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Uber like taxi booking app development in Nigeria

One of the most profitable businesses in Nigeria is the taxi business. The capital city, Lagos has a population of approximately 18 million and is on an economic high as far as businesses are concerned. There are many businessmen who are starting the very lucrative business of taxis. These businessmen are looking up a step ahead of the normal run of the mill taxi business. They are looking at ways to provide a smart, quality services to their customers using the latest state of the art technology.

Using the on demand uber like taxi app technology they are offering luxurious and comfortable rides to their clients at a price that is easily affordable by them – The majority of Nigerians are poor and therefore it is imperative that they too can afford these rides. There are now many apps that have been launched in this country – apps that are running successfully.

A new app hits the Nigerian Market

Looking at the overall taxi business and studying the facts and figures over the past months, developers have realized that the taxi business is indeed one very lucrative business in this country. One such developer, eSiteWorld have therefore taken the bull by the horns and launched their own Uber like taxi app in Nigeria to facilitate the businessmen and start ups who want to launch their own taxi businesses. The app has been designed using the latest state of the art technology by a team of very passionate developers who believe in giving their very all to their products.

A complete white labeled solution

The app comes has a package of three – two apps and an admin panel. The app is customized and completely white labeled to suit your business requirements. Some of the features and services that come with their app are listed below:

 1. The Nigerian Naira will be integrated free of charge

2. The language will be customized to that of the local area. You can get Edo, Kanuri, Yoruba, Hausa or any of the major languages spoken in the country for your app

3. The app will be configured, installed and launched on your server at no cost to you.

4. Login facility is available through Google, Facebook and other social media platforms

5. Advanced security features

6. In app chat facility

7. In app tracking system

8. Automated payment through cards, PayPal, E-wallet etc

9. A free license for Android and iPhone platforms as well as the website

The above list is not exhaustive. You will get a full list of services and features on their website.

Get an app like Uber

The Nigerian taxi market is flooded with apps like Uber. MyCabman, Taxify, Holla Cab and Drop are just a few of them. If you want to launch an app like these or of any of the major taxi booking app, you need to consult with eSiteWorld and they will customize your Uber like taxi app and get it cloned to an app of your choice. The app cost is very minimal. Of course the cost you pay ultimately will depend on the number and types of features you get integrate into your uber like taxi app.

Getting a Non Disclosure Agreement

One thing that people often overlook is getting a Non Disclosure Agreement. When you get your own app, it is absolutely necessary that you protect yourself from everywhere possible. Most of the times what happens is that when you buy an application, the company that has sold you the app likes to showcase your name on their site.

However, is that in your best interest? Not really. The thing about mobile apps is, you aren’t the only one who wants to start off a business like that. If your competitor knows who made the application for you, they will easily be able to approach the company and get a better app with even more advanced features.

Also, what if you have a new and unique idea that you implemented in the application? Will you be able to share it with a company not knowing whether they will disclose it to your competitors or start selling your ideas to others as well?

Not a great idea, right? Ensure that when you buy the application, you buy it from sources that are interested in protecting you and your interests first. Check out their policies and try to make sure that no one sells you out. 

When is the right time to invest?

There is always an excuse to delay the beginning of a business. People like to put off their business on the smallest excuses. This is why it is of utmost importance that you take the plunge and don’t put it off. There’s no time like NOW. Do a little research and prepare yourself. When you think you know what the business is like, just go ahead with it and begin working on it.

Look for a decent Taxi application and then go right ahead and invest in it. Once you do that, your app should be ready within a week so you can launch it and start making money from it.

Now is the time to strike. If you are seriously thinking of setting up a taxi business in Nigeria then do so today. Do not waste time – get your uber like taxi app today and welcome 2018 with a bang by launching your very own brand new taxi businesses. 

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