All you need to know about the uber clone in espanol language

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Today life without technology and smartphones is not only unimaginable but impossible. The world would become handicapped overnight should this technology cease to exist. There is an app for everything. Every service is imaginable and un-imaginable now available on the mobile phone. People now trust these on demand mobile app more than a real manpower … Read more

Develop Cab Booking App like Uber : Business and Earning Model

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Uber, the bible of the taxi business and the king of on-demand transportation service that altered the face of taxi businesses all over the world. The perception and business model of Uber app have made taxi booking as simple as just tapping a Smartphone to get the cab at your desired location. As the cab … Read more

Steps to build successful on demand Uber like Apps

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We all needed some time off from work or daily house routines in order to get proper rest. Meanwhile, if you have some guests coming, then help require performing the household chores as it becomes difficult to manage both work and home front together. Nevertheless, if you don’t have anyone to help then the burden and … Read more

How to create a real time location uber clone

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Uber created history with the invention of their on demand taxi app. Its overnight global success created hunger and fervor in entrepreneurs to taste the same success. This hunger created an opportunity for developers to start designing apps similar to Uber clone. It was imperative for them to study uber clone and its technology as well … Read more

How to Develop Your Taxi App Like Uber Business the way by doing away with Overhead Costs

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The success of any business is measured in terms of profit and loss; this profit and loss depend on the income received and expenditure done. There is a lot more that affects your profitability and loss of business. But the crux of the matter is to control the expenditure. When you think of expanding your … Read more

An easier way to launch your Taxi Business online – Uber Clone Open Source implementation

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The taxi industry is no longer dependent on executing their business using personal contacts, calling and booking over the phone or waiting upon at locations where people flock. so, the means to launch your taxi business and getting online over the web channel has become very easy. Everything is readily available everywhere around you. However, … Read more

Uber iPhone App Clone – Way to success in a Taxi Business

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We all are aware that more and more people are adopting the sharing economy due to various reasons and in many countries around the world, many car owners have started getting rid of their personal cars and are moving towards ride sharing and on-demand taxi services. With the increasing drive to control pollution and carbon … Read more