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Are you looking for an On Demand Taxi Sharing Script that is better than Uber for your Cab Company

It is no secret that the humble taxi and cab companies all over the world have been fighting upon Uber and Lyft since their inception. My view is that sometimes it is better to just go with the flow. They say, “If you can’t fight them, join them”. That is exactly what these dwindling on-demand taxi sharing script businesses need to do.

on demand taxi sharing script

Why taxi businesses are suffering

The main reason behind the suffering of taxi businesses is the heavy loss that they have to face. It is just because they are still using the orthodox techniques for their business purpose.

With the digital era, they have not upgraded themselves. Uber was welcomed with open arms all over the world. It has made use of smart technology to its advantage and today, everyone likes smart way of working, Whether it is booking a cab, ordering a pizza or even getting updates from your child’s school.

Wherever you are in the world, on demand taxi sharing script businesses have a standard modus operandi; either trying to flag one down in the middle of the road hoping that we might get lucky or by booking one via the telephone. Both systems may have been the best in those days, but if we juxtapose it with Uber, they now look unreliable and inefficient.  With the advent of mobile phones, passengers like the idea of being able to check the status of their ride while they are waiting for it to arrive.

Instead of getting into legal battles with these on-demand taxi giants, taxi companies should think about how to use this simple technology that has made traveling easy and stress-free by just using a smartphone.

A few weeks ago, I traveled in one of the Ola cabs, the Indian equivalent of Uber. This was an alternative to the normal and “cheap” mode of transport here, the rickshaw. Our cab arrived in just five minutes. We paid exactly the same amount as what we would pay for a rickshaw. I thought this was the next best thing since sliced bread.

Developers getting into the business of designing on-demand taxi sharing script to help taxi firms globally

For taxi companies to fight the Uber revolution, they need a smart app, just like Uber. However, to design an app from scratch is not only expensive but also time-consuming. Many developers have identified this hole in the market and have designed the uber clone app to help all taxi firms. Who wants to continue their business and flourish successfully, without being threatened by Uber or other similar apps. These apps are not very costly and any average taxi firm can purchase them easily.

Such On-demand Taxi Sharing Script has been designed in a way so that those taxi companies can compete against Uber and take charge of their business.

For all the cab firms out there, they have two main issues to address in order to beat Uber:

  • Get to customers as quickly as possible
  • How to reduce the time that drivers remain idle

The companies who are into the business of developing these apps have ensured that these apps have GPS integration and mobile signals, which now puts all these on-demand taxi sharing script firms in the driving seat in a bid to beat Uber.

These days markets are flooded with on-demand taxi sharing script, taking care of synchronized communication between rider and driver. They are white labeled solutions that allow the passenger to look and book for rides, communicate with the driver via chat, and track driver locations at all times whilst they are waiting for the ride to arrive. The app is designed in a way that the admin can manage everything seamlessly just by pushing a few buttons.

Just like the original, everything automated, right from the time, a rider looks for the ride to the time the payment is done, all through the wonders of the smart mobile technology.

on demand taxi sharing script

Other smart features that this app has

    • Easy Fare calculation
    • Users can register their credit card details for automatic payments, via the auto-payment feature
    • Easy registration method, allowing users to register and use this app from their mobiles
    • The drivers have a choice of accepting or rejecting the ride
    • Drivers and log in to show availability and log off according to their personal life
    • Real-time tracking feature allows a user to see where the driver is at all times
    • Driver details available for the user to see
    • Facility for both riders and drivers to rate each other and the ride the cab can be selected by type, number of passengers and budget

      Today, traffic and road congestion has become a major problem for all the drivers. Drivers get stressed simply from driving from one place to another, and many of them are opting not to drive. For such riders, the taxi booking app has a convenient and cost-effective godsend.

      For all the taxi businesses who are struggling to hold on to their livelihood, the on-demand taxi sharing script is the ideal solution for them. The time to invest in such an app has come. All it takes is just two days to start a fully operational on-demand cab business. Play Uber at their own game and make your business prosper again.



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