Life-Enriching Services Offered by Gojek Clone App

Gojek Clone App you have the Cutting-Edge that lets you Establish a Monopoly in the Online Multi-Services Business. Successful Entrepreneurs like You launch this Super App to provide the App Users with 70+ Life Enhancing Services. Innovative Application merely doesn’t offer the Services, but also a Stack of Advanced Features. To Enhance and Add Value to such Services.


One can avail the Service of Parcel Delivery to send a Package from One Place to Another. The App User can opt to send both Big and Small Parcels across Single and Multiple Locations. At the Checkout Page, one gets to choose the Party who is Responsible for Payment, such as Sender, Receiver, or Each Recipient (In the case of Multiple Deliveries.) Moreover, the User can easily Track the Location of the Parcel Delivery Expert on the Map. 


The App User can View the Reviews, Ratings, and Kitchen Images of the Restaurants to take a Fine Decision in choosing one. The App User also has the Option to Customize the Food Meals as per one’s Taste and Preference. The User of Gojek Clone 2022 simply has to select one’ Favourite Food Joint and Add the Delicious Food to the Cart. Next, comes the Checkout Page, where one can Enter-In the Promo Codes, if eligible under ‘Free Delivery Promo Codes for Specific Stores.’ After Successfully Placing the Food Order, the App Users start getting ‘Graphical In-App Push Notifications’ displaying the Order Status. 


You can have your App Users get Fruits and Veggies delivered at their Doorstep with the Grocery Delivery Service. They can get Contactless Delivery at Home, and can also avail for Self-Pick-Up. Moreover, the User of the All in One Services App can customize the Grocery Order as per the Quantity Required. The App User can also add ‘Voice Instructions for the Delivery Driver’ to guide them regarding the Route Details, Parking, and Package Hand-Over matters. 


Allow the App Users to seamlessly Order Medicines Online from their Preferred Pharmacy Store. One has to upload the Medical Prescription for Medicines that are added in the Cart. At the Checkout Page, the User of the On-Demand Multi Services App can pay using Credit Card, Cash, and even In-App Wallet. The App User can Track the Live Location of the Delivery Expert on the Map and stay assured that it would be delivered soon. 


App Users can now get their Cars Washed at one’ Preferred Place, Date, and Time. Yes! Select the Car Wash Services from a Comprehensive List, and then proceed towards selecting the Professional Car Washers. One can select the Best Car Washer by checking out their Ratings and Gallery Profile for the Previous Work Done. 


The Ready-Made Multi-Services Gojek Clone App Solution is a Great Digital Platform to Offer 70+ Value-Added Services to the App Users!  If you want to make your Successful Business transform into a Multi-Billion Dollar Business, then this Smart App is your Stepping-Stone. Do you want to earn Easy and Quick Money? Do you have that Entrepreneurial Gene in You? Get in touch with one of the Legit License White-Labelling Firms of Global Repute and Grab the Limelight of the Online On-Demand Services Industry!

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