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Spiffy Clone: On-Demand car cleaning solution for carwash business

The business of Car Wash can be a profitable one, but it is not without its own fair share of pitfalls. In fact, running any kind of business comes with its own set of restrictions and risks; however, knowing how to overcome them can be the only solution for you to ensure that you are always successful. When it comes to owning and starting a Spiffy clone based on demand car cleaning solution for car wash business, here are some of the major disadvantages associated with it and strategies that can help you overcome these challenges. 

Challenge Numero Uno

Heavy on the Pocket

Building an app is a big deal. Some people like to think that getting a development expert can solve all their problems and magically create a fully functional app that can be the cornerstone of your business. However, please remember that a solo developer, regardless of how good he or she is, is after all, just a developer, not a sorcerer. 

Building an on demand app comes with costs attached to it at the hip. For example, hiring a single developer will not cut it. You will have to invariably hire an Android developer, an iOS developer, a PHP developer, a Content Writer, an App designer, a website designer, a team for Quality assessments and Data base analysis, someone responsible for Systems Analysis, and, of course, a Project Manager that can handle the operations of the entire development procedure. 

All these people mean a lot of salary. Hiring them will not only entail that you need to pay them a handsome salary based on their expertise, but you will also be required by law to provide them with all sorts of perks that come with employment.

If you thought this was it, well then double check your facts. This is only the cost of employment. There are other expenses that you will have to deal with.

So, that’s that. The biggest challenge on your way to set up your own on demand car wash business based on the Spiffy clone is that it is most certainly an expensive affair to build the app from scratch.

How to overcome this?

Don’t worry. After all that, you must have definitely broken a little sweat on your forehead, but there is a very easy way to cut down your costs to less than half. All you need to do is look out for a Spiffy Clone Scirpt Solution that is pre-built. There are many companies out there that offer ready made on demand car wash apps like Spiffy. You will have to get your hands on one that is most reliable and built by a white labeled on demand mobile app development company so that they can re brand the app with your logo, brand name, company color theme, choice of currency and language etc. 

Challenge Numero Duos

Market Penetration Time

As we have already seen in the first challenge, building an app can be a big deal. This not only means the costs that you will have to incur, but the time that it takes to build it. Like you already know there are many components that actually make an app, the android apart, the website, the iOS part, the user part, the service provider app, the admin panel etc. Therefore, it is also very time intensive. With a whole team of developers and content writers and designers, such a complex app system could easily take about 16 to 18 months to get fully ready and another 6 months for live and beta testing. 

Now, one would say, what is the problem with a little time if the app is a good one? Well, nothing really, unless the market remains stagnant. Essentially, it is important to understand that market behavior ebbs and flows just like the tide. If something is trending today, that might not be the case tomorrow. A business plan will only succeed if you are relevant to the current market scenario. 

How to overcome this challenge?

Coming back to our previous discussion, buying a ready made app is the best bet. The thing about a ready made app is that it is already in a pre built state therefore, it takes not more than 4 to 5 working days to launch the app on the Google Play store and the iOS app store with your logo, brand name and color themes.

Since the app is ready-made you don’t need to worry about beta testing or live testing it. The development team takes care of it all. What’s more, the company responsible for building the app undertakes continuous market research and feedback to make sure that your app is absolutely latest and works as per market requirements. 


Understanding what you expect from your on demand car wash business is very important. While establishing a business on a Spiffy clone app is half the battle won. Consider outsourcing the clone development to a reputable white labelled app development company. It will reduce your costs thereby growing your profit margin along with shortening the market penetration time and making your business more relevant to the market at the time of launch.

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