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Revolutionize Your Transportation Industry with an Ola Clone App

Who could have thought that the ride-hailing and the ride-sharing services could have become digitized due to the presence of the ride-hailing apps like Ola? With the help of Ola, riders could avail of rides from one place to the other and reach the destination they want to in the shortest time.

Below mentioned are the unique features that help the rider and the driver both to receive as well as provide quick ride services.


Unique Features of the Ola Clone App

Ride Now or Book for Later

With the help of this feature, the rider can book the ride either for the same day or schedule it for a later date.

Multiple Payment

With the help of this feature, the rider can choose from multiple payment modes like cash, card or wallet in order to book the rides for themselves.

Real-Time Tracking

With the help of this feature, the rider and the driver can track the exact location of each other and know the exact whereabouts of each other

Manage Vehicle and Documents

With the help of this feature, the driver can manage the documents uploaded by them as well as update the vehicle-related information.

Along with the features mentioned above, other unique features that has helped the Ola App become unique for the riders, the drivers and the business owners are statistics, push notifications, etc., to name a few.

Now the question that arises is what are the advantages of the Ola app that have made it unique among the owners of the transportation industry.

Advantages of Ola Clone App

Eases the Process of Booking

Ola has a user-friendly interface to help the riders perform the ride-booking process in a smooth yet easy manner.

Helps the Rider and Driver to Track Each Other

The Ola app helps the rider and the driver through its real-time tracking feature, to know the exact location of each other and know where they are located.

Smoothens the Booking Process

The Ola App smoothens the booking process by providing the rider different payment modes like cash, card or wallet to choose from in order to make the payment for the rides thus making the booking process smooth and convenient for them.

Along with the advantages that Ola has for the riders, it also offers a series of advantages to the drivers and the owners like helping the driver to set their availability online in order to let the rider know their availability to do the rides, and at the same time, helping the owner of the ride-hailing industry to keep track of their earnings and market new services, etc., to their users.

All these advantages and unique features have inspired budding entrepreneurs to start their transportation industry with an Ola Clone App.

So what is an ola clone app? An ola clone app is a solution for the transportation industry so as to assist them in taking their transportation industry to great heights. The clone contains some unique features like ride now or later, end of the day trip, etc., that helps the riders and the drivers both in receiving and providing smooth rides.

The ola clone app is a white-labeled solution which ensures that everywhere on the app will the name of the business, as well as the logo, will be visible and possesses a licensed source code so that the business owner can modify the solution based on the changing needs of their business, customers and the area where they launch the business.

Other unique components of the ola clone app are the location integration, emergency contacts, in-app chats and the admin panel that makes it a must-have for the transportation industry, on a whole.

Thus, to sum up, if you are considering incorporating a solution to help your transportation industry reach great heights, the ola clone app is what you should be incorporating to take it towards new levels altogether.

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