Get the Uber clone in R2L language of your choice

Nowadays there are many Uber clone developers, who all swear that they can launch the uber taxi hire app clone from in any language anywhere in the world. This is true for all languages but even more critical for languages that are in the R2L or RTOL format. Let’s take Arabic for example. Most companies can actually give you the app in Arabic but to give it to you in its original format, that is left to write is a skill possessed by very few developers. However, developers, who are masters in the art of designing Uber clones and other similar apps, have mastered this technique to a T. They can give you your uber clone in R2L language in the format that it comes in.

uber clone in R2L language

Why is local language important?

While people may not believe how important or significant it is to have an app in the local language, there are many reasons so as to why one must go for it. The basis of any business is definitely the core business.

So, if your application is good and offers the services that it claims to offer, then you are already at a high ground. But the level of competition in the market today is very high. There are many companies offering app-based service providing solutions.

The on-demand market is practically at an all-time high right now which means that more and more people are trying to capitalize on it and make the most out of it. Having said that, it is very important for you to understand that even though the market has many competitors, a great app can make you more successful than everyone else.

An app is not just used by the User or the end customer. The application is also used to buy the service providers. A taxi driver might not be comfortable in English as a tourist is. But unless he knows how to use the app, how will he get the ride and how will the business grow?

This is why you need the incorporation of the local language in the app. Everyone is more comfortable in their own local language. So, regardless of what educational background someone has, or what he knows or doesn’t, he will definitely be able to use the app.

R2L languages

R2L stands for Right to Left languages. These are the languages where the script goes from the right side of the screen to the left. Now, most Arabic nations and Middle Eastern countries follow this kind of a script. Therefore, having the ability to integrate the application with the R2L language script will ensure that your app can function in all these important regions.

There is hardly any doubt about the fact that the Middle East is the hub for great business. Everything that happens there is absolutely fantastic. Success is almost synonymous with the Middle East. This is why it is in everyone’s best interest to start off an app-based business in this region.

Just one thing that you absolutely have to ensure is that your app has to be equipped with the R2L feature. It has to be able to be available in the local language f the people for best results, quick success and a whole lot of money.

What is the Uber Clone in R2L language?

It does exactly what the Uber app does, an uber clone in the R2L language of your choice. It comes as a package of three, two apps, a website, and an admin panel. The two apps are one each for the rider and the driver. The two apps work in perfect synchronization to give the rider that comfortable ride that is associated with the brand.

Admin is obviously the owner of the app who has overall control of everything – the riders, the drivers, the commission rates. It is these commission rates that will bring income to the owner of the app. People who are looking to make a quick buck without working very hard can invest in this app. Can claim to be the owner of a smart taxi business – a business that works really well in the Middle East.

What you get When you Buy Your R2L/RtoL App

When you buy your product from eSiteWorld you not only get your perfect Uber Clone in R2L Language (Hebrew, Persian, Urdu, Farsi etc) of your choice but the following freebies too.

  • Installation, configuration, and launch
  • After sales support
  • A template of your choice
  • A lifetime license
  • Free support for minor changes in banner and text
  • Support for bugs
  • White labeled solution just for you
  • A website and app product in your name, brand, and logo
  • A currency customization of the Middle East country you are launching it from

uber clone R2l language

Is it worth the money?

Any business investment should be calculated in terms of the returns one can expect against investments. So, in case you are planning to spend some money on buying an application which you want to run in any of the Middle Eastern countries. Then you must definitely ensure that you get an R2L language of your choice in the app. That way you will be able to ensure that your target audience can comfortably use the app and thereby generate more money for you.

Get your app today in the R2L language of your choice.

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