mobile car detailing app

Advantages of Using a Mobile Car Detailing App

Although the idea of creating a business from nothing takes life in our brains much before you actually start doing all the hard work, the first step is often a detailed SWOT analysis of the concept, the variables involved and whether or not it is going to materialize into something profitable. So, if you have had this idea of establishing a business with a mobile car detailing app then you should perhaps take a look at it from all the possible angles. Sometimes, a fine-toothed comb is the best way to go about handling your business!

mobile car detailing app

To make that big decision, there are two major things that people usually worry about:

  1. Should you operate from a fixed location?
  2. Should you rely on an On Demand Car Wash App that is primarily mobile?

Anyone with any business experience can tell you that having a mobile operational space is a much wiser choice when it comes to setting up any business, however, let us take a quick advantage and disadvantage inventory to put the case at rest.

Fixed Location

Pros of Operating from a particular location:

  • You can concurrently detail multiple vehicles, so long as you have the space for it.
  • Your environment is not variable. It is fixed and thereby reduces problems arising due to variables such as the weather.
  • You can use your location as a platform to showcase, display and advertise other products and services that you are willing to offer.
  • Increased visibility from any traffic that drives by.

Cons of Operating from a particular location:

  • Operational costs are extremely high
  • Set-up, salaries, water bills, electricity bills are all way too high.
  • Maintenance work will never get over. It is a continuous process that you will have to continue to undertake.
  • You will always have to rely on your customers to come to you rather than actively being able to reach out to your customers.
  • Spend more to convince customers to come to you.
  • Fixed structure costs will always be a part of your budget.

Mobile Operation like an On Demand Service:

Pros of a mobile detailing operation:

  • As a mobile detailer, you are willing to offer your services to anyone who needs it anywhere. You aren’t restricted by location.
  • You have the advantage of charging extra for home services.
  • Least possible expenditure in terms of overhead expenses. No electricity, landline phone or water bill involved.
  • If you ever want to expand, just add another vehicle to your fleet.
  • Your services are accessible to your customers whenever they want it instantly.

Cons of a mobile detailing operation:

  • Unless you have a fleet of vehicles, you can take only one job at a time
  • The weather may be a problem when you go to offer your services
  • You may not be familiar with water Regulations imposed in the area.

Using a mobile car detailing app

An app is an entrepreneur’s best friend. People all over the world today have become very highly dependent on mobile apps. Regardless of the nature of their requirements, they know that there must be an app for it. You can blame Uber for bringing in what people commonly refer to as the “On Demand” revolution.

on demand car wash app

But while it is here, it is only fair that you explore it and make the most of it for your business. If you have set your heart to mobile car detailing services, then probably the best thing for you to do is to get an On demand Car Wash App.

This app will help you get quick and easy business instantly from anywhere. People will be able to access your services from wherever they are, book the services at a time of your convenience and know what the estimated charges beforehand are. All in all, having a Mobile car detailing app is the best solution to go for right now.

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