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A Business from Booze Delivery

Alcohol is quite synonymous with happiness, socializing and partying. However, sometimes, a glass of beer can also be the perfect companion to loneliness and solidarity. The problem, however, lies in having to get out of the house on those chilly nights because you ran out of your beer. What’s worse is that one might have to travel halfway across the city to grab their favourite beer or the right blend of wine or just end up settling for something that you don’t like. Addressing this very issue are our modern day booze delivery app! Well, yes, not all heroes wear capes!

App-ing for booze delivery

Booze delivery app have become quite popular in the market these days. It has become a convenient option for anyone looking to drink up till the wee hours but has run out of alcohol. The beauty of such apps is that it seems to be based on the working models and principals of the taxi apps like uber.

So getting your booze delivered is as simple as booking a cab.

From the business point of view

Booze delivery apps are not alcohol manufacturers or restaurants serving alcohol. Such apps are essentially a platform that allows independent shops or alcohol distributes to make their services of delivery available for the customers who might need them. These applications are independent of any individual responsibility of getting anything delivered anywhere.

You can think of such apps as a movie hall. The movie is produced and directed by one group and the end user watches it. The movie hall is just offering their screen to display the film. Now whether the customer likes the movie or not, watches the whole movie or not or even if he doesn’t show up to watch it after booking the tickets, does not involve the movie hall. They get a fare for making their screen available.

Likewise, these apps get a commission every time someone orders booze for delivery through the app. They can order a brand of their choice; they can specify the location of delivery and so on and so forth. The application owner continues to make money every single time any kind of user orders any kind of alcohol.

Popular Booze delivery app in 2018

There are quite a few such apps trending in the market these days. Amongst the most popular ones are:


This app has been running successfully since its inception in the year 2013. The app was started by two friends in Boston and has turned out to be a huge success in multiple cities.


Just like the name the app itself is quite amazing. It has a beautiful web panel too with lovely blogs about different cocktails, different kinds of glasses etc. The best thing is that there’s no minimum order amount.


It’s all in the name. The word Klink evokes emotions that every drunken buddy can relate to. Klink has a minimum order benchmark of about $20 to $40. It’s quite a user-friendly app.

Starting your own Business

wine delivery app

There is no doubt about the fact that these apps are a raving success no matter where you launch them. There are many companies that are offering such ready-made apps that can be launched in under a week with features such as customized language and currency for ease of access in a global scenario.

But in order to be sure that you are buying the right kind of application here are the following things that you must take care of:

The app is a successful clone :

Make sure that the app that you are putting in your money at is actually the clone of a successful application. Please understand that the basic model of an alcohol delivery application is very similar to a food delivery application. The basic requirement is to have third component where the users can make a purchase from. If your alcohol delivery app is built on a successful clone, then you too can use it to make our own business successful.

Well designed app

The application must have a smart and creative design. The application’s design will decide how well your users respond to the app. There are too many apps out there in the market and if you truly want to succeed, you have to make sure that your app is something that is the easiest for the users to access and purchase liquor from.

How long will it take for you to launch it? If the developers tell you that the application is already ready then it should hardly take a couple of days for them to white label the app and hand it over to you. If they aren’t able to do that, it just goes to show that the app is nowhere near ready.

Take a demo to be sure:

You have to take a demo of the application before you actually put any money in it. This will ensure that you are well aware of exactly what is in created state. If you don’t like it or would prefer to have any changes in it, you can always go ahead and make a request to the company to customize it for you. But before you give your final go ahead for the job, make sure you ask for a time and cost estimate for the same.

Speak to a few people:

Just because you think you have found the right company offering you the solution that you were looking for, doesn’t mean it is the right one for you. Make sure that you speak to at least a couple of other companies that are in the same field so that you know how truthful each company is being about the prices as well as the time estimates.

If you can manage to do a little research and identify the right company for the task, you too can successfully own a booze delivery app. Be a cape-less hero for many out there!

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