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Online Taxi Booking App with Pause Feature

When you think of an online taxi booking app, you are always looking forward to being able to provide your users with features that will help them have a better experience and thereby remain loyal to your service.

Today, there are many taxi booking apps available in the market. Still, the demand is so high for this that the market isn’t really crowded yet. From making simple apps being available, the focus has shifted to getting more and more features to your users.

The feature that we are going to discuss here is known as the Pause feature. When someone book a ride for any place, usually, the drivers refuse to stop in the middle for anything.

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Drivers can levy waiting charges before the ride begins but what do they do when the user makes them stop mid way and makes them wait for 15 to 20 minutes.

There is no way to calculate this and after having been burnt once or twice, the drivers refuse to stop for anything at all on the streets. This is not only extremely inconvenient for the users and the drivers. It can also make serious issues for the users in case their reason is genuine.

This is where the Pause feature comes into play. 

How does the pause feature work?

When a rider is travelling and needs to stop somewhere en route, the Rider can request the driver who can simply push the “pause” button on his app. The rider can go and do whatever they need to do and when back in the cab; the Driver can push “Play” and resume the ride.

While the calculation for the fare is based on separate rules, the pause time is also charged separately. The app will then make an invoice with a clear mention of the charges separately. This will make it extremely easy for the riders to see why they are being charged. Since the drivers are getting paid for their wait time, they don’t have to worry at all about wasting time.

Getting your Talixo app clone

If you are planning to invest in a taxi business with the help of the Talixo app clone then make sure that your app has this feature. The only way to stay relevant in the market is to continuously add and upgrade your application.

People are fickle and are continuously looking for ways to enjoy a better experience in whatever they do. This is why; you should only spend on Talixo app clone that has been tested in real time and works in a fresh and unique way.

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