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The House Keeping Business gets a New Boost with the Uber for House Cleaning App

Sometimes I think it’s funny how the entire world is fussing over going digital. There’s always a new app in the market catering to a new requirement. In fact, we probably did not even think there was a need for an app for certain things that have now become an indispensable part of our lives. So, when all sorts of products and services are available online, or via an app, why should the uber for house cleaning segment stay so far behind?

Uber for House Cleaning App

The house cleaning industry is a multimillion dollar industry globally. Making it easily accessible through an app has not only widened the scope for the app, it has also made it possible for people outside the scope of this segment to invest in it and reap its benefits.

How can people outside the housecleaning industry own a maid service app?

The beauty of apps today is that it acts as a mere platform that brings together the customer who is in need of the service and the service provider who is willing to offer his services. This means that there is neither any special skill set nor experience needs by the app owner to own and launch this kind of an app.

The Millennial have a different way of living life. They would rather tell an app to “keep their clothes color coordinate” than actually speaking to another human being or even scribbling a note for one. They are practically attached at the hip to their smartphones and would prefer if everything can be handled through it.

Why is it called an Uber for house cleaning?

uber for x

The concept of Uber for ‘X’ is catching up pretty fast. There are different types of services that can be handled and managed through a taxi like app where the service can be provided on demand. This basically means that you can avail any kind of service when you have a need for it and pay whatever is the standard rate.

The concept of Uber for X has given birth to many services like the Uber for dog walking, Uber for Car wash, Uber for beautician, Uber for dog grooming, Uber for security, Uber for delivery, Uber for massage, Uber for delivery, Uber for home services etc.

How does this uber for house cleaning app work?

Uber for house cleaning is a pretty simple app. It works just like a taxi application, wherein the user is require to download the app and create a profile. Then the customer can put in the nature of the requirement through the app. For e.g. does he need vacuum service or laundry, does he want the utensils to be wash or bathrooms cleaned. Based on the requirement, he present with a list of all the service providers in the area that cater to your requirements. Now you will be able to see the thumbnails of these service providers and you can tap on these thumbnails to get the full profile of the particular provider. The full profile will include the service provider’s details like his or her experience, charges, and previous reviews.

on demand house cleaning app

Once the customer makes a choice base on the information at hand, the maid will get a notification on their app about a request received. The service provider can choose to accept or decline the request. If declined, the user is notified such that he can make another selection. If accepted, the user gets a confirmation.

The service provider reaches the destination at the appointed hour and undertakes the task. When the task is completed an invoice is generated and the payment is deducted from the client. This payment is made via the medium chosen by the client right at the beginning of the booking. The options available are cash/card/wallet. After the payment done, both of them are free to give ratings to each other.

How to ensure that the app succeeds?

Since the app market is bamboozling with all sorts of companies developing their own sweet Uber clones for various services. You have to be careful that you choose the right app to work with. See, in principle, the apps are more or less similar because, hey, it’s a cloned app from a single source. However, what sets one apart from the other is the fact. That some will give you a vanilla product with no add-ons and one will hand you a singular all-inclusive product. You have to spend a little time doing some research and ensuring. That you buy only the ones which offer you the best package on the whole.

Our team dedicates to bringing complete customer satisfaction. This is why we offer a singular product power packed with all the add-ons that a customer can possibly want. In fact, if our client feels the need for it, we also make any customization necessary. So, what do you think? Are you ready to sweep the market with your own Uber for House cleaning app?

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