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IDOSPA clone app provides you easiest way to book the best spa deal in few clicks

The Pandemic has messed up our daily routine let alone salons and spa visits. With lockdown easing, most of the spa centers have reopened and full-fledged functioning with all the Covid safety precautions. But the hassle is to get an appointment, also you are not aware of their new timings and the spa services they are offering in COVID era. All thanks to the IDOSPA clone app that lets users know everything about spas nearby.

Why Develop IDOSPA Clone App?

The wellness industry is booming and the increase of such rejuvenating centers is increasing day by day. The wellness industry has all the potential to become a huge revenue earner. Thus, there is a sudden boost in spa centers in places like Malaysia. Body spa is not only supposed to rejuvenate your body but your emotional health too erasing the signs of stress. To unwind the tension and strain, provide your users with an excellent on-demand spa app. IDOSPA clone app lets your user book their spa appointment in a few clicks anytime, anywhere from the nearby spa centers.

The Flow Of IDOSPA Clone App

The clone app is very easy and user-friendly to use. Here is how the app flow follows:

  • The user downloads the app from the store
  • Users can register through their social media, email address, and phone number.
  • The Home screen will have all the verified listing of spa centers showing on your screen
  • Choose the kind of spa service from the well-defined categories you wish to avail in your nearby location
  • The advance search filter will let you narrow down the search based on price, spa services, gender preferences, timings, schedule later appointments, offers and discounts, multiple payment options.
  • For booking the appointment, the user has to select the preferences and pay, and get confirmation.
  • The app asks for feedback and ratings to know-how was the booking experience.

Congratulations, your users are going to be super happy using the app, that brings them the convenience of calling the spa and holding on for a long to get the appointment.

Features Of The IDOSPA Clone App

The IDOSpa clone app is a readymade white label solution, that can be customized as per your business requirements. This powerful spa booking app comes loaded with advanced features that include:

Managing the listing of the spas

This advanced spa app lets you manage and maintain the listing of all spas on your home screen. Everything right from booking appointments, history, spa services, future bookings, contact details, etc.

Locate nearest spa/massage centers

The user based on the address preferences gets to browse the number of spas nearby. Thus, making it easy to know which all spa centers are available offering varied spa/massage services.

Scheduling appointments

The interface has an uncluttered look, easy to understand, and book the spa appointment. It has a calendar that provides your user to choose the date for the appointment and book accordingly.

Gender preferences

It provides your user with the feature to choose a male/female masseuse. The user thus can fix an appointment based on it.

Choosing a booking slot

It lets the user choose their convenient time for spa from the comforts of their home. No need for calling, the app does the booking seamlessly.

Offers multiple bookings

The user can book multiple people all at once as well as do bookings at multiple spas in one go. The app has a feature to takes up multiple guests booking.

Digital/ Contact less payments

The app encourages to do digital payments i.e. debit/credit card, Wallet, Net banking, etc. This prevents transmission of infectious virus ensuring greater Covid safety.

Promo code /Special promotions

The user gets to know which spas are offering discounts and promotional offers by browsing the listing. They can avail of the deals based on that by making bookings from the app.

How You Can Scale Your IDOSpa Clone App?

If you are looking to make your IDOSpa clone app stand out from the rest, you can scale up the app by:

Adding new categories

The categories can be nutritional counseling through spa treatments, Ayurveda, Detox, Laser, Aquatic therapy, etc. These ways your users will have more options and will explore and in no time the word will be out there. The app will soon witnesses an increase in downloads, thus generating more revenue.

Sell beauty/wellness products

Succeed your competitors by adding wellness/nutritional products to your spa app. Do not limit your app to specific categories rather expand by adding new ideas to it.

Enter the new geographic market

To increase the brand awareness of your spa clone app, you need to extend your services by adding new geographical locations. It helps widens the reach of your app business by more users using the spa app.

Send subscription gift hampers

You can send a small subscription gift hampers to the subscribed members every month. This attracts a lot of crowds hence an increase in the app usage, ultimately boosting your revenue.

Start offering spa service at home

Just like beauty salon services, few spa treatments can be introduced that can be done at home. The spa ritual will see an immense boost in the demand for such home-based services.

Wrapping Up

Getting your spa booking app like IDOSPA is easy and quick when you have a pro mobile app development company as your partner. It is a readymade app with a complete set of essential and advanced level features offering seamless spa operations. You can customize the features, add/modify/delete them from the dashboard as per your business requirements. Get the demo from a white label app development company and know how easy it is to launch your on-demand spa business.

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