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Must Have Features of an On Demand Car Wash App

If you have been considering how to start your own on-demand Car Wash App Development then chances are that you have already researched the market and checked out your competitors. After all the basic groundwork is done, it is time to jump into the foray with the help of some of the best features which are absolutely important. When it comes to running a successful business. Without any further ado, let us jump into it right away.

1. Easy Registration

The process of registration is probably one of the most important aspect when it comes to using an app for the customers. Take a minute to think of it as a user. You will find that even if you find an app popular and trending, you may download it but, in case you find the process of registration difficult then you will definitely come out of the app and delete it from your phone regardless of how popular you find it. 

The easier the process of registration, the better it is for your brand or company. To ensure that registration is easy, you may include the facility to register and log in via Facebook, Gmail or any other social media handle. In case your user does not wish to use their social media handle. They should then be allowed to fill out a simple registration form to be able to register into it. 

2. In App Chat/ In App Voice Call

When there are so many parties involved there has to be a clear channel for communication. The Customer may want to get in touch with the Car Wash professional to seek assistance at any point. It is possible that even after a seamless process of booking, there is some assistance needed on a direct basis. 

This is where the in app chat or call function comes in handy. This means, the app will allow the users to communicate with each other directly without having to bear nay cost from the network service provider. This is a very important feature and most on demand service provider apps have it. 

3. Appointment booking

When we talk of on demand services, most people assume it is a type of app that allows people to hire service providers who can come to their doorstep to deliver services. However, this may not necessarily always be true or useful. 

You app must have a provision that allows users to book appointments so that they too can go to the service provider’s location to accept services. This means that the user can book an appointment to get their car wash and at the time slot select, they can go there and get their car wash. 

The type of service that they want, the time for the service. The total expected time that will be taken to render these services, etc. will be pre mentioned through the app. Basically, your user will just have to reach the service provider’s location and everything else will be taken care of. 

4. Automatic Payment

The app should enable auto payment. We are evolving to a world which believes in cashless payments and transactions. We aren’t limited to handing over cheques and cash payment every time something needs to be taken care of. 

Online payment ensures that everything including booking can be take care off directly via the app in the most secure way. The app should definitely be integrate with a reliable payment gateway so that their customers are not worried about how their money is going to be handle. 

Another important thing. However, is that even though there is an online payment option through which customers can make seamless cashless payments online. The user should be able to choose their preferred mode of payment. In case they do not wish to go through with online payment. They should have the option of making cash payment once the services are rendered. 

5. Heat Map

The app must definitely have a heat map. This is a very useful feature for the admin, that is you. As an app owner (or the business owner) you should be completely aware about the market’s response towards your app and services. 

The heat map is basically a frequency map that shows exactly where the concentration of bookings happens. This will allow you to understand what are the areas where your service is getting the highest demands. Which areas seem to be slow so that you can devise different strategies to increase your sales. 

6. Offers and Loyalty Programs

This is perhaps the most underrated feature but one of the most important ones from a selling point of view. Essentially, we love to feel special. Each customer wants to be glorified, wants to be called special, wants to know that you have something extra in store for them.

Having a referral or a loyalty program does just that. It is a way for you to express to your customer that you appreciate their loyalty towards your company. Your brand and your services. To show your gratitude towards them, you are offering them a kind of discount. This can be in the form of a complimentary service or a discount on their next use. This can also be use as a referral scheme where the original user can avail a discount if he or she recommends your app and services to someone else. 


Making sure that you have the latest on-demand car wash app with the top features that are important to run your business is very important. To this effect, ensure that you have done a bit of market research and identified what are the key factors that your competitors are adding to their apps. Ensure that you have added the above mentioned features to skyrocket your business to newer heights. 

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