Uber Clone: The Workflow And Where To Buy It?

Uber clone taxi apps are getting enormous love from customers who travel every day or more frequently via cabs. Implying, if you are planning to develop one such app, then it is sure to rock the world! Well, this blog will discuss the workflow of the application so that you know how your customers will be served plus take a look at the checklist to find the best clone app script!  

Let’s begin! 

taxi booking app


The workflow of the application is simple. Just like any other application, the user first needs to login or select register with the app, go on to selecting the service, pay for the booked service, and you’re done! For better clarity, let’s look at the detailed workflow of a taxi booking app. 

Login/register with the app

Here, the user needs to either log in or register with the application first. Social media credentials can be used by the user to register on the app. Once done with the registration process, the users can toggle on the smart login feature where iPhone users can log in with Face ID and Android users can use Fingerprint scanning!

Booking a trip

After the users’ login/register on the Uber clone app, the next step is to book the trip. Here, the user has to add their current location and destination. To confirm the order, the user also needs to select their preferred vehicle type and payment method of their choice. 

Now, they can instantly book the taxi by clicking on ‘Request Now’ or schedule it for a later date and time!  

Driver arrives at the pickup location

The user’s ride request is sent to all the nearby drivers with the chosen vehicle option immediately. The driver who accepts the request will then arrive at the pickup location at the estimated time of arrival. Before starting the ride, there are two mandatory steps that the Uber clone driver performs: 

  1. Face mask verification: click and upload a selfie with the face mask on. 
  2. OTP verification: acts as the double security check when the driver arrives at the location for pickup. 

After the two steps are complete, the driver will slide to arrive. The user will now be able to track the ride and get time updates via push notification. 

Invoice summary after the trip ends 

After the trip is completed, the invoice summary will be displayed on the app screen. If the user has chosen online payment via credit card, the money will be automatically deducted from the user’s account. Whereas, if it is a cash payment, the user will hand over the cash to the driver. 

Lastly, the user and driver, both can add ratings and reviews on the Uber clone. 


You will find the best clone app script from a white-labeled firm. Well, to test if the app that they are putting on the market is worth the asked price or not, refer to this checklist:  

  1. Look for a licensed and well-established white-labeling firm that has been in the business of developing and launching apps for 10 years now. 
  2. They must have at least launched 1200+ apps. 
  3. Try the demo apps first to get a better idea about the product. 


Do you want to launch an application that is cutting edge, mature, and market-tested? Well, then look no further and purchase the Uber clone script from the finest white-labeling experts! 

Get started with your app’s development right from today!

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