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Apps Beyond GoJek For Motorcycle Ride Services

Before GoJek became the multi-service providing app, it was known with the name OJek. OJek refers to bike taxi conveyance which was very popular in Indonesia. It is still popular but with another name i.e., GoJek. GoJek is one of the best startup company that is based in Jakarta, Indonesia. All the other market giants like Grab and few others are quite frightening from GoJek because the way GoJek is expanding its business is phenomenal. All around the globe, there are very less multi-service providing apps and the best one is GoJek.

GoJek is known to be a Unicorn Startup company because it was the first Indonesian company whose revenue was evaluated more than $1 Billion in 1 year. GoJek is a great replacement app of all the other on demand apps. All you need to do is just install only one single app and remove all the other on demand apps from your devices.

However, here we are talking about only one service of GoJek i.e., Bike ride services. Completely accepted that there is no match of GoJek’s bike ride services but there is some more bike ride service providing apps that can work as an alternate of GoJek.

best GoJek alternate apps


The name gives the knowledge about women. In the LadyJek is motorbike taxi service transportation only for the ladies. Based on the women safety purpose only the female drivers and riders can sign up by the app Ladyjek.

The Ladyjek bike taxi services available in the area of Jakarta and around the 700 female drivers in their networks. The founder of the LadyJek says that service appeal for the women safety. Each female drivers with an alarm system. So, they load noise in the emergency time.

Wheel Line

The early mover in 2012 started by Chris Wibawa as service of the courier. Wheel Line also provide the service for shopping and personal transportation in the area of Jakarta and nearer cities. there is no mobile app for the service of the Wheel Line. So, people book by email or SMS. Operates own fleet, the means send one of their drivers from the office to your place area. The price of the Wheel Line is based on the area zone.


This is the same as the LadyJek. The on-demand motorbike taxi service app just for the women. The women driver require to wear the hijab. Here, drivers wear the headscarf for the less prone to sexual harassment. The passenger feels safer and comfortable if they are travelling with the lady driver. Now, OjekSyri runs in Surabaya and other 11 cities.

Bike Ride Sharing app Like GoJek

Well, there are many bike sharing app that are being used all around the world but these apps are much better for only bike ride services.

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