the snow won’t get collected really fast. Your paths will stay nice and clean for a long time.

There is just one big disadvantage to it and that it that salt might cause premature rusting in metals. So if you park your car where you have salted, then it will damage the body. There are some other options available in the market to prevent this. You can look for non-oxidation causing chemicals rather than the salts.

Uber for Snow Shoveling

Snow shoveling can be a back-breaking chore. If you really don’t want to take on the additional troubles, just go for an app like Uber for snow shoveling and call in the professionals. They will come armed with all the equipment and handle all your snow worries for you. To use this app, simply register and log in to it and then use it to hire snow plowing professionals who can come to your doorstep to deliver their services.

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