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Whenever you hear the name “Uber” the mental image that automatically comes into your head is that of a taxi with the words U B E R written on its back or somewhere on the car where it can be easily noticed. However, that image filled with bags of money is slowly erasing. If you are thinking that we are going loony, then you are wrong. We have a full sense of our faculties and that is the exact picture that comes to our mind whenever we see Uber anywhere. This mental image can actually become a reality for anyone who wants to invest in Uber app clone and start their own taxi business.

Uber App Clone

Who can invest in Uber App Clone?

Any individual who wants to start their own on demand taxi business can invest in it; so can taxi company owners who want to take advantage of its smart features for increasing their earning potential. You can also be an IT company wanting to sell this product to an end client. Anyone business, who has customers looking for a taxi service or drivers, can invest in this app.

The potential of this kind of a business is very vast. Anyone who has ever dreamt of being an entrepreneur can invest in this and become an entrepreneur quickly. IT doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything about technology. The app has been created in a way that it runs pretty much “on its own”.

With every feature carefully created to ensure that the admin can make the most of a simple business quickly and effectively, this app is the next big thing in the market. For the most part, three kinds of ventures profit from investing in such apps:

1 Interested Entrepreneurs

For people who are planning to start off their own taxi business, this app may be the right place to start. It doesn’t require any additional investment, nor does it need anything at all in terms of building a fleet or paying drivers. The app is carefully created in such a way that you have to make the minimum possible investment and can reap the maximum possible benefits.

2 Resellers

If you are a reseller with many clients who purchase from you, having this taxi solution on board can be extremely helpful. Since you will be purchasing a white-labeled clone application, you can get the app from the company with absolutely no trace of them. The app will be branded as yours and you can go ahead and sell it as you like.

3 Existing taxi business owners

If you already have a taxi business and want to make it online using this application, you can do that too. This app will basically allow you to give your business an online presence. It will enable you to make sure that smartphone users can also reach out to your taxi service. Also, this application gives you more reach in terms of users. It allows you to reach out to and access more and more users easily and effectively.

In many countries, even government agencies have bought these apps to ensure charitable activities and drives can be conducted. Government-affiliated taxi apps are also great for tourism purposes. These apps are truly very versatile and useful.

The Uber App Clone Overview

The app consists of three components, namely:

  • Customer and driver apps, one for each respectively
  • The admin panel
  • An interactive website

The Workings of the Uber App Clone

Any customer looking for an instant or scheduled ride can use the app. The customer can choose the type of car they want to travel in, number of passengers traveling in it and time and date. As soon as the system receives the request for the ride, the nearest driver dispatch to the customer.

The driver needs to accept the fare so that the customer knows that his request taking care of and he will get a driver. When the driver accepts the ride, the customer will get a notification about the confirmed pick up. If required the customer can also get an estimate of how much the trip will cost. The customer can also track the driver as he makes his way to pick him up. When the ride starts, the fare starts calculated as per the mileage.

When the ride complete, payment can either be done by cash or credit. However, the automatic payment facility offered by this app is one of the main reasons it is preferred by all.

Once the ride is over, there is a facility for both the rider and the driver to rate and review each other. The rider can also look at his travel history.

The admin panel is responsible for managing the whole workings of the app – the users, which include the riders and the drivers, the ride requests and the finances. The admin also has the facility to change the commission rate, price surging, etc.

For every ride booked through the app, the owner, also the admin gets to make a set amount of commission.

Now that you have had a full Uber app clone overview, it is now time to get to business and invest in the app of the future and change that mental image of an Uber taxi to moneybags.

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