How Difficult It is to run a business like GoJek?

Many entrepreneurs focus on one single business and then fails. However, on the same path, many entrepreneurs startup with multi-service based business and even gets successful like GoJek. Well, people who are not aware of GoJek, it is one of the market giant in Southeast Asia that was founded in 2010 in Jakarta, Indonesia. The company offers multiple on demand services through their business model which is a mobile application. The services include taxi service, food delivery, courier delivery, grocery delivery, veterinary on demand, handyman services and many more. GoJek is known to be the best in terms of business in almost every Southeast Asia country.

But, running and managing so many services together is not an easy task to do. It takes a whole lot of things to operate such business smoothly. From the management team to the staff, every person should be perfect in their work. Sometimes it happens that business people hire staff that does not have much experience of work and in the future, this decision cost them a lot.

Businesses are not meant for demotions, every business expands according to the time if managed carefully with a correct business plan. There should be a perfect business plan as it’s the root of every business. With a business plan, a business is like a building without any foundation. Well, still the topic is on running a multi-service business.

let’s take a look at the tactics to run a multi-service business like GoJek


The first and the most concerned thing in a business is a team or you can say the staff. It’s a universal fact that for such a huge business, you will require a huge staff that is reliable in handling every task given to them. You staff member are the frontline of your business, it’s your duty to encourage them and fill them with energy. The more your staff will be working, the more you will multiply yourself. Because you will have to accept the fact that to operate so many things in one time, you will require solid teammates on whom you can stay dependent anytime in any situation.

Staff Coordination

A business like Gojek is really difficult to handle without good numbers of staff or employees. Business like Gojek means a business that serves multiple services. So, it is obvious that to manage and to keep the balance between the demands of the customer as well as the service providers, people are actually required. A group of few people cannot just serve millions of people demanding for millions of services. Well, this is just a part of every company but keeping the workflow well coordinated of the employees are also very important for every on demand service providing company. If there will be no coordination between the staff, the services cannot work long enough.

Also, Gojek’s services are all depended on their staff members. So, if you want your multi-service business to stay up to the point, you will have to hire good employees who understand the value of customer demands. Make sure you keep encouraging your employees to keep their work well coordinated to keep the quality of services better than your competitors.

Remote Location

Initially, many businesses receive success very soon and that is the reason for expanding the business to different locations. Now, your business headquarters can be established in any country or at any local city. At this point, many entrepreneurs establish their new business location and sit back to their existing headquarter. Well, this should not be part of any business. Consider getting habitual working from different locations as it will allow you to know more about your own business. The different location has different types of demands and market scenarios. You will have to involve yourself to maintain the boundaries mentally as well as physically too.

Begin Slowly

After all, it’s your startup business and it is obvious that you will require some more spare time to focus on your multi-service business. But, this does not mean that you have to leave your primary job at the beginning. Every startup business requires a good amount of investment and to cover all the investment, your earning through a primary job is very important. Don’t be so fast, just be casual, learn things from your competitors, know more about the market. There is nothing to lose until and unless you are not introduced your business in an open market. You can give up your primary job after your business is live and earning becomes stable.


As soon as a year passes after setting up your new multi-service business, it will be the time for your count your revenue. You will have to focus on your net sales, customer counts, labor, sources, cost of food and every single thing on which you have invested from your pocket. Either your business will be making you happy with the profit or it will hurt you and your business. It is necessary to make an accurate report to control your business if going in loss.

Multi-Service Business…

It is good to have a business like GoJek as commencing a multi-service business is not a tough task. However, running a business like GoJek is quite a difficult thing to do. If your business planning is somewhat similar to GoJek, make sure you have a business model like GoJek as it will be the platform that will allow your customers to reach your services.

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