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Gooroo Clone app: A Timeless Online Tutoring Solution

The Global Covid-19 Outbreak gushed into our lives only to be called the Worst kind of Epidemic of all times! No Industry was left unfurled from this Virus’s havoc. Be it a Taxi Driving Business, Restaurants, Factories, or even Educational Institutions. The Pandemic meddled with everything, especially Schools and Colleges! But by a Stroke of Luck, Students found their ray of hope with Tutoring Apps like the Gooroo Clone App


More than 100 Nations across the Globe imposed Lockdowns in Schools. UNESCO calculated that over 90% of the Students in total were affected because of the Covid-19 Pandemic. And because of this Educational Disruption, Social Distancing Norms, and rising Cases on the WHO Coronavirus Dashboard, the conventional ways of Education found some permanent alterations. 

Schools and Colleges were conducting Lectures on Zoom Calls, which definitely raised questions like – are students really grasping what is being taught to them? Well, not all Students could understand the concepts as they used to in a Physical Class since ‘Digitized’ Classes were new to them. 

Well, that’s when the Tutor On-Demand App started rising!


Parents and Students shared a mutual thought that a Tutor is indeed a better option. An On-Demand Tutor comes in handy when the students need Conceptual Clarity. Having Instant Queries to resolve or wish to have help with the Homework.

This Post-Pandemic Timeline is perfect for Entrepreneurs to Capitalize because students are still enrolling themselves in mass on On-Demand Tutoring Apps! 

Gooroo Clone App offers better Conceptual Understanding with its Tutoring Sessions! Students only need good Internet Connectivity and a Smartphone to get a Personal Tutor whenever they want! 


A Secure, Single Step Signup Process

Apps with such Signup Procedures see a High-Bounce Rate. Students and Tutors no longer have to face the Brain-Draining Registration Process. They can now simply use Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, or Social Media Accounts to Sign Up on the App. 

Explore Tutor Profiles before Sending Them Service Request

Students can easily skim through a Tutor’s Profile before sending them Tutoring Requests. This ensures that they’re picking the right tutor for themselves. By tapping on the Tutor’s Profile on the App, students will be able to see details like: 

  • Area of Expertise
  • Subjects taught
  • Experience 
  • Availability 
  • Ratings & Review 

Easy Session Scheduling On the App 

After choosing a desired tutor on the Gooroo Clone App, the students can now schedule the Session according to their convenience. They can see the available Time Slots of the Personal Tutor and Schedule accordingly. From the entire Time Table available on the Tutor’s Profile, the student can select a Convenient Day, Date & Time, and click on the ‘Continue’ Button to Schedule a Session! 

In-App Chat Feature with the Tutor

As soon as Tutor accepts the Service Request, they can start internal Chatting with the Student. The In-App Chat Feature with the hired Tutor stays active until the Job Begins. This way, the Students can ask away their Queries instantly. 

Easy Payment Options 

The Students can get rid of Cash Payments if they want to by managing Credit Card Information on the App itself. It is a much more secured way to pay as the Card Details are not stored in the Uber for Tutors App.

Stored Information remains safe with the Safe Vaults of Payment Gateway Company only. Also, if students don’t want to use Credit Cards, they can Top-Up their Wallets and Pay through it. 


Now that every Entrepreneur reading this Blog knows that this App carries Highest Potential in the Market. So, quickly grab this opportunity and start your Gooroo Clone App Process. This App involves some of the Best and the Latest Features and Functions, making it the Perfect Tutoring App that every Tech-Savvy Student will love! 

Get the App Now! 

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