Have a safe and speedy ride with Taxi Ride Hailing Nigeria

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Taxi services mainly function to serve people. From many years, the legendary Alpha1Rides cabs have been serving people to make them travel from one place to another without any hassle and with full safety. There are mainly three ways to hire a taxi. Let’s have a look One can directly hire a taxi right from … Read more

Connecting the different places with you: car booking app Saudi Arabia

car booking app Saudi Arabia

Wandering around in Saudi Arabia can be a little tough task for the people who don’t have cars. Keeping this in mind, there is a number of applications launched in Saudi Arabia to alleviate this problem. Some of them are Easy taxi, Uber etc. Cabi clone app is one of them. Cabi clone app is … Read more

Taxi application only made for women: Female ride-hailing app in Brazil

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What kind of services offered in female ride hailing app for Brazil mentioned here: Scheduled rides: Customers can make planned trips. Users can optimize their time, and can easily get a Femi driver by making a request on the app and that too according to their schedule. Speedy service: Just after the request for the … Read more

The taxi of peoples: Uber app clone

uber clone app

Generally, the conception of on-demand transportation is allied with the taxi business that is uber app script. It is exclusively functioning for the common public and permits them to get a perfect vehicle depending on their requirements. The ides is also implemented on the small charter or private taxis where people bring in use of … Read more

Why hire an ordinary taxi in an extraordinary world: Choose Uber for taxi

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In the past years, managing a taxi business was quite a tough task. The marketing strategies used during ancient times were not associated with taxi bookings. After Uber, many entrepreneurs started taxi business by launching their own uber clone taxi app and they required to start marketing to stand in competition in trasport industry. Some … Read more

Can a Taxi booking app development company in Brazil add the Auto Payment Feature?

Uber clone app features

If you’ve been on the lookout for an Uber clone app, then it might do you a lot good to understand a few basics before you take the big plunge. While most people are focused on ensuring that their app is seamless and glitch-free, there are a few other things that one must not forget … Read more

Better Taxi business with better customer experience

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While it may be a very popular option for business these days, running a taxi business like Snapp is definitely not easy. The biggest challenge that most entrepreneurs running their own taxi service is the lack of reliability of the drivers. You can train them, share with them what you expect of them, but you … Read more